Watch Roxy’s 6 full female wrestling videos from the very beginning till now in 1280 x 720 .mp4 format:

  1. Championship Roxy vs. Ani – A whole day Santa event with very fiery fights! A small ranking championship held at Bora’s house, participating Ani, Diana and Roxy – to find out, which is the best among the strongest ones of our team!  In the first fight Roxy competes with Ani.
  2. Championship Roxy vs. Diana – Roxy against Diana this time.
  3. Roxy vs. Diana – A very competitive fight between two of our best wrestlers. Both Roxy and Diana are outstanding fighters, not only in here, but they are now known worldwide. Having a mainly mixed wrestling site, it is still always an interesting question, what is the ranking among the girls. Often a result of a female wrestling competition is not a stable rank, but more of the stage of the girls on that given day. Next day the winner might be the other girl – because they are equally skilled and have the very strong will to win. So let’s see who won this day?
  4. Roxy vs. Nikky Thorne, Bridge – “I also like it to be an even contest where both wrestlers have to bridge desperately several times. I especially like the position where one wrestler almost facesit the wrestler in bridge position like Veronica vs. Orsi in the last video you made for me. If possible I like the wrestlers to warm up doing stretching and especially bridges before the match starts. I also like to have as short count as possible when one wrestler is pinned with both shoulders touching the mat simultaneously. That will force the wrestler in bridge position to desperately want to avoid both her shoulders touching the mat at any time. I like when the wrestler in trouble really shows agony in her face knowing she is almost pinned. I also like it to be several situations where the wrestler in a bridge suddenly escapes and instead forces her opponent to bridge desperately.”
  5. Roxy vs. Diana, Tickling – Roxy and Diana take a rest from the competetive side of wrestling. In this video they wrestle and try to catch each other off guard to give the opponent a good tickle. They wrestle they laugh.
  6. Roxy vs. Orsi.b, Tickling – Orsi B. wrestles Roxy, and when there is someone on the top, she tickle-tortures the looser. Lots of good wrestling and laughing!



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