A nice documentary of mixed, fantasy and female wrestling videos made in 2009, in 640 x 480 and in 720 x 676 .wmv, .avi and .mpg formats, with the belonging image sets.

Mixed wrestling videos:

  1. Kira vs. Liviu 4. – 19′ – Who is the looser of the bottle-game? After drinking a bottle of wine at New Year’s Eve, Kira and Liviu plays with the empty bottle. After turning it, if it points to Kira, she needs to take off one of her clothes. Then when it turns to Liviu, he needs to take off a piece, too. When there is not much clothes left on them, the final turn’s looser is Liviu, so he deserves a big punishment, a huge beating. Kira is very sexy in her red underwear and black stockings, and with her very dominative attitude, when insulting Liviu verbally, and with fiery mixed wrestling holds, in a very intense fight.
  2. Roxy vs. Tenges – 13′ – Roxy against a traditional Mongolian wrestler! Tenges is a newcomer, however he is in good shape with some close experience: he did traditional Mongolian wrestling in his country. However, you will see the big surprise on his face, what Roxy caused. One after each submission… His endurance is very good, however, we had to stop because of him for a little brake to rest. Also, his technique needs to be improved. At Mongolian fighting, much of the battle is in standing, so you can see that he tried to lift Roxy in order to put her on the mat. Was he successful? Could he do any single score against Roxy? Find out in this mixed wrestling video!
  3. Orsi vs. Liviu, Oil Fight – 19′ – A “bright”, 20 minutes, intensive mixed wrestling fight! Orsi erotically puts oil on her body, then she faces off her opponent: a guy, hiding behind a yellow mask. Was she scared then? Oh, no! She just went against him straight, intensively. No matter how slippery the oil was, she could squeeze his head, body and arms with full power. Twisted out all his body parts, and showed no mercy at all! Through a long fight she caused him much pain, so he couldn’t stand up at the end, and showed that no matter what, women dominate men!
  4. Jasmine vs. Liviu – 16′ – Jasmine is a fighty, 20 years old girl, who is into everything what is new and exciting. So she applied, and you can see in this video her very first battle. As usual, the coach gives her advices, but there is no need for much speaking, because Jasmine has experience fighting with her male roommates. She attacks intensively, and carries out the mixed wrestling holds, the body and head scissors perfectly for a beginner. She has the best attitude for a future wrestling champion: she enjoys overpowering men, being on top, beat and dominate on him!
  5. Anita vs. Marcell – 16′ – A fit, strong and muscular girl in a sexy mini skirt gives a HUGE, VERY INTENSE BEATING to a soft, red hair guy with glasses! Anita is in terrific shape after working out for months now. Her endurance and power is on top, not like Marcell’s, who couldn’t stop eating since Christmas. Anita’s youngness and freshness is radiating, but even in minutes she surprises Marcell with her dominative and masculine attitude, when it is about fighting. She is overpowering him, dominates him, keeps full control, and uses her free hand very often to clap Marcell’s face or hit him anywhere she can reaches. She shows that woman are much stronger nowadays, even stronger than man, and they are not afraid challenging them to prove that.
  6. Shira vs. Miguel – 17′ – Please, welcome our guest fighters from Israel! 18 years old pretty Shira attacks relentlessly the 30 years old guy. With her killer body she fully dominates on him, controls him all the way in this mixed wrestling fight, and finally washes the floor up with him!
  7. Roxy vs. Peet – 16′ – Pretty Roxy in leopard print bikini beats up a young, newcomer guy! Peet is from here; he sent an email not so long ago that he would be happy to challenge any of us. So we thought that he is in good shape and a strong and tough guy. Hm. He started with a smile, and continued the same way, but it became soon a distorted smile. Ha had no idea that a girl like Roxy can beat him. And Roxy was tough; she head-locked him numerous times, and then showed him some head-scissors, without mercy, until his neck was red and hurt. He couldn’t even stand pain, so wanted to submit many times, til we said he should fight back. He was at bay, until the sorrow end…
  8. Kira vs. Marcell – 18′ – Domina Kira Verbally Insults, Degradation and Beats Up! Vow, she is so sexy in her black underwear and panties. Her attitude is tough and very dominative. She stands In front of Marcell and asks him to show his muscles. Then she laughs at his weakness, and says she will teach him. For what? What is a strength and unkindness of a woman. She insults him all the way, and feels pity for him, but no matter what, she doesn’t release him, not even when he is begging for it. She tells him to go on his knees and answer weather he wants to learn more, and he wants. So she continues, insulting him more and with other strong, painful mixed wrestling holds, until his ego and body is completely destroyed.
  9. Anne vs. Neman – 22′ – Professional French guest fighter Anne Hurricane disgrace NeMan! Vow, she is tough and controls every second of the fight! Anne has years of experience of fighting and teaching girls. No wonder she eats up this guy easily. With overall superiority, dominative attitude, quick and very accurate mixed wrestling holds she causes pain with every of her movement. This video will be one of your favourite.
  10. Anita, Kira vs. Drago – 31′ – This two girl beat the sh…t out of Drago from Slovenia! He came by train straight to the scene of the fight. He had challenged Anita and Kira months ago, and now his time came! Drago told us to be tough on him, and doesn’t mind any kicks and punches. And Walla! He was attacking and fighting back really hard that he really pissed the girls of. You have to see Kira, who is usually gentle. Now she is fighting really hard and doesn’t stop insulting Drago verbally – it is better not to translate it. And about Anita: that is her time, when she can put her waste energy and strength into a fight like this! She has continuously been doing weight lifting in the last months, so she is in top shape, better then ever! Drago was really truly surprised of the girls. He is been travelling around wrestling events and he said these girls are one of the bests. She is a tai box girl, so she is perfect in kicking, punching, hitting Drago hard. There are minutes, when the operator was afraid that the landlord would come and kicks her out… It was so loud… Drago came, and left beaten very hard… Very intense and I think one of the best mixed wrestling fights – it might will be your personal favourite!
  11. Kassidy vs. Buster – 18′ – Kassidy, another guest wrestler, one of the best in England! The fight takes place in an event, featuring Kassidy, one of Europe’s best fighters. She is tall, muscular, and really strong with years of experience. Her strength however is her quickness and endurance. Kassidy’s opponent is a small, out of shape guy, but he is really tough, he goes hard on Kassidy, because he thinks a good fighter like she needs an equal match. So the fight is 100% competitive, and you’ll see numberous times that Kassidy is the one who submits. But, what is the final score, is she able to win in a fair mixed wrestling battle?
  12. The Diamond – 20′ – Another Professional French Fighter – is questioning a Russian Gangster of her Diamond! Pretty red-hair girl with incredible muscles has been cheated by a gangster. Her diamond was stolen from her, but she succeeded to find the thief. With much self-confidence, and in her black outfit and boots, she throws him to the wall asking “do you know anything about The Diamond?” He denies, so she grabs him on the neck, throws him to the floor, and hurt him with different wrestling holds. Sometimes he is hardly able to answer, because he is lack of air, but she continues, until he admits… But, she doesn’t believe him, so the punishment continues through ten long minutes. Will she find out? In the second part of the mixed wrestling video, with the same two participants you’ll see a competitive fights, when he wrestles back we have to say very well… But who will step on the other’s neck at the end?
  13. The Visitors – 30′ – The Visitors – Starring Xana and Anne Hurricane – The door opens, a blonde tornadoe comes in to the room, Xana. She grabs the guest of the hotel, throws him onto the bed, and schoolboy pins him. He can not even talk because of the sudden surprise and aggressivness. Then he asks her what she wants. She questions him about being a good boy, a good husband, then she states that he had forgotten his wife’s birthday. He agrees, so he worths punishment. So she twists his nipples, and admits that the wife had sent her. Beats him with a metal plate. Slaps him, while he is kneeing. Let him kissing and licking her feet. Tighs him with a rope. Head-scissors him. Face sits him. Head-scissors him again. Spanks him. Twists his nipples again. Let him put on her boots, then lick them. Face sits, head-scisors him again. She wants him to remember of this lesson. Anne Hurricane enters to help Xana make this mixed wrestling session even more unforgattable. Anne takes over the controll, immediately face-sits and head-scissors him. Slaps, twisting body parts, scissors, sits, verbal insultation, degradation, endlessly. Now all the punishing holds and pain are doubled, caused by this two amazons, until the sorrow end, when they make this guy really poor…
  14. Van vs. The Photographer – 45′ – Prettiest French Fighter Ever! Gorgeous Model is being shooted, but it turns out of a sexy battle between her and the Photographer!  Beginner model’s first time with this Photographer, and she is posing innocently for him. Then he starts to insist that Van should take off her bra. She says she would’nt, but he is pushing her, then finally wants to sent her home. She is very disgraced and dissapointed, but she doesn’t let herself. After arguing a while it turns out to be a mixed wrestling battle between them, with lots of insultation from both sides. The Photographer even get her in different painful holds trying to dominate over her, and get what he wants. She fights back intensively and she is able to submit him more and more times, until she is able to show her overall superiority, and when finally he lays on the floor, she trows her bra on him saying that at least she kept her dignity.
  15. Rose vs. Gernot – 14′ – Fewmin – EFC Event, 2009 – Video 1. We had the pleasure to met one of the most gorgeous, charizmatic and funniest girl, Rose, straight from Israel! She makes a show out of each mixed wrestling fight of hers, so they are the most entertaining ones. Rose has terrific body and very long legs, what she uses very often – this time against Gernot, who was a very good match to her: he didn’t submit so easily.
  16. Ani, Kira vs. Fritz – 16′ – Fewmin – EFC Event, 2009 – Video 2. This is the lucky case when someone is participating at our event – he can be in the fight with this two gorgeous Amazons! Ani is so enthusiastic of fighting, as usual, and she attacks Fritz vehemently, but Kira is equally intensive In this mixed wrestling battle. “Poor” Fritz is trapped in a body and head-scissor or different locks all the time. Although he tried to use his “masculine power”, the outcome was a little poor…
  17. Julie vs. David – 13′ – Sunny California’s talented girl was here, and she had beaten all of our girls! However, in this fight we let her wrestle with David to see what happens. Well, there is no need to talk about Julie much: she is in top shape (went straight to the gym after a fifteen hours flight and before he 11 fights at the event), and although she is very kind, she is a really tough wrestler. You’ll see her bruises on the video, this one was shooted at the end of the mixed wrestling event, and David was very very fresh. Do you think he had a chance?
  18. Sophie, Lilach vs. Ron – 15′ – Lilach, a very pretty, cute little energy bomb, was the third foreign guest fighter of our event, besides Julie and Rose. She is a capoira teacher, so her fighting style could be also called grasshopper-wrestling. Zsofi, with her calm and confident manner, balanced well Lilach’s jumps. While Zsofi applied a precise hold on Ron, Lilach introduced a standing jump on his back or neck. Ron, had been also chosen from the line of our viewers, got involved pretty much of this lucky situation, when two beautiful and fighty girls hurt him in a mixed wrestling fight.
  19. Sophie vs. Rotem – 17′ – Femwin – EFC Event, 2009 – Video 5. Beautiful Zsofi became our team’s one of the best wrestlers. Among a few other girls, it was the highlight of the event, when she performed. Rotem was one of our viewers as well, and could not wait to have the mixed wrestling battle with her. As everyone, he also thought that Zsofi is “just” a pretty feminine girl. As everyone, he was so very wrong, and so very surprised by this feminine girl, who could have really beat him hard. He couldn’t imagine that her long legs can squeeze this strong… With the pretty smile on her face, but very self-confidently she had beaten him…
  20. Sylvi vs. Gernot – 18′ – Sylvi is one of our newcomer girls, debuted first at Fewmin – EFC Event. Gernot challeneged her, again from the line of our viewers, and according to the interview made with him after, Sylvi has good potencial to became a good mixed wrestling fighter. Her arms and legs are strong, and she is practicing Muai Tai. The only thing needs to be improved is her self-confidence, but after a few winning fights there won’t be any problem with this either. Pay attention on this video to the faces: how Gernot suffers and what scale of feelings goes through on Sylvi’s face. Very entertaining…
  21. Kira vs. Rotem – 15′ – In the last video we publish taped at Femwin – EFC Event, Kira goes against Rotem, who is, again, a fan. He had chosen three girls to fight with, the best ones, and Kira is obviously among them. She caused no disapointment, neither for him, nor for the viewers. Kira’s body chiselled, her outfit is sexy, and she moves like a women not only good in martial arts, but in feminine sports as well. Not to mention her ability to dominate on any guy who gets the chance to be on top of, insulting him by words, gestures besides her strong scissors and locks. Not that Rotem let her controlling him easily, he did fight back, but in this fair mixed wrestling fight the outcome from his side was still poor…
  22. Victoria vs. Jean 1. – 31′ – Jean Lion came from France to have 13 fights in a row! All day I was just bringing up and down the girls for him, to satisfy his big appetite! Thanks to him, we are very proud and happy to welcome Victoria in our mixed wrestling team! You probably know her: she is the strongest and unbeatable girl in Hungary today, she had trained most of the girls to fight in here. Probably she would have been the right opponent for Julie. Her attitude is fantastic, nice and calm, and she moves very slowly, like she knows that she can not be surprised. And she is right, she controls every moments of her fights. And she has no problem applying lots of face sitting!
  23. Catwoman vs. Spider-Mouth – 20′ – Spider-Mouth is called Spider-Mouth because he can talk a good fight but when it comes to the action on the mats, he regularly loses to well trained female opponents. One evening, Spider-Mouth goes to a fancy dress party dressed in a Black Spiderman costume. He meets 2 ladies dressed as Catwoman and Supergirl and they have a drink. He jokes that they look good in their outfits but could not fight like the real Catwoman and Supergirl. The 2 ladies tell Spider-Mouth that each of them can beat him in a wrestling match but don’t want to fight him at the fancy dress party because it is in a friend’s house. So they agree to wrestle the next day at European Fight Club. What Spider-Mouth does not realise is that the ladies are 2 of the best wrestlers in Europe and he is about to have his ass kicked! Oh dear, some guys have to learn their manners the hard way! In the first match, Zsofi is in a Cat Woman costume that is hot in every sense of the word. Spider-Mouth flexes his muscles but they are fake muscles that come with his costume! He tries to annoy Cat-Woman Zsofi by making meeeow cat noises and calling her big ears. But Zsofi is wonderfully cool as she goes about her business on the mats. The question is not whether Spider-Mouth can win the match but whether he can get a single point. There are no computer generated actions in this mixed wrestling fight – it is real super heroine versus her male super villain opponent.
  24. Orsi vs. Jean 1. – 30′ – When Jean Lion was here to fight in thirteen videos, this was his 10th in a row. By this time he was kind of destroyed, and had many scars and bruises. Indeed, he was tired. However, watching at Orsi he became alive and vigil again, and then feeling her body parts and curves all over him, he was thinking on that life treats him very well. Orsi’s got a sixth sense to know how to defeat her mixed wrestling opponent, but at the same time using the holds what he enjoys very much. So she did lots of breast smothers, choking, face sitting, and anything what had caused him being in lack of air. After the 31st minutes, being able to breath again, Jean Lion was dominated and disgraced with another female wrestler, tough he must have felt that he is very young and alive.
  25. Diana, Victoria vs. Jean – 30′ – Two superior woman disgraces old, weak guy. We don’t have to introduce you Diana and Victoria. Two very fit, muscular, but feminine energy bombs! Moreover, they are friends, so when there is the time to fight against a guy together, they add together their power and enjoy twice as much to dominate on him, just as being very close to each other. As much as they are rude and superior to the guy, as nice they are to each other. Using their strong legs and all the mixed wrestling holds are a routine for them, and none of them has any issues sitting on his face for hours, step on his head, or choking him with a head-lock.
  26. Kira vs. Jean – 30′ – This time Jean got to know Kira from a closer perspective. Sometimes really close, for example from under her buttock. Or from between her strong arms, being pulled his head back by his not so much hair. Or from between her legs in every position: in a regular head-scissor or a reversed one, or a figure four. Can we call this a mixed wrestling fight? When an old guy is against a fit, young woman? Jean Lion is in a good shape as well, he is very sporty and in good condition. He was going to gym often to be prepared of this tournament in here, and he did put in his energy, and he did fight back. But still, what he could get out form his opponent was only to feel pity for him…
  27. Diana vs. Jean – 30′ – Diana face sits and face sits and face sits Jean without any complexes! Oh, Diana is so uninhibited that it doesn’t cause any discomfort for her to sit on anyone’s face. No, actually she enjoys it, and she corrects her bottom with her hands so she covers the other’s face completely. Very kindly, very nicely she chokes him with her butt. From behind, then from the front, with her legs, with her arms, but again and again, with her bumper. Because, that is what he asked for.
  28. Superheroine vs. Spider-Mouth – 20′ – This is the second match Spider-Mouth had at European Fight Club on the same hot day in June 2009. Spider-Mouth had been to a fancy dress party dressed in a Black Spiderman costume and met 2 ladies dressed as Catwoman and Supergirl. He joked that they could not fight like the real Catwoman and Supergirl. The 2 ladies tell challenge Spider-Mouth to fight on the mats the next day. The lady in the Super Girl costume was none other than Roxy from European Fight Club, so Spider-Mouth has used his big mouth to talk himself into a lot of trouble. Roxy has been getting better and better and better at all aspects of wrestling and so the Super Girl costume really suits her! During the match, she occasionally pulls her cape over the lower half of her face – I think she must fancy herself as Zorro as well! Spider-Mouth should have brought some kryptonite with him, because he needed all the help he can get in this fight! Roxy is completely dominant in this fight, from her body language before each round to her ability in the wrestling itself. But to be fair to spider-Mouth, there are a lot of guys who talk about mixed wrestling, he actually came to European Fight Club and wrestled on the mats. “I just love the European Fight Club logo! I’m drinking a cup of coffee with the logo on. Its been quite a day so far and we’ve just finished filming Spider-Mouth v Super Girl Roxy, another great video you can get from European Fight Club.”
  29. Roxy vs. Jean – 30′ – Super sexy Roxy gets control and overall domination in this video. She is so tough and strong, that Jean became angry after the first few minutes and asked her to take it easier. Roxy tried, but her blood is just running when it is about wrestling. Jean begged her again, so she decided top “punish” him with lots of face sitting and choking. She had realized that if she chokes her with her bottom or chest for minutes, Jean is very satisfied and although he hardly can breath, he stays still alive… Lots of face sitting, choking, but still intensive and moving mixed wrestling  fight through the thirty minutes. And, it is always a real pleasure to watch Roxy’s pretty face and terrific body.
  30. Anita vs. Jean – 30′ – Anita is in her best shape these days, as a wrestler, and just as a woman! She is just 18, and after numerous masculine hobbies and sports, such as horse-wrestling, horse-archery, she has decided to loose some weights, buy pretty girlish dresses and swimsuits, put on some make up, and feel and live like a woman. The combination of her previous experiences, her tough attitude toward life and men, and these very feminine things came out really good, she is just mesmerizing now! Jean had thought the same, although he cried out loud at the first few minutes again, that this is too much for him. So Anita got back from her power, but still it wasn’t enough. She was wondering, however, I know that she went to the gym so often and did another sports to be in shape, so her performance and endurance was just at the peak, without even knowing it…
  31. Bobi vs. Jean – 22′ – Pretty, cute Bobi is back and she is a good match to Jean! She is as feminine and pretty as usual, and she makes again those unforgettable faces showing much emotion. She didn’t forget how to wrestle as well, she applies pretty good holds on Jean, who is – in real – suffers to get out of them. But Bobi is able to control the whole mixed wrestling fight completely, and to pin Jean down most of the time. Who is, we are not sure, get paralysed or just enjoying being under…
  32. Jasmine vs. Jean – 22′ – Jasmine is one of our most enthusiastic girls. Although she is skinny and feminine, she has such hot blood when fighting, and enjoys very much each and every mixed wrestling battle, mostly if it is against a guy. She is very creative, keeping in mind that she needs to be on top and to have full control, she is using interesting, but smart holds beside the regular wrestling ones. With her long arms and legs, she is all over her opponent, who looks like a be pleased to bit under her…
  33. Katalin vs. Jean – 30′ – New girl! Seeing Katalin’s very first fight against Jean, we think that Katalin is a very promisable wrestler! She is tough and strong, and has many sports experience. She had learned the mixed wrestling holds quickly, and has no problem to apply them in full strength. We are very curious where she’ll end up after some more experience!
  34. Sophie vs. Jean – 31′ – Oh, Zsofi again, as always, brings her well-known qualities: her prettiness, long but strong legs, nice attitude, and tough fighting! Jean, as always, brings his own qualities: good endurance, but only a few successful attempts for being her submit. What a pity that he wants a good, competitive mixed wrestling fight, but also being under a gorgeous body at the same time! It is a win-win situation for both, and for the viewers as well!
  35. Kira vs. Spider-Mouth – 21′ – Spider-Mouth has watched all Kira’s fights on videos and seen how she verbally, psychoologically and physically dominates male opponents. Spider-Mouth wants to defeat Kira for all of the men she has beaten in mixed wrestling. Spider-Mouth is often very cheeky during mixed wrestling matches and says things to taunt his female opponents. Kira does not like men being cheeky to her! So European Fight Club put Kira and Spider-Mouth in a wrestling ring. Kira wears a cream coloured bikini for this match that has a spider on it – so this match could be called Spider-Girl vs. Spider-Mouth. There was not alot of conversation before a big fight broke out with the two wrestlers tearing into each other. This was an intense fast paced battle of the sexes with head scissors, body scissors and many other moved being attempted. Spider-Mouth taunts Kira and even picks her up to see what he looks like in the mirror lifting her up – this makes Kira’s blood boil and the fight becomes even more intense!
  36. Sylvi vs. Jean – 22′ – Sylvi is our interesting newcomer, this was her second fight so far. Although she has some martial art experiences, we can’t say that she is already a good wrestler as well. Seeing the different expressions on her faces, sometimes we think that she would be the perfect subject to be dominated on. However, she showed us nice mixed wrestling holds as well, mostly when it is about choking – which is, now we know, Jean’s favourite. And, Kira and the couach was there to give her some good advices!
  37. Renata vs. Spider-Mouth – 22′ – If you are a real wrestling-addicted, you must know Renata already, who is a star wrestler for many years. Her body is incredibly strong and muscular, and her mixed wrestling fighting style and attitude is very sporty and fair. Which does not mean that if she is challenged by a looser Spider-Mouth, she would be very gentle to him to be even. No, she is comfortable dominating on such weak insect, attacking him mercilessly, surprising him quickly, and having him defeated on his on net. Now we are happy to have all the Hungarian top wrestlers participating in our club!
  38. Anita vs. Fritz – 20′ – To celebrate Anita’s birthday, we’ve made a small wrestling event, where fans were attending and had chance to fight with her. Fritz was waiting for the date very much, and after a nice summer, in good condition, he was ready for the challenge. Anita is now looking forward the title of a top star wrestler of our club. Her strength is just incredible, and during the last mixed wrestling fights she had proven that she’ll beat up the strongest ones very soon… She just started to travel around for events, and with some more practice we don’t know, where she’ll end… So Fritz was looking forward to this fight very much, and Anita didn’t disappointed him: he said that she has an incredible ability not only to choke his neck, but twist in some very painful way. Moreover, he could have not really stand her scissor for more then a few seconds, although Fritz is famous for his competitiveness against girls… See yourself how she is now!
  39. Eve vs. George – 19′ – Small but strong and hot as a Hungarian pepper! Eve came through mixedwrestlingisrael.com, and she amazed everyone with her nice personality. We were very curious of her mixed wrestling skills, and she hadn’t disapoint us: she is small, but very muscular, and altough she is not a wrestler with a long experience, she performed and incredibly tough fight with George! Domination and female power is in her veins, so a nice long wrestling carrier is ahead of her!
  40. Roxy vs. Clay – 15′ – Most aggressive and fiery fight ever! Roxy just met Clay, and for some reason a real aggressive bitch came out of her. She had beaten him really bad, that he finally had some real serious bruises around his eyes and all over his body. Roxy not only used her famous chokes and scissors with her legs, but she slapped, boxed, hit, kicked him with all of her power, that Clay wasn’t even able to fight in mixed wrestling video in the next days.
  41. Tekla vs. Jean – 30′ – What is your opinion of a smiling, but strong domina with incredibly long legs? Is it possible to have a nice, kind and gentle personality, and a strong will to win and never gives up? A smiling girl who, at the same time, wants to dominate you and applies full power to submit you, but she would never let you submit her? Do you think this can not be at once? You are very wrong then! Just come inside, and watch this mixed wrestling video with Greek-like beautiful face queen, an experienced wrestler, joined to our club just recently!
  42. Eve vs. Clay – 16′ – Cute little dangerous energy bomb disgraces a guy again! Eve is this short, but fully muscular little girl, whose ego and temper is much bigger than her size. And this is kind of a good recept: it looks like her attitude – of cours, beside her mixed wrestling skills – is enough to get control over a bigger man, and to cause real pain, not only some uncomfortable feelings. Clay had big mouth before, but was much surprised and disgraced by this girl, who looks like Juliette Lewis from Natural Born Killers. She is one.
  43. Orsi.b vs. Sunny – 16′ – Orsi b. means blonde, prettiest, sexiest, newest and one of the toughest! Vow, look at this Goddess! Pretty face and terrific body! You might have known Orsi for a while already, because although this is her first mixed wrestling fight at our team, she is a very experienced wrestler, with a history. With a history of demolished, dominated and disgraced guys! A long list… Sunny is a newcomer as well, he is skinny, but muscular with lots of sport experience. He had challenged Orsi, but he was wrong, if he imagined that he can beat this skinny, but powerful atomic bomb! Orsi, after washing up the floor up with him – wasn’t even sweating or short of breath when she stepped on her poor victim.
  44. Janice vs. Clay – 16′ – New star shines on the sky of the top wrestlers! Janice is like a queen, or lets say, a tsar, because although she attended in the colours of mixedwrestlingisrael.com, she is originally from Russia. Tall, terrific shaped, with a kind but proud attitude, and good sense of humour. She looks like and moves like a gazelle: she is very quick, and her long arms and legs are everywhere! Moreover, she uses her mind, and we have to think that she is very smart, otherwise she wouldn’t have beaten so many girls from our team, when she was here. And, imagine, these were her very first fights! After the event was over, she asked for the videos, so she can learn from her fights – everything is given to welcome a new star wrestler! With Clay – shooted outside, in the perfect surroundings – she also showed her playful, but very tough and dominative side she uses in mixed wrestling, at the end enjoying her victory with a long pose of the winners.
  45. Orsi.b vs. Rotem – 16′ – Real fight, real blood, real degradation, real sadness, real foot kisses! Hottest Orsi.b shows her goddess body, topless, wearing only a sexy pink underwear. Rotem was the one, who challenged her this time, but after an intensive mixed wrestling fight with grapevines, body- and head-scissors, soon the battle turned out to be something even more serious. After a hard face sitting, Rotem’s lip was bleeding, so he felt insulted and disgraced. That brought out something elso from Orsi.b then bad conscious: she became even more dominative! She enjoyed the fight even more, which basically meant beating up Rotem very hard. She had only one goal: made Rotem to admit that she is the better, the best, and showing her superiority, he should lick and kiss her feet. Rotem was not into this, but Orsi.b didn’t let him go, she beated him more, and pushed him to do what she wants. So Rotem gave a few kiss, and was thinking that he can go, but she wouldn’t let him. She insisted him for more kisses, until he gave up, and very sadly licked and kissed her feet for long minutes. Very sadly, very disgraced, but he did, finishing up in a baby pose, left in real shame on the mat.
  46. Victoria vs. Jean 2. – 21′ – Look at this poor guy again, this time destroyed by Hungary’s best wrestler! Victoria is old in this field, but not an old girl: she is fit, muscular and very dominative. What a contrast in between this pink bikini, fresh and very alive girl versus her mixed wrestling opponent! Victoria has such an attitude that she is keep commenting her fights and opponents in a very ironic – english – language. So enjoy her outstanding performance again!
  47. Janice vs. Attila – 15′ – The Russian Empress demolishes again! Her gazelle body makes us wonder how can she possible squeeze so strong that we have to stop her fights at the mixed wrestling event to discuss weather it is ok to choke or not… Maybe she is the best against guys: she looks down on them with a real cold look on her face, and doesn’t have to hold herself back being careful with the opponent. So she doesn’t, and it has to be a really big guy, like Attila to stand her holds – but not so long.
  48. Orsi vs. Jean 2. – 31′ – Orsi has lost some weight, so she looks terrific now, mostly in her sexy red bikini. Jean was must thinking the same, because he was defeated from the very first minute. No matter what, Orsi controlled the whole mixed wrestling fight, being very dominative and shoving so many special holds beside the regular ones. And, of course, lots of face sitting.
  49. Ani vs. Fritz – 3′ – A destroying hold! For a 100% competitive fight, Fritz has challenged Ani, who is in her best shape ever, preparing for a fitness contest. After the first take down and the very first hold – which was actually a head-scissor – Fritz gave up the fight because of a serious back-injury…
  50. Ani vs. Jean – 21′ – Ani – still in her best shape – goes against Jean. A female terminator, against a male mouse. A brave mouse, because he, at least, has the guts to stand against her in mixed wrestling. Obviously, he enjoys being under a strong woman and having big beating, but did he know what is ahead of him when he messed up with Ani?
  51. Zsuzsa vs. George – 16′ – Fiery Zsuzsa attacked George, squeezing him with strong scissors, smothering him with her chest til he couldn’t breath anymore. With her outrageous body, sexy white bikini, calm and cold manner, Zsuzsa is the girl, who can dominate any man. Her talent is enough to beat a well-shaped guy like George, and she proves that every time during the mixed wrestling video, they stand up after each painful submission. Until, at last, only Zsuzsa was standing – on top of George’s defeated body.
  52. Sandra vs. George – 14′ – Beginner, but talented and furious Sandra dominates! Very first time for her, and it looks like not the last one. Sandra is a pretty, feminine but sporty, muscular girl, who liked the idea of becoming a member of our mixed wrestling team. Soon she and we found out that being on top of a male opponent causes enjoyment for her, and she started to take full control over the fight and became more and more dominative. With not much experience she could make George to submit numerous times, and by the end of the battle we saw tough, aggressive expressions on her face. Welcome her!
  53. Jasmine vs. George – 15′ – George felt pretty shaky because os Jasmine, no matter that her body built is not so scary. What count is her attitude and her piercing eyes. Maybe she is in a period when doesn’t like guys so much, or we don’t know, but the fact is that she became angry George indeed, and fought against him in real. When she squeezed him, was real, when she bended his arms back, was real, when she throw him down or choked him, was real, and when she kicked him at the end, she had really meant it.

Fantasy wrestling videos:

  1. Ashley vs. Cameron – 12′ – He’s cocky, confident, and he knows only victory.  Cameron flaunts the men’s title about the ring and why shouldn’t he having beaten the best men in his fed to get it!  Ashley is your girl next door, who btw, is also a wrestling powerhouse in her own right!  Cameron makes no excuses that he’s in the mood for eating up some “chick meat.”  Little does he know that a string of empty victories against some pathetic wannabes have not prepared him for what lies ahead by this woman’s hands… poor Cameron!
  2. Clash of the Titans 1. Match 1-2. – 38′ – Clash of the Titans: Match 1. It’s war! If the Gynarchist wants to be champion, she’ll have to earn it the hard way! Her nemesis: the “Man Beater” herself, Orsi. The Challenge: A three round elimination beatdown of mixed and fem vs fem competitions. Assuming they survive the “gauntlet of pain,” both undefeated women will face each other in a final, winner take all clash of the titans! Round One, match one: Orsi is tested against the Gynarchist’s male minions… Will these buff battlers defeat the dreaded “Man Beater” in this 2 on 1 contest? If so, the Gynarchist will be champion, if not, she will soon be on the mat, fighting it out against Orsi’s hand picked stable of grapplers!
    Clash of the Titans: Match 2. With a flick of her wrist, Orsi sits back and sips her water while her hand picked fighters step forward, eager to enter the mix… The Gynarchist meets them head on. She’s been looking forward to this challenge for a long time! Orsi’s men fight hard… the Gynarchist is strong but the determined men are relentless! Still, even with a 2 to 1 advantage, the male fighters prove less than adequate against the undefeated female. The Gynarchist pounces on them, grinds them down, crushing each man with attitude! In the end, they don’t stand a chance.
  3. Clash of the Titans 2. Match 3-4. – 30′ – Clash of the Titans: Match 3. Leaving a trail of beaten male bodies behind them, both Orsi and the Gynarchist advance to second round eliminations. Their next opponents hand picked by their challenger. The Man Beater is up first… Her shapely opponent walks to the mat, long blonde hair pulled tight into a ponytail, bronze skin shimmering under a light bead of oil. Orsi B is the total package… beautiful, athletic and strong! Her mission, destroy the Man Beater without mercy… Orsi B drops to her hands and knees, taunting the Man Beater to strike… with the Gynarchist cheering her on, she can already smell the sweet scent of victory!
    Clash of the Titans: Match 4. The Gynarchist may be unreadable beneath her mask but her opponent Anita is not! No, Anita is oozing with confidence, her smug grin saying it all! The wrestling is fierce, both women trading blows yet it is Anita who scores the first win… a fiery back bending leglock putting the arrogant Gynarchist in her place… Orsi looks on with mild amusement. This Gynarchist chic will never defeat her “chosen one.” With an long smirk she watches as her prized wrestler rips into her foe…
  4. Clash of the Titans 3. Match 5. – 30′ – Clash of the Titans: The Main Event – She’s beaten them all… men, women, athletes, professional grapplers, mixed martial artists, yet this is the fight to definitely prove her worth! Orsi has been waiting for this moment for a long time, half hoping her hand picked stable of fighters would be defeated just so she could crush this masked Gynarchist with her own bare hands! And defeated her team was… more like trounced! The Gynarchist struts to the mat, her chest brushing into Orsi’s… what an attitude! One thing is certain, only one of these mega brawlers will be walking away from this fight… two undefeated amazons squaring off in this final main event showdown… let the savagery begin!
  5. Domestic Fight – 22′ – Diesel was too blind to see it coming until it was too late. His perfect little darling had finally turned into her mother! Opinionated, emotional, overly dramatic and above all else, fiery! It wouldn’t be so bad had Roxanne not been a trained grappler! When she challenges him out to an all out wrestling match, Deisel calls in the reinforcements at 1-800-WTF- Rocky! 2 vs 1 should be a cakewalk, right? Hell no!
  6. Grapplefest 2009, Match 1. – 22′ – “T-Rex” Carlson comes to our world of intergender mixed martial arts with a background in karate and submission grappling… in other words: A real ass kicker! Several well known fighting ladies did step forward to take him on, yet it was ultimately a relative unknown gal with real spunk who caught our eye. Nichole didn’t elaborate much into her background other than she wanted this fight badly… Good enough for us! The time and date were confirmed. The location was behind a secluded lake house. A shaded pavillion underneath the trees. No neighbors, no interference. The rules were simple: The most submissions within 20 minutes wins the fight.
  7. Grapplefest 2009, Painmaker Jane vs. JC – 21′ – 25 year old grappling sensation JC “The Basher” Peters stood there dumbfounded, jaw dropped low as his 6 foot opponent, “Pain Maker” Jane struts from the house, her scant leopard bikini leaving little to the imagination! Now, JC is first and foremost a veteran fighter. Trained in submission grappling, this lightweight star has been chewing up and spitting out opponents from New York to California but never has he faced anyone quite like Pain Maker Jane. This gal is not what she appears. With several one sided beatdowns under her belt (er bikini), she is something to be reckoned with. As with all GrappleFest bouts, today’s rules are simple: No neighbors, no interference, the most submissions within 20 minutes wins the fight…
  8. Lesbia vs. Mr. Rude – 5′ – “The ring is no place for a chick!” His loss to Fiorella Fuego plagues his nightmares, yet our famed luchador champion “Mr. Rude” still refuses to grant women respect in the wrestling ring. “Women these days just don’t understand… only a real man can fight a real man!” This is just the chauvinistic mentality that Lesbia loves to hate. Backed into a verbal corner, Mr Rude accepts her challenge to fight it out mano a mano. The conditions: If she takes him apart (as she knows she will), Mr Rude must keep his mouth shut forever. But, if he beats her, she must lay off wrestling and the wild women!
  9. MatBash 1, Mandy vs. Nick – 24′ – Mandy is a gym rat. She literally spends all day in the gym, most of the time flirting with young, new members. You know the type? Late one night, she saunters down to the gym basement to see if anyone is still around. To her delight she finds new “fresh meat” stretching out on the grappling mats. With no one else around, she casually yet flirtatiously challenges the fit young male to some wrestling action. Nick welcomes the “challenge” but after a quick arm wrestle, he soon realizes he may have bitten off more than he can chew… That should have been his first hint to call it quits but before long, this crazy chick is all over him. Never, ever judge a large breasted book by it’s cover!
  10. Onyx vs. Wolverine – 7′ – He gave that cocky Fiorella Fuego the pounding she deserved and now this ex-marine is ready to take on Onyx! ” Bring’em on baby… Big, small, skinny, fat. I don’t care… I’ll thrash’em all!” Onyx just rolls her eyes. Shaking her head in disgust, she pulls back her elbows, flexes her chest and lower back. Sometimes a girl has to focus on the true pleasures in life such as the sadistic and fiery need to suffocate the male ego. And Onyx would agree… this is one of those times!
  11. Orsi vs. Diana and L-Man – 24′ – There’s nothing Diana and L-Man love more than administering a slippery beatdown. Diana is a natural in the oil and L-Man is getting better and better by the day! With Diana by his side, L-Man knows he can and will succeed where everyone else has failed… that is, bringing Orsi to her knees! There is nothing L-Man treasures more than hearing that arrogant monster beg for mercy! Just to be sure they are in top form, Diana and L-Man slap on the liquids and have it just moments before the main event is scheduled to start. With muscles loose and bodies stretched, their resolves are unbendable… Orsi doesn’t stand a chance… Yeah, right!
  12. Savage Gynarchy – 32′ – Fair play… good sportsmanship… save it for the olympics! This match is all about sexual superiority: Men vs Women! Or in this case Men vs WoMAN! Today, the buxom symbol of female power has neither a face nor a name… this masked Gynarchist has agree to take on not one, but two trained male wrestlers for a secret submission wrestling beat down. Oh, and these men are no wimps! The boys practice their craft on the mats… muscles straining as they perfect their skills! They are indeed ready for a fight! Meanwhile, the “un-named” female dons her mask, pausing only to lubricate her skin before walking through the woods to where her opponents await. The men see her coming. They break off. Their is up but not a word is spoken. Each man studies his prey as the masked female lowers to all fours, beckoning the first man to strike! Does she even stand a chance… or do they?
  13. Scorpion Club 5. – 31′ – Alexis vs. The Masked Mauler – Alexis walks down the driveway of an unfamiliar home, pausing cautiously to glance thru the dark windows on either side of the open door… “Is anyone here?” she mutters nervously. She moves forward, her eyes adjusting to the darkly lit entrance. Suddenly a large masked male grasps her from behind, his hands groping her chest and waist… “What the hell?” She shoves the mysterious man away. She thinks about running but the desire to fight is too strong to resist. This whole thing is damn freaky but freaky is just what this babe needs… she’s never been so turned on in her life! Test of strength, hammerlocks, headlocks, scissor locks, pins ect… A boob lovers delight!
  14. Submission Challenge – 24′ – Roxy’s newly forged wrestling talents are about to be pitted against the brawn and experience of her grappling instructor, L-Man. The challenge will be the ultimate contest of strength and skill: Each wrestler will be given several, 3 minute chances to make Orsi, the “Man Beater” submit! The fighter earning the most submissions within the allotted time will win the contest. The rules: Orsi is not to fight back however she must escape each hold as quickly as possible. It is clear from the start that there is still some unresloved tension between L-Man and his old rival, Orsi. In fact, not only is she planning to break his holds during the contest, but also to push the proud instructor to tapout each time! He could cry foul but instead ole L-Man decides to make this the day Orsi pays for her arrogant past! Bring her on!
  15. The Sucker – 26′ – Tough Guy vs. Kira & Victoria – Classified ad: Athletic, fit 175 lb male seeking married or single women for private encounter: Think you can beat me wrestling? $1,000 says you can’t. Bring a friend. Not for the timid, I’m the real deal. Email at toughguy@####.com to arrange an encounter. Be prepared to fight! Signed, Tough Guy. Kira laughed at the ad. Some insurance adjuster by day gets his rocks off beating up women by night! Hey, why not? After all, she gets off beating up men for money! If she and Victoria can draw him in, make him think he’s unbeatable, maybe they can double the award to $2,000 or maybe even more? It all starts with the deception… Let him think he is tough, at least tougher than them… then beat him senseless. Too bad every encounter couldn’t pay off like this one!
  16. The Underground Match 1. – 13′ – These private, “after hours” affairs feature a variety of contestants from a nursing student with a mastery of the mat, to an engineering major with no fighting experience at all! Every battle could be a one-sided beatdown or an intense, action packed grapplefest! We usually don’t even know their names nor do we don’t care to. What we do care about is making the odds. In this battle, the male is clearly larger and more muscular than his female opponent, however one look in her dark eyes and you know “Laurie” could be dangerous. Even so, we’ll give the male 2:1 odds he can tear this chick apart … boy were we wrong!
  17. The Underground Match 2. – 12′ – Once again we gave the male the odds and once again we were wrong! This little honey, aka “Laurie’s lover”wiped the mat with this unknown male grappler. We knew we were screwed the second she drove him into the ground! Just goes to prove that no average guy, no matter how chiseled his abs are, can compete with a trained and well conditioned female fighter.
  18. The Underground Match 3. – 18′ – Mauy thai fighting is at the core of “The Crippler’s” soul. When not in school, he trains relentlessly… sparring, lifting & boxing! He’s beaten the best in his gym and now he faces his toughest opponent to date! No stranger to underground combat, Kitana’s discipline is ground fighting… grappling holds, choke holds, gripping, ripping, handling… the total control of her opponent. The Crippler may be tough for an amateur but he is a relative unknown, Kitana on the other hand has already beaten more than than a handful of supposed “Mauy Thai” tough guys. Bottom line: the odds favor Kitana nearly 6:1. Looks like the Crippler has his work cut out for him…
  19. The Underground Match 4. – 20′ – The Crippler is back and he’s meaner and badder than ever before! Across the mat is Puma, staring at her foe with those unreadable, glassy eyes. The Crippler is intent on victory yet Puma has never been beaten. Strap in and prepare yourself for the toughest underground battle to date… The odds are even!

Female wrestling video:

  1. Orsi.b vs. Zsuzsa, Topless – 21′ – Santa Claus is here, so we’ve made a championship again, like exactly one year ago. With only two participants, but maybe the prettiest ones, and, for your enjoyment, they were fighting topless. Zsuzsa and Orsi.b as well are old and very experienced fighters. They are friends also, but this didn’t influenced the intensity of the battle. I can tell, that both of them put 100% in the fight – maybe because the prize was different for the winner and for the looser. So you will see many holds, submissions and suffering expressions on their face, and not lastly, their sexy bodies. But, who was the winner, can you guess?



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