Bora has brown hair, many tattoos and she has been wrestling for years, and tought many girls to fight. Her strengths are her weight, her strong body and experience. She is able to stand pain until she finds the opponent’s weekness and escapes.

One of our fans wrote recently about Bora:
“You, well what can I say. You are the LIC, “Lady In Charge”. Without you, nothing is possible. You give lots of effort and time to your work. I am happy that you love your work so much. I can tell, you are very focused, but you always have a smile on your face and it brings out the beauty of your hollofekete (black as raven) haj (hair) and your eyes. I thank you for what you do. You are a special lady.”

One of our fan’s wrote about her:
“You, for not wrestling in a while, your conditioning, strength and aggression were all at the top levels. I enjoy the competiveness and your big smile when ever you win a submission.”