7 full fantasy videos of Victoria:

  1. Peter’s Defeat – Victoria – She goes against him, just to prepare for a 2 vs. 1 fight.
  2. Peter’s Defeat – Victoria, Diana – Destroyed by Victoria already, now both give him a final beating…
  3. Victoria, Diana, Zsuzsa vs. Joey – What a man possibly can do when Hungary’s best wrestler girls team up to defeat him? Even if he is such a big guy like Joey. Maybe it is worst to build muscles and sweat in the gym every day to be a “real strong and good looking man”, then being completely humiliated by girls…
  4. Victoria, Orsi.b vs. Sabby – Here is this handsome new guy with big muscles, but we have introduced him Viki and Orsi.b…
  5. Victoria vs. The Mexican – Maledom – Victoria is to proud and arrogant in the beginning of this fight, so she pisses The Mexican off, who, after the very first submission, in the rest of the video, pays her back very hard!
  6. Victoria, Orsi.b, Zsuzsa vs. The Mexican – This time the Mexican has to rival against three amazing girls. Can he hold up against all three of them? Will he be dominated or can he overwhelm them and come out victorious?
  7. Aisa, Victoria vs. Sunny – Aisa teams up with Victoria to defeat Sunny in a fair, sporty fight, and as you can imagine, he doesn’t have so many chances…



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