Watch Roxy’s 19 full mixed wrestling videos from the very beginning till now in two parts, the early videos (2 hours 18 minutes) in 854 x 480, the later ones (6 hours 15 minutes) in 1280 x 720 .mp4 format:

  1. Roxy vs. Akos – Welcome here another champion! With her long and skinny body, Roxy looks like a panther. She is a very pretty photo model, who – after many kinds of sport – is been doing wrestling for about a year and a half, and she already had beaten Hungary’s almost all champions, including Diana! This is her first fight in our club, against Akos, who is also becoming a better and better fighter. He started to enjoy the sport side of the shootings, and doesn’t gives the winning easily. With all this, and with his height and weight, Roxy is still able to beat him! The mixed wrestling battle was very exciting, they kept struggling fot the better position, and in numerous times Akos was on the top, but no matter what, Roxy was the one, who showed nice victory pose at the end, after a little riding on him!
  2. Roxy vs. Marcell – Cat playing with the mouse. Very pretty Roxy is just like a cat. With an eternal smile on her face, she is playing with Marcell, just as he was a small, red mouse. Touching, hitting, squeezing him playfully, then getting more serious and chocking him, showing new mixed wrestling holds, embarassing him with her strength, endurance and self-confidence, tyring him out with various, endless and unavoidable holds, to eat him up at the end.
  3. Roxy vs. Tenges – Roxy against a traditional Mongolian wrestler! Tenges is a newcomer, however he is in good shape with some close experience: he did traditional Mongolian wrestling in his country. However, you will see the big surprise on his face, what Roxy caused. One after each submission… His endurance is very good, however, we had to stop because of him for a little brake to rest. Also, his technique needs to be improved. At Mongolian fighting, much of the battle is in standing, so you can see that he tried to lift Roxy in order to put her on the mat. Was he successful? Could he do any single score against Roxy? Find out in this mixed wrestling video!
  4. Roxy vs. Peet – Pretty Roxy in leopard print bikini beats up a young, newcomer guy! Peet is from here; he sent an email not so long ago that he would be happy to challenge any of us. So we thought that he is in good shape and a strong and tough guy. Hm. He started with a smile, and continued the same way, but it became soon a distorted smile. Ha had no idea that a girl like Roxy can beat him. And Roxy was tough; she head-locked him numerous times, and then showed him some head-scissors, without mercy, until his neck was red and hurt. He couldn’t even stand pain, so wanted to submit many times, til we said he should fight back. He was at bay, until the sorrow end…
  5. Roxy vs. Jean – Super sexy Roxy gets control and overall domination in this video. She is so tough and strong, that Jean became angry after the first few minutes and asked her to take it easier. Roxy tried, but her blood is just running when it is about wrestling. Jean begged her again, so she decided top “punish” him with lots of face sitting and choking. She had realized that if she chokes her with her bottom or chest for minutes, Jean is very satisfied and although he hardly can breath, he stays still alive…
    Lots of face sitting, choking, but still intensive and moving mixed wrestling  fight through the thirty minutes. And, it is always a real pleasure to watch Roxy’s pretty face and terrific body.
  6. Roxy vs. Clay – Most aggressive and fiery fight ever! Roxy just met Clay, and for some reason a real aggressive bitch came out of her. She had beaten him really bad, that he finally had some real serious bruises around his eyes and all over his body. Roxy not only used her famous chokes and scissors with her legs, but she slapped, boxed, hit, kicked him with all of her power, that Clay wasn’t even able to fight in mixed wrestling video in the next days.
  7. Roxy vs. George – One of the cruellest fight ever, indeed a big beating! George is keep going to the gym, so he is a good shape again, but according to him, and you might not even notice, that Roxy has such mixed wrestling holds that are really painful. Not only she chokes, but presses her bones or shoulder into his face or neck or do some twists so he must give up. And all this beside of all those beatings, hits and slaps and regular holds… She doesn’t really think of the causes of her fighting style, which is with one word: fiery.
  8. Roxy vs. Stickman – Again, dominating with lots of Lift & Carry! Our last video with Orsi.b and Sunny was a big success, so in this fight we’ve followed the same rules: after each submission in mixed wrestling, Roxy lifts and carries Stickman. Of course she had a bit harder task: Stickman is about 2 meters, so it is not that easy to lift him. But, was it a problem for Roxy? Noooo! With her usual intense and skilled attitude she was terrific in the wrestling, just as in the lifting.
  9. Roxy vs. Miki, Box – We have to pay more for the guys when going against Roxy, and in this video you can find out why. They are not really happy to fight with her, because she is indeed fiery and has such power in that beautiful, skinny body. Sometimes she can’t even stop beating them. Smiling with that pretty face and big blue eyes, could be an angel from heaven, and she is, if you like wrestler angels keep punching you in boxing gloves.
  10. Roxy vs. Miki – “I’d like a semi competitive match, sweating and quite intense, with the guy fighting back but with Roxy winning all the submissions. Roxy must win but I don’t want a fantasy video, I want something looking like a sports contest, with fighting from both competitor, but with the girl being better and more skilled and winning the submissions some action with some competition, with roxy winning the falls and a victory pose at the end. For holds, she can do headscissors, figure 4’s, chest smother, rear choke holds, dreamers… I’d prefer the bikini she was wearing for her boxing video with Miki, tied hairs, and barefeet. Important thing for the action is intensity, not a fantasy thing where the guy just lays down. At the end of the video, victory pose: foot on chest, on face with biceps flex from Roxy. Video editing: at the end during the victory pose, the score with “Roxy wins x-0″.”
  11. Roxy vs. The Mexican 1. – This fight is a must have! Roxy found the Mexican arrogant from the first minute she saw him, and she had put all of her bad feeling, agression and tense into this fight. We had to stop several times, because the fight became too serious. There were complaints from both sides regarding the other’s fighting style. I have to admit that Roxy has less complaint, as she pushed the 100% competitiveness, the Mexican would have been satisfied with an easier winning. Of cours, it is not possible against Roxy, and both of them were full with injuries at the end.They have fought 60 minutes in a row.
  12. Roxy vs. Peter – The task was, again, to provide Roxy a pretty good opponent, so someone might can defeat her. However, this is just a theory, because Roxy is just too talented. It is not only her strength, but more of her fearness and aggression. Something must have happened earlier which made her such a she-devil.
  13. Roxy vs. Peter 2. – A custom-made rematch between Roxy and Peter:
    “You can keep the same level of intensity as before, with peter trying to resist and fight hard, but this time roxy really outwrestles him, dominates, proves to be much better than him and wins a lot of submissions by different holds. most important try to keep it realistic. She can taunts him and make fun of him a little from time to time during the fight. She wears the same bikini, tied hairs. If possible she keeps her navel ring.”
  14. Roxy vs. Attila – Attila is a good opponent for Roxy, at least regarding the size, strength and condition. However, still not enough…
  15. Roxy vs. Zsolt, Belly Punches – This is one of our most memorable fight, in which Roxy was punching Zsolt so hard, that after Zsolt never ever was willing to participate with Roxy again, for years…
  16. Roxy vs. Joey – It is good to see Roxy again, this time in a competitive fight against Joey. Real temper, real scissors and real pain! Short interview at the beginning.
  17. Roxy vs. The Mexican 2. – The thin and pretty yet strong Roxy is up against the Mexican. She tackles him every way possible and gives him a hard time fighting back. She uses various moves to prove her experience. Can the Mexican compete?
  18. Roxy vs. The Greek – We had made The Greek meet Roxy, which he will never forget. He was a piece of cake for one of our strongest girl, who even gave advantage to the Greek, but still, it and he wasn’t enought, at all…
  19. Roxy vs. The Mexican 3. – The Mexican is challenged by Roxy, but he thinks it is unfair to fight with a girl. What he doesn’t know but finds out soon is that Roxy fights like a real man!





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