A nice documentary of mixed, fantasy and female wrestling videos made in 2007, in 640 x 480 and 720 x 676 .wmv formats, with the belonging image sets, where there is any.

Mixed wrestling videos:

  1. Sophie vs. Ricsi – 6′ – A real degradation! – Look at the tiny girl, how she disgrace a much bigger guy thanks to her technique, speed and experience. Let me tell you a secret: Zsofi doesn’t really like model-type guys. She is keep punishing him until… Take a wild guess, how many times he submits!
  2. Noi vs. Ricsi – 15′ – Introducing the Red Demon! – The very first fight of Noi! Moreover, she had only one training before, and guess what, you’ll be really amazed! She is not new to masculin sports, since she is playing soccer. At her first battle she decided to challenge Ricsi. Ricsi tought that she will have be a piece of cake, but how wrong he was. Noone has to teach Noi to be really mean to man! She is superior by herself.
  3. Noi vs. George – 14′ – The second fight of Red Demon! – George had challenged Noi this time, and it was really a good day for him, he could have even applied many holds on Noi, and even causing her pain. But, that is what she needs: pissing her off, so she can go against a men with intense power. Soccer player red-hair Noi will be one of our best wrestler for sure, now with some help and oral instructions during the fight by her couch, she defeated George, of course, and will defeat every men after, stepping on their chest in victory pose, leaving them in pain on the mat, feeling very-very satisfied.
  4. Hajni vs. Ricsi – 15′ – It looks like that Hajni is our new Star! She is in a very good shape, practicing Muai Tai in most of her time. You might won’t beleive it, but she does speak Chinese as well, and also teaching Tai Chi. All of these looks like to provide her the background to beat up most of the guys if she wants to. Maybe any guy. Maybe she would knock you off your perch as well. Would you dare? Would you take a bet on your own skin? I think she is ready to kick anyone’s ass.
  5. Hajni vs. George – 16′ – Hajni against fiery George! George was keep going to gym, since his last lost battle. Now he felt that he is ready to challenge one of us, again. Hajni is a newcomer, but thanks to her years of serious martial experience, she went very sel-confidentaly against George. However, at the first part of their mixed wrestling fight, George could give her some very hard moments. But things then turned… And there he was: George lying again on the floor, in pieces.
  6. Hajni vs. Gabor – 15′ – Another fan of Hajni came… …and lost. Gabor felt in love with Hajni when he saw her at YouTube. He wrote us, stating that he has some experience in wrestling. As you might do so, he had found Hajni very attractive, sexy and good fighter. He had might wanted to challenge her, but we also have a feeling that he just wanted to know how is to be between Hajni’s arms and legs. While she is chocking him, or applying a strong scissor. Hm, he was very satisfied. Would you?
  7. Kata vs. Zoli – 20′ – Another guy begged us to wrestle with him! He challenged Kata for a fight. Waiting on tender hooks, Zoli was warming up for weeks, preparing himself for the mixed wrestling battle. Kata saw his pictures and only said phlegmaticly: “he will be a piece of cake. He is just dreaming that he can win, anyway, I think he only want to be in between my legs, feeling my choking head-scissor.
  8. Vanda vs. Zoli – 21′ – Look who is back! Zoli – the awful guy – couldn’t get over on his defeat by Kata. He kept bothering us to have another fight – with a smaller girl! And look Vanda. She is in terrific shape and we had a thought that she will degradation Zoli even more…
  9. Vanda vs. Attila – 24′ – Real good fantasy mixed wrestling – Domina Vanda disgrace Attila! Vanda is just perfect in her cowboy hat and spurs. At last she is wearing how she feels inside. She is a real domina, she likes to punish man, to flex things until the last point she can, to play with men as they were just small toys for grown up girls… And look Attila! He is the real looser. Old and out of shape. He wouldn’t be able to support a woman, in any way. He really worths to be punished in the worst way. To be beaten by a dominant female, until he cryingly craves to let him go.
  10. Kata vs. Attila – 18′ – Kata’s best performance so far! Kata is in terrific shape after coming back from a live wrestling event, with only winning fights. Her hormones are just rushing up and down in her body, and she was ready to let Attila experience it. You know Attila, he is the looser of the loosers. If he would let his glasses on, they would have been broken, and we are sure that he won’t be able to swallow for a few days thanks to Kata, who was hurt his neck and head in every kind of ways. Intense and good mixed wrestling fight with an absolute looser!
  11. Orsi vs. Ricsi – 10′ – Small girl against this big guy! And, it seems that Ricsi likes Orsi, but he is in for a big surprise. He wouldn’t want to be beaten, to loose his dignity and masculinity, but Orsi has been practicing martial art for years, and her head- and arm-locks, scissors, T-crosses and schoolboy pins are just perfect to teach someone like Ricsi, until leaving him on his knees! There is no audio and medium quality pic, unfortunately.
  12. Sophie vs. Attila – 18′ – Again, this pretty, 5 stars girl! Read about Sophie from one of our fans: “She improved so much since our last meeting last year, Sophie is now very skilled and experienced. Also she gets much stronger since last summer. I believe all the competitive matches had helped her a lot! And Sofia is very attractive and pretty, and has also a top-body – Sophie has the possibility to be a star in your team! And Sophie wrestle very offense now with a lot of different holds, she use different pins and wonderful bodyscissors, but always with a nice smiling. 5 Stars to Zsofi from us/me 😉 For me the best SophieI have ever seen!”
  13. Bobi vs. George – 18′ – Bobi is superior in fighting and in disgracing! Bobi is one of our newest wrestler. Her lessons worth it: at this moment she is very self-confident with men, she is ready to go against anyone who challenges her, and with continous attacks and nicely applied holds, she is defeniately a girl who you wouldn’t forget, if you’d met her. At this mixed wrestling fight, her opponent is George, poor little George. Toward the end he was touching his neck more and more times, as he would have terrible pain in there. When Bobi finished with him, she pushes him on his knees, and poor George had no other choice than kissing Bobi’s feet.
  14. Kira vs. Ricsi – 10′ – Big disgrace! Woman can not degradation more a man, then Kira does Ricsi. She is using all of her weapons against this poor, helpless guy. She is insulting him by words, gestures, and of course, by fair mixed wrestling fight: beautiful head- and body-scissors, T-crosses, grapevines and schoolboy pins.
  15. Kira vs. Zsolt – 31′ – Zsolt is a freak of degradation… …and mixed wrestling. He wrote us, begging for a fight with one of us, so we gave him a chance to fight against Kira. If you ask him, it may have been a mistake, but, we have a feeling that somewhere inside, Zsolt DOES LOVES DEGRADATION. Kira simply killed him. She was looking down on him since the beginning, and demolished him with her arrogant attitude. She loughed at him, insulted him by words, swore him, tickled him, hit him, mocked him, disgraced him, humbled him – while she kept him trapped between her muscular legs. Finally Zsolt was squekingly asking for mercy, but Kira left him on his knees destroyed, stepped on him, not even pitying, but only loughed at him.
  16. Sophie vs. Zsolt – 26′ – Zsofi beats man, again! Zsolt came back again for a little more beating. He can’t live now without those killer headscissors. Between two fights at home he is thinking of those muscular legs, in between it is so hard to breath… So hard to think anything else but that exact moment… so thight in between the legs, feeling the straigthening of them, the squeezing… so close to the fabric of the bikini of hers. Feeling the power of a superior woman… Zsofi.
  17. Orsi vs. Zsolt – 28′ – Degradation! – Degradation, squeezing, choking, red and purple head! Is it what Zsolt likes? Orsi used him as a potatoe bag and squeezed the breath out of him. She applied all kinds of holds to degradation him even more than he was before by Kira. Zsolt states that he had put all his efforts in the fight, but what we saw was only his red, ballon-head, whispering and begging, asking for help. But, Orsi knows what is domination and just totally blasted him, leaving him in pain.
  18. Sophie vs. Tom – 26′ – Sophie is amazing! She is just better and better. Not only beautiful with her pretty face and toned body, but she had became a very skilled wrestler. Strong, quick, experienced and confident. This new guy, Tomi, is also our fan and asked to have few fights with us. Poor him. He might have had regreted, except that he is enjoying being disgrace by a strong woman. Very good and intense fight, with only one absolute and superior winner: Sophie.
  19. Orsi vs. Tom – 28′ – Done by a woman! The 4th, last video of the series of Zsofi, Orsi, Tomi and Zsolt. Orsi is as qualified now to cause such a pain for a man as it can be possible. She got Zsolt in his liver with her scissors, and you know, when a woman squeezes there with a power, you are finished. And when Orsi got Zsolt with her head-lock, Zsolt was finished, too. And when Orsi got Zsolt’s head within her firm legs, with a reverse head-scissor… or if she would got you, you would grown terribly with an exhausted face. Zsolt taps, she releases seeing his defeat, and Zsolt moans, face disfigured, completely destroyed. Done by a woman!

Fantasy wrestling videos:

  1. Battle of the Exes – 21′ – Autumn vs. Rob – Rob and Autumn face off after a strained 2 year relationship. Both will win falls but only one can walk away victorious! Will Autumn’s female scorn be enough to squash Rob’s brute power?
  2. Mutiny vs. Carlos – 27′ – Sexy submission grappling. The action is pretty even right up the final few moments until one wrestler reigns supreme. Scissor locks, boston crabs, sexy submissions!
  3. Fearless – 4′ – Christa vs. Chris – Without a doubt these new battlers are one in the same… pompous, arrogant and entirely superficial!  The types you’d find hooking up on the dance floor every Saturday night.  Chris is the ultimate babe-hound and Christa… the ultimate babe! Someone will definitely be going home with an even bigger ego and the other in total degradation.  Should be a very entertaining fight at the very least!
  4. J-Bomb Returns! – 3′ – Christa vs. J-Bomb – What does J-Bomb think of his recent loss against Shannon Kelly?  “That she-bitch or whatever she is was on something… you know, right… like that L.S.D shit that makes old ladies lift up cars or whatever?” Needless to say Ms. Kelly disgraced the ole J-Bomb in a bad way.  But today, the Bomber is back and eager to restore his good name!  His next opponent: Christa!
    Having recently wiped the mat with her previous male rival, Christa accepts J-Bomb’s challenge.  Like before, she struts into our studio touting her trademark “greater than thou” attitude, flirting along the way like a true professional tease!
  5. A Nesty Oil Beatdown – 5′ – Darling vs. John Paul – John Paul doesn’t turn tail and run off like other vanquished male grapplers, not this battle tested Brazilian! After losing to that psycho Vicky, he turns his attention to his next opponent, Darling.  Her sweet, innocent smile doesn’t faze him for a second.  Sweet or not, this chicky is in his way and thus will be “dealt with!”  John Paul will taste victory even if it means smashing this angelic little tart in the process.  Looks like Darling is gonna be the wrong girl at the wrong place at the wrong time!
  6. Frankie’s Revenge – 4′ – Frankie vs. Randy – Randy is on a quest to take down the biggest, baddest wrestlers, grapplers and martial artists he can find. Today he comes to our studio in Southern California to face his first ever female opponent, Frankie!  Randy isn’t the least bit concerned, he’s beaten some bad ass dudes without losing a single contest so what could “Little Miss Tits” possibly do to him?  You might say Frankie’s unexpected loss to Steele has put her fragile ego a bit on edge lately!  Two desperate personalities colliding on the oiled match… always fun to watch!
  7. Unstoppable – 6′ – Frankie vs. Steele – A long string of victories have finally driven Frankie’s ego thru the roof!  As far as she’s concerned, today’s match up will be just like every other… a one sided beat down!  Known only as Steele, Frankie’s opponent is a total mystery. Curious is his odd “James Dean” like demeanor and intense, glaring eyes.  At first sight, a guy like this would make any opponent a bit leery… except of course for Frankie!
  8. Blind Folded – 19′ – Frankie battles her newest challenger “the masked grappler” blind-folded in this new handicap submissions only matchup. Not wanting to lose, the mask grappler attacks his blind opponent hard & fast! Scissor locks, backbreakers and straddles galore! Blind folded or not, Frankie is tough as nails!
  9. Goldie vs. Mr. Perfect – 26′ – Nobody grapples on the slippery surface like Goldie, few even return for a second chance.  But this time, her opponent is none other than Ken Kline (referred to by his inner circle as “Mr. Perfect”).  A former navy grappler,  “Mr. Perfect” routinely eats these wrestling honeys for breakfast.  Kline’s brazen confidence is a huge turn on for Goldie as he oils (or should I say fondles) her up from behind. You might say she’s even intimidated by him!  Not something we see very often from this sexy grappler…
  10. Devil’s Rage 2. – 26′ – April vs. Gorgon – What she does when a masked grappler attacks her is that she learns the holds from him quickly and applies on him.
  11. Jade vs. Brock – 13′ – Barroom Brawler vs. catfighter! Brock may not be as fast as his shapely opponent but he is all man baby! This should be a walk in the park, right? Roll around on the mat with this little vixen, get his rocks off and leave? Not likely! Jade gets twisted and turned right from the start but soon turns things around on the big bruiser! Brock never knew what hit him! Not for someone looking for faster paced competitive action.
  12. Nobody Touches the Mask! – 21′ – The legendary masked grappler, El Diablo Blanco trains his biggest fan and gal pal Jennifer, with an unexpectable result.
  13. Battle of Styles – 5′ – Lexi vs. Jing – Having recently moved from Shanghai to sunny Southern California, Jing was ill prepared for the culture shock of living in western society.  Undisciplined and unruly people, a society based on laziness and selfishness!  But it wasn’t until he ran across our studio that Jing was totally shocked.  Women fighting against men!  A woman could not possibly best a man in bare handed combat!  Since we couldn’t convince him, we offered to arrange a match between himself and one of our newest grapplers, a local 18 year old varsity grappler named Lexi Stafford.  With a background in kung fu, Jing refuses to believe a “mere” girl could match his skills in the martial arts!  A sexy young girl grappler versus an experienced male martial artist… What a great battle of styles!
  14. Opposites Attract – 5′ – Lexi vs. Chris – True macho men like Chris absolutely dread losing to women, especially against little “whores” like Christa! Consumed with his previous loss, Chris sets out to rebuild his tarnished image.  Beneath his phony smile and flirtatious glares he’s determined to destroy the very next “bitch” that crosses his path!  That “bitch” just so happens to be young Lexi.  She’s a tough, no nonsense gal with nothing to lose.  You couldn’t possibly find two more opposite people on the planet!
  15. Hajni’s First Submission Match – 20′ – Hajni (18) has been training hard for her 1st match ever against veteran male grappler Liviu (32). Cheered on by her instructor, Hajni gives it her all. Liviu comes on strong winning a early submissions but Hanna turns things around and even ties the score. But can she possibly win??
  16. Orsi vs. Ricsi, Jon – 26′ – Local male champions Ricsi and Jon have agreed to face off against the women’s champ Orsi in no holds barred submission wrestling. It should have been a decent match up but Orsi wiped the floor with both men, prolonging holds even after they tapped out.
  17. Tough Enough – 5′ – Vicky vs. Randy – Vicky might not have any formal training but when it comes to administering a righteous beatdown, she’s definitely got a gift.  Having thrashed her last “experienced” opponent, she is craving her next fight.  Although admiring her spark, Randy can’t stand Vicky’s big obnoxious mouth!  Any man would want to smack that irritating bark right off her face!  Randy may have underestimated Frankie (she trounced him) but he isn’t going to make the same mistake twice.  Losing to two chicks in a row would be devastating to his ego.  No, Randy has got a plan and it involves steamrolling this loud mouth bitch into the ground…
  18. Shannon Kelly vs. J-Bomb – 5′ – Shannon Kelly aka The Queen of Mean vs. J-Bomb – Shannon Kelly has quite possibly wrestled in everyseedy night club and bar along the west coast.  If you’ve ever been to one of these places you’ve likely seen her in action.  Usually it’s against some shmoo who forked over just enough cash to roll around andfondle his dream honey, ending up bruised and disgraced instead.
    The J-Bomb’s past is a bit of a mystery.  He is jumpy with nervous eyes that dartabout, making it difficult to have a conversation.  He also wears combat fatigues (BDUs for my military friends) but has never served.  From what I can tell, he spends most of his time in the gym grunting a bit too loudly and intimidating yuppies.
    So, in summary, we have what I believe to be an experienced yet fanatical lesbian oil wrestler facing off against a somewhat unstable warrior wannabe.  Should be entertaining to say the least!
  19. Battle of Styles 2. – 4′ – Shannon vs. Jing – So complete is his degradation after losing to a woman wrestler that poor Jing can’t return home, nor can he stay in California.  He must prove his recent defeat was only an unfortunate aboration!  Only by defeating the toughest woman we have can he finally regain his self esteem and move on with his life.  Shannon Kelly definitely fits that bill!  As expected, the tough lesbo grappler jumps at the chance to thoroughly disgrace the chauvintistic (and desperate) male martial artist… This is turning out to be yet another great battle of styles!
  20. Hell on Earth – 28′ – Submission Shelly vs. the German tag team Hans & Franc aka “Hell on Earth”. Hans & Franc are sure of a victory against their single American opponent but the unsuspecting grapplers never expected the woman to be so ruthless! She beats them soundly from start to finish! Wrestling never looked so sexy!
  21. Shelly vs. The Masked Grappler – 31′ – Ultimate submission wrestling with a 30 minute time limit. Sexy Shelly knows how to fight with sex appeal and style! In this match, both fighters get in their licks but only one grappler will win. One thing is for sure, they don’t call her “Submission Shelly” for nothing!
  22. An East Coast – West Coast Thing – 5′ – Darling vs. Steele – Hailing from the west coast (via the deep south) comes Darling, once the most sweetest, loveable country gal you’ve ever met.  But after a year in LA county, she’s anything but sweet!  If only her folks knew of the tattoos & wild parties… a complete 180 from her former life!  And to top it off, an insatiable appetite for the fighting scene where her farm girl strength is more than most opponents bargained for! Steele is hell bent on showing this little west coast tart what a boy from Brooklyn is made of.  Two tough fighters plus tons of attitude… Should be a fun match!
  23. Tough Enough 2. – 6′ – Viscious Vicky vs. John Paul – 21 year old California native Vicky has absolutely no wrestling experience at all. Does this stop her from challenging a 23 year old Brazilain stud to an oily beat down?  Hell no!  Well versed in kempo and BJJ, veteran
    grappler John Paul accepts Vicky’s open invitation to get it on.  Vicky’s main asset: Her obsessive compulsive need to control everything and everyone! But is a social “behavioral” issue enough to take down a tough guy like John Paul?

Female wrestling videos:

  1. Eszter vs. Tina – 31′ – Two ex-girlfriends! – Big luck that Eszter’s boyfriend was there, when Eszter got angry at her girlfriend. It started innocently, when Tina asked her to show wrestling holds… Soon Tina felt disgraced not be able to escape. She was only a rag doll between Eszter’s arms and legs. She was whining, grizzling, sniveling and whimpering. Eszter got really pissed off that her girlfriend is not able to fight back, and knew no mercy!
  2. Orsi vs. Sophie – 10′ – Pretty and fighty girls… Two very pretty and two skilled. They are going for winning. And believe me, they are not afraid to use many kind of holds on each other. However, Murphy was also there, so there is no audio, unfortunately.
  3. Kira vs. Sophie – 6′ – Two very pretty! The battle of the blond and the brown – the two very pretty! When two pretty girls meet, hm… Jealousy, attraction, hate – until going to the ground and find out who is the better in wrestling. Take a guess, who wins! Some problems with audio and pic quality.
  4. Kira vs. Hajni – 7′ – Killer take-down! Newcomer Hajni has challenged Kira for a fight. Hajni has been doing martial arts for years, actually, she has won several championship in here in mui tai. You will agree with us that she is very talented and we are happy to welcome her in our team. However, this fight at 6:42 suddenly has ended with Kira’s serious injury, so we wish her painless and fast recovery!


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