A nice documentary of mixed, fantasy and female wrestling videos made in 2008, in 640 x 480 and 720 x 676 .wmv, .avi and .mpg formats, with the belonging image sets.

  1. Kira vs. Attila – 15′ – Kira met Attila… Kira’s leg is a drawback for her – you’ll hear in the video when she is in pain because of a bad movement – but this isn’t influenced the outcome of the battle. She put all of her experience and knowledge in the fight, and went with full energy against Attila. Her dominative attitude is can be seen again: this is just her best fitting role. And, do I have to tell you that Attila is the best subject of it?
  2. Anita vs. Attila – 16′ – Anita proved again! Anita came again with Kira, so as last time, Kira was her coach. And just as the first time, she didn’t need much advises. We were thinking that she was born like this: with a natural talent of wrestling and getting the upper hand on man. Her favoured mixed wrestling holds are: full-nelson, locks, chockes and scissors – doing them on her own way.
  3. Anita vs. Liviu – 15′ – Anita, a fresh, new, very young, natural talent! Anita is just 18, and had no wrestling experience at all! Actually, we didn’t was any time of traning, even just showing the holds right before her mixed wrestling battle with Liviu. This shooting was after the one with Kira (vs. Liviu), so you will hear Kira’s voice giving pleanty of advices to her. The cameraman after a few minutes told Kira to let Anita do in her own way, since she proved that she is just know somehow, what she has to do. Maybe her martial art and judo experiences helped a lot, and also her good and masculin relationship with her brother. Anyway, at first, Kira tired Liviu out very much, but then Anita defeniately killed Liviu, who was really not acting this time. At the end Kira stepped on the seen as well, celebrating their victory over the exhausted Liviu.
  4. Sophie vs. Liviu – 16′ – Sophie against Liviu or Liviu against her? It looks like that Liviu is in good shape and full with energy, becase he was attacking Sophie continously. He even spinned Sophie around on his back. But, we already know Sophie: she is not only pretty, but really knows how to fight. It is a routin for her to win a battle like this, without even sweating a bit. Another superior and degradation mixed wrestling fight of Sophie!
  5. Orsi vs. Liviu – 16′ – Playful, but smart and tough Orsi! New and interesting movie. The shooting was fun, the cameraman was commenting the fight, announcing the scores. Liviu acted like he is in a show-wrestling, but Orsi applied only real and very good holds. She was very playful, sometimes slowlier, but all the time thinking ahead, so she had not even one movement in vain: all of her holds coused real pain for Liviu! You will defeniately enjoy this video: with sexy and tough Orsi and a very good mixed wrestling fight, and of course, with one looser, who, again, a man, and who was even more disgrace at the end by Orsi’s victory pose!
  6. Kira vs. Liviu 1. – 16′ – Kira is finally back after her injury!!! Well, you wouldn’t say watching her fighting that she took a five-months brake, thanks to her leg-injury at her last battle. She is in just as good shape as before, and it is a real pleasure to watch her nicely carried out holds – all of them perfect, and very painful. We are very happy to welcome Kira back, and also happy because Liviu was defeated in mixed wrestling once again!
  7. Viki vs. Liviu – 16′ – Beautiful Viki, again! Liviu liked very much this idea, to wrestle with this pretty girl. He was so enthusiastic, when he first saw her. However, he didn’t give Viki easy time. Viki’s style is more feminim, but it doesn’t mean that she is not able to beat a man. Ok, she had to fight a bit to defeat Liviu – but guess what: she succeeded!
  8. Orsi vs. Liviu, George – 16′ – Orsi swept the floor up with two men! Vow! One man coming straight from the gym is not enough anymore for Orsi. She demolishes two, easily! She makes two strong and fit guys breathing really hard and feeling really-really embarassed because of loosing. What loosing, being completely disgrace! Guys, you have to keep up with the girls, because they are so strong now!
  9. Viki vs. Attila – 17′ – Viki is back! Beautiful Viki is back, with her perfect, very feminin body. She was on a long brake, but she didn’t forget anything, to say the truth, she wrestles surprisingly well. She has the power and full controll, but still being a 100% woman. This time the oppontent is Attila, again – he need no comment, we know him very well.
  10. Sophie vs. Gabe – 18′ – Let’s see Sophie against the Man Without Face! Sophie came nicely tanned, and in perfect shape and good mood – as usual. We had to think a bit, how to cover this time Gabe’s face, and finally cut two holes on a shirt for his eyes and put it on his head. It didn’t work. He is still very tall, skinny, shy, and still have the same sharp bones. His resistance is also very good, Sophie really had no easy time to win over him. Both of them became tired soon, but obviously Gabe was the one, who was surprised how can a – skinny, feminime – woman so strong. He never experienced before anything like this: having a mixed wrestling battle with a woman, and moreover who is on top all the time, not to mentioned that Sophie actually did beat him up, using scissors, chocking and pins – good learning for him.
  11. Orsi vs. Gabe 1. – 14′ – Orsi, the Manbeater vs. the Man Without Face! Here is a new guy: so tall, so skinny and so shy. He wouldn’t show his face for any reason on the net, but he was so anxious to wrestle with any of us. So we gave him a venezian mask to solve the problem. He was surprisingly strong with stinging bones, which caused Orsi lots of pain, and his defense was also good, but obviously it didn’t bother Orsi much, she is just as good fighter as she can be: so Gabe was a piece of cake for her, just as any man.
  12. Orsi vs. Gabe 2. – 15′ – Second try of the Man Without Face, against Orsi, the Manbeater! To keep Orsi in training before two big events coming in this month, and to satisfie Gabe’s need for revange, we arranged again a fight between them. After Gabe’s sad and disgracing lost last time – are you curious what comes this time? I help you: another sad and disgracing loosing. In his mask. Don’t miss fight only because you had seen the previous one. This mixed wrestling battle is also very intense and very good, so enjoy it!
  13. Ani vs. Gabe – 16′ – 10 kilo plus in muscles for Ani against The Man Without Face! What do you think what could be the result of a battle of a woman, who is fit, muscular, and a man, who is out of shape and skinny? Ani weigths 10 kilos more than the masked-man, and it is only muscles! Do you think it is a joke? You are right! Altough masked-man resistance and strength is surprising, Ani is just the woman, who is playing around with a man like this. Like a cat with the mouse.
  14. Ani vs. Liviu, George – 16′ – Terminator Ani against Two! Ani has pretty much wrestling experience, but moreover, she is a professional body builder. Only even seeing her muscles caused George and Liviu some uncomfortable feeling. It was supposed to be a 1 against 2 fight, but Liviu had participated only in the first few minutes. Ani chocked him so much, that after he submitted, he didn’t come back to fight, leaving George alone and very afraid. Never mind, the battle of Ani vs. George was pretty exciting anyway. George had became a good wrestler being in so many videos, so now he had a chance to apply many good holds as well. But, you won’t be disappointed of Ani’s performance: she have not only huge muscles, but she is also very strong and fast, knowing how to defeat completely her opponent. After a very intense mixed wrestling fight, she showed a very nice victory pose with much reason!
  15. Ani vs. Liviu – 15′ – Right After Liviu’s big defeat yesterday, when he was supposed to go against Ani with George, but he gave up after 2 minutes, today he challenged Ani again. He is just to proud to loose that easily. After that choke yesterday, his neck is so-so today, so he decided to take a revange on Ani. Do you think that he has any chance? Don’t you think that he should have been in bad a few days more to recover? Do you think that he can get even one score? And do you agree that Ani is just in terrific shape, her body is strong and perfect, just as her condition – not to mention her mixed wrestling skills.
  16. Ildi vs. Liviu – 16′ – New Sumo Girl: Ildi! Ildi applied to come to wrestle, because she is in everything what is fun. She is very open, strong and big enough to go against most of men. Ok, we didn’t test her much: her opponent was only Liviu, who didn’t seem very brave when he looked at Ildi… It was a beautiful beggining for Ildi, who – with very little training – could have managed to defeat Liviu at her very first mixed wrestling fight!
  17. Kira vs. David 1. – 18′ – Kira against new guy, David! David is a very cute boy, with very positive charisma. She makes girls smile only with his appearance, so it is very hard to fight seriously against him. But this is only our first tought, because when the battle starts, Kira finds out that he is not that nice. He fights back seriously, using some of his techniq learned before. David gives really hard time for his opponent, no mather if it is a girl. Of course, we don’t have to fear for Kira, she is a very qualified wrestler and never looses her dominant attitude, no matter if she has a bit harder opponent.
  18. Anita vs. David – 16′ – Anita is better and better… now, against David! Anita’s third fight before she is participating in our big event! We think that she is kind of ready. Altough she still needs to practice the holds, there is no need to improve anything regarding her attitude. She is tough but fair, intense, willing to win, and blessed with a strong and muscular body. Thanks to her height, weight and strength, she is able to dominate most man, so cute David was really a piece of cake to her.
  19. Sophie vs. Andrew – 15′ – Interracial battle of the sexes! The fight was filmed at our big event organized together with Femwin, where the atmosphere was so pleasurable. Andrew was one of our guest, came from London. He is a fan of mixed wrestling, and especially Hungarian girls, he was a bit concerned what to expect. And he was right, the girls had improved a lot, including Zsofi, who is not only more skilfull, but prettier then ever, just one week after the Fightingstyle event in Greece. Poor Andrew had a chance to participate in a painful fight, ended with his big loosing!
  20. Kira vs. Simon – 18′ – Simon flew here for only this fight… He arrived this morning from London, and right after the fight, he flew back. He started to email us months ago, and finally his dream came true: he could have a fight with Kira. Kira is in very good shape, as usual, however, in the video you see a moment, when she screams after Simon pressed her injured knee. Neverthless, they could go on, and both of them enjoyed very much the battle. Kira got Simon in every kinds of mixed wrestling holds, and became more and more dominative. At the fourteenth minute Simon had enough, wanted to stop, but Kira didn’t let him go, only after a few more minutes. We think Simon had a nice and memorable visit here, in Budapest.
  21. Kata vs. Andrew – 16′ – Call Mamma! Andrew participated in our Femwin-EFC event, held in May. He challenged Kata, and for the big fun of the fans, he was completely destroyed. Kata used all kinds of weapons to degradation him – she facesat and smothered his face with her feet not only once. Andrew was in such a shamefull situation that viewers wanted to help him: dialed his Mamma on the phone to say good buy to her! The funniest and most entertaining, yet fiery mixed wrestling battle ever!
  22. Kira vs. Liviu 2. – 17′ – Guard Kira questions prisoner Liviu! Liviu is convicted dealing with illegal stuff, and for his misfortune, Kira is in charge to interrogate him. Kira hates illegal stuff and criminals, and anyway she is not in a good mood today. She questions Liviu, who is, at first, very naughty. This obviously makes Kira even angrier, and to refract Liviu, she attacks him agressively using her handcuffs to keep him down while applying painful holds on him. She keeps punishing him, and wants him until he gives up destroyed and degradation, and admits that he is guilty and the names of his fellows.
  23. Kira vs. Liviu, Face Sitting – 9′ – Kira Face Sits Liviu! This fight will be very enjoyable who likes dominative wrestling, and mostly facesitting, schoolboy pins. You can watch these holds from all possible view, for many times and through long minutes. See how Liviu asks Kira for letting him breathing, and see her reaction: disgracing and choking Liviu even more using every possible parts and bends of her body.
  24. Bobi vs. Liviu – 14′ – Bobi is cute, and now is a good fighter! Something is radiating from Bobi. Maybe a very sweet personality from her pretty face, what is very expressive during the fights. It took her a while to be a good fighter, but you all can see her improvement, since her last fight with George. As soon as she is being attacked, the will and power comes out from her, and fights back keenly with that talking mimicry on her face. She also participated in our last mixed wrestling event, and everybody was very satisfied with her attitude, technique and strength of her scissors.
  25. Anita vs. George – 16′ – Very wild and fiery mixed wrestling fight! The fight is very wild and fiery from the beginning: Anita is not only using the wrestling holds, but she sleps him, beats him and punches him with a hundred percent power. Anita loves to fight with George! He is just the perfect subject to beat up, to degradation, to dominate on! Anita gets to know and use her power… She was missing the fight, she was eager to wrestle again. She is the one, who is not only enjoys fighting, moreover, she needs it. In every kind of situation she is ready to beat up any opponent, no matter, if there is a tatami, or only the pure concrete. She even fights from the back of a horse. She is wrestling and fighting with boys since she was a child, so she started long ago, altough her pretty peachy cheeks sneaks about it that not too many years had passed since then.
  26. Vanda vs. George, Face Sitting – 16′ – If you are an addict of face sitting, check out this video! Terrific body owner, Vanda face sits George, 100% real, and in at least the 80% of the full video. Only 80, because George had to breath some times… Only face sitting! George has a crush on Vanda for years, since we started to work together. He loves her beautiful, sexy, tanned body and funny, easy going and very sexy attitude. However, he kept calling Vanda until she had enough, so when she new that they are going to have a fight, she had decided to punish him. She figured out what he wants, and she gave him… She gave him, but from really close that it didn’t matter that she is wearing something or not… She gave him, until he was short of breath, because now he could really take a close look, and not only look, but felt it, everywhere on his face, so he started to choke. And no matter ha much he regreted everything what he had done and also what he hadn’t, Vanda just didn’t let him go, she face sat him from the front, from behind, and for long-long minutes…
  27. Ani vs. Liviu 2. – 12′ – A return match between Ani and Liviu. Ani needs the fight, just as Anita. She is full of energy what needs to be channelled on preferebly a man, and in defeniately a competitive wrestling fight. Since she goes to gym very often, lifting heavy weights, she needs more dynamic exercise as well. Also there is not much appropriate female opponent for her, but she is always ready to compete with any man. Ani takes the fights very seriously, paying attention on her improvement to applying the holds perfectly and to learn new ones. Just as always, in this fight she had put 100% energy, so the mixed wrestling fight is very intense, and just as always, she wins and continuously dominates over the male.
  28. Karen vs. Miguel, Topless Face Sitting – 11′ – Wash or suffocate! Karen get upset when she gets home, takes off her clothes, and finds her boyfriend dreaming. She finds out that this lazy bastard didn’t do the dishes, so she got really pissed off. She decides to teach him a lesson what he will never forget by hammering him with full-weight smothers and face sits. At first, he tries to argue with her, but she is keep pushing her ass and pussy on his face, so Miguel has no choice then to realize and obey who is the boss in the house. After 11:16 minutes of cruel face sitting, he does the dishes for sure.
  29. Adri vs. Liviu – 14′ – Adri, a 6 feet tall, supersexy amazon! She is new, 6 feet tall and 150 pounds (183 cm, 68 kg). Big, ultra-sexy, and she does really know, how to use her body! No need to put so much effort into it, no need to sweat, it is enough that she uses her weight, her long arms and her long legs – there is no escape from under her! This was her very first mixed wrestling fight, and she is also talented. Liviu – after beaten badly – begged me to shoot a face sitting with her – no wander!
  30. Sophie vs. Liviu, Face Sitting – 16′ – Sophie face sits Liviu! When the girl gets home, she finds her boyfriend in the bed, looking at the ceiling. She lays down next to him, welcoming him with kisses. Suddenly she finds a panty belongs to somebody else, so she gets really pissed of. She is keep asking him if he needs pussy that much, so she will give it to him, she can have him eaten hers. She goes on top of him and does what she said: face sits him in fifteen minutes from back and front, so her boyfriend gets the pussy he wanted, way more than he wanted…
  31. Adri vs. George, Foot Domination – 17′ – Are you into feet? Nicely shaped feet, manicured – even with fake nails! – belonging to a beautiful, giant amazon? Who is not only walk on them, but using them in the fights? Using them as weapons to even more degradation poor subordinate guys, by stepping on their face, smother their skin, using the limbering fingers in ten different ways, pressing those long nails into their eyes? Stepping on the guys’ neck and choke with them? Then after 12 minutes of this kind of fight, that pool degradation looser has to worship her feet for another 4 minutes? Then this fight is for you!
  32. Karen vs. Miguel, Nude Face Sitting – 12′ – The girlfriend wants some attention, but the boyfriend prefers to watch some tv. The girl decides to teach him a lesson, once and for all, and make him understand, that when she has something to say, he must listen to her! The naked girlfriend sits on his face with her bare pussy and ass, and degradation this dude physically and verbally until he is in lack of air. Excellent face sitting domination.
  33. Anita vs. Liviu, George – 18′ – Big Fighting Orgy at the Backyard! George and Liviu teamed up against this really talented girl, Anita. Adding together their strength and skills – they thought – would be enough against this fiery energy bomb! How wrong they were! It looked like that they have some chance at the first half of the fight, but soon it was obvious that they tire out to fast. Even at the end, when they were lying on the floor in agony, Anita didn’t let them go, she slapped and kicked them, and applied some more painful mixed wrestling holds on both! Enjoy this really intensive fight placed in a nice location!
  34. The Hot Police Girl – 14′ – Hot, tough female cop catches a burglar in action, and decides to teach him a lesson. The tough burglar doesn’t think this little female cop can arrest him, and he wants to seduce her, but she has some other plans. She gives him a taste of her delicious pussy and ass. She sits very tight on his face and makes him eat and breathe in her body parts. The thief can’t breathe and his face gets squeezed… he tries to speak, but his voice can’t be heard, the knock out cop completely dominates and hurts him. Finally, the burglar confesses his sins, but unfortunately that doesn’t help him much.
  35. Kata vs. Liviu – 16′ – Kata’s last mixed fight at a cage! It is a pitty that Kata is retiring: she looks better then ever with her blond, long hair and tan skin, and she is in a very good shape! Liviu challenged her at a new location: the fight took place in a cage for Liviu’s misfortune: he could have felt the wire in his back many times, when Kata pushed him there intensively. She tied him to the wall, used her legs squeezing him into scissors, used her hands clapping him, and used her nunchaku to beat him. She pulled him all over the floor, and dominated him all the way of the mixed wrestling fight. The battle is very enjoyable, ending with a beautiful head scissor, and with a nice and disgracing victory pose.
  36. Sophie vs. The Robber – 18′ – … but who is the real looser? Sophie arrives home after work. Takes off her clothes, chats with her dog, and goes to the kitchen. Suddenly the door opens, and silently a scary man comes, mask covering his face. He’s got an awful plan: he wants to shanghai this girl. Sophie screams, when he gets her from behind, grabs her and wants to take her. But she resists, and a fight begins between this cruel guy and the girl, who is fighting to save herself. The robber is stronger, but soon the battle changes: this small girl dominates him more often. The cruel guy is very surprised, he wasn’t expect this for sure. He is in much pain, and soon he is hardly able to move. Sophie takes a handcuff from the drawer, ties him to the radiator, and finally she is able to ask for help: immediately calls the police.
  37. Tunde vs. Liviu – 19′ – Liviu is coaching a new girl! Tunde is a cute little girl, and you can see from the very first minutes when she is becoming a wrestler. Liviu has much experience, so he got the task to teach her. After a few minutes of warming up, they had start to fight, and surprisingly the girl attacked and already applied the previously learned mixed wrestling holds on him. So the practice became a fight, there was no need for more training – later, she will improve from fight to fight. We think that she has much potential in her, and moreover, she enjoys being strong against a guy!
  38. Who is The New Commander? – 17′ – Tough Israeli Commander keeps on being nasty to his subordinate soldier girl, so she decides to put an end to his behaviour. When he tells her that he prohibits her weekend vacation, she degradation him by preventing him air, with her Juicy Pussy and Delicious Ass. His face gets squeezed so hard, he can’t breathe. Finally, the Tough Commander give up on his position for her, when she shows him who is the new commander, and who is the subordinate from now on… With English subtitles.
  39. Orsi vs. David, Brest Smother – 18′ – Orsi is back, and welcoming her friend! But there is a problem: the guy doesn’t know how to pay attention to a lady. He is way too fast, he stares her breasts, he moves too close, and wants to touch her. Orsi is trying to get out, but with not much success, so finally she has enough. From a meek girl, she becomes a furious amazon, and decides to give him a mixed wrestling lesson, how to be polite. She grabs him, throws him on the tatami, takes off her clothes, and starts to beat him. She has the control from now on until the end, and she is showing to the so surprised guy, what she really can do with her breasts. The guy came for a date, and left disgraced with red head, because of the lack of air, he suffered from these delicious body parts.
  40. Kira vs. David 2. – 14′ – Second chance for David to save his name – at the cage! Kira is very pretty in her red outfit, not like David, in his socks. Actually, they are good equipments for a looser. Kira already met David, and although David is a cute boy, it didn’t mean that she doesn’t want to beat him. Kira has a natural dominative attitude, so even when she is attracted to someone, she is so cruel. The sympathy didn’t go away, and Kira attitude hasn’t changed, so you can figure what is happening in this fight… I can only tell you that David ego’s is destroyed, and he suffered, again.
  41. Diana vs. Akos – 14′ – Finally, a real competitive fight, between a small, but extremely strong girl, and a big, tall guy! There is nothing else, just a real fight. There was no instruction for any of them. Diana is one of Hungary’s best wrestlers, she is so strong and is a very experienced fighter. So we just let everything happened: Akos fighted back with full power, but as he explained in the break and at the end, ha really had no chance against Diana. He was so very surprised of her strength and talent, he wouldn’t imagine at first, seeing Diana’s height and weight. He was short of breath, while Diana was fine and very calm, and could have continued the fight for hours. Real fight, real submissions, real pain for Akos!
    We are very happy to welcome Diana among us, and for sure she will have more challenging mixed wrestling fights!
  42. Domination Lessons – 17′ – Teach him for: Lesson 1. Put mask and handcuff on the bad guy. Make him kneeing. Sit on him and ride on him. Degradation him verbally. Lesson 2. Apply as many head-scissors on him, as you can, stay there long, don’t let him go away, just squeezeeee… Do the same in reverse position and in figure four. Lesson 3. While he is lying on the floor, step on him, with your whole weight. Step on his chest, then on his face. Do victory poses for very long minutes! – If you don’t know yet, how to wrestle!
  43. Diana vs. Karesz – 13′ – Another 100% competitive fight! Karesz is an outsider, he also applied via email. He was expecting to participate in a fantasy movie, but thanks to for some disorganization, what happened finally, is that we’d put him against Diana! He came as a real man, bringing chocolate to each girls, but left as beaten troop, with scars on his neck and bleeding eyelid. Actually, the video is kind of short, because at the 10th minutes, he gave up, he said he is simple not able to continue. We have to say though that he started nice… But then, longer and longer brakes came, and he was so short of breath, he had to lie down, he needed a massage… while Diana was so calm, and so conscious of her own strength. Anyway, Karesz managed to stay alive and stay in the battle until 13:23, but not more. Diana was disappointed, she was preparing herself for a very tiring, fiery mixed wrestling fight in order to give out of her waste energy, and maybe that was the cause what led to this fast end!
  44. Roxy vs. Akos – 15′ – Welcome here another champion! With her long and skinny body, Roxy looks like a panther. She is a very pretty photo model, who – after many kinds of sport – is been doing wrestling for about a year and a half, and she already had beaten Hungary’s almost all champions, including Diana! This is her first fight in our club, against Akos, who is also becoming a better and better fighter. He started to enjoy the sport side of the shootings, and doesn’t gives the winning easily. With all this, and with his height and weight, Roxy is still able to beat him! The mixed wrestling battle was very exciting, they kept struggling fot the better position, and in numerous times Akos was on the top, but no matter what, Roxy was the one, who showed nice victory pose at the end, after a little riding on him!
  45. Ani, Anita vs. Akos – 26′ – Double surprise for Akos! Akos only new that there is a fight for him today, also letting him know how much he had improved, thanks to our amazons. Then we just pushed him into the mat, with the mask covering his face. And there was the two Anitas! Akos was in shock, mostly when the girls started to insult him, push him, then throw him on the floor and with simple words: beat the shit out of him! Tough and hard time for Akos! These two girls are the most fighty ones in our team, also the heaviest, most muscular and strongest ones – two at the same time, not giving Akos any break. We stopped two times during this long mixed wrestling fight, but didn’t stop the camera, so you’ll see that Akos was really very exhausted, only be able to lye on the floor, with very red neck and face, and asking for some water and for some mercy, feeling very Degradation. He will never forget this afternoon, long after his scares healed.
  46. Diana vs. Liviu – 16′ – Terrific fight with lots of headscissors! We thought that here is the time to teach Liviu what is wrestling. He was acting too much during the fights, he gained too high self-confidence, and his ego grew… So again, there were no instructions, except “surprise him!” – for Diana. So she did. She showed incredible headscissors on him, one after the other, even without releasing him. Liviu needs to be prepared for this second generation videos of European Fight Club: the girls are tougher then ever, and are not kidding at all!
  47. Daniella vs. Liviu – 14′ – Newcomer Soldier Daniella shows already an attitude! First wrestling fight for her, altough she did karate before, and moreover, she is a soldier! She is a fighty model, that is why she had decided to became a soldier, and to participate also in mixed wrestling fights. This was her first time, but as a beginner, she already applied nice head-scissors to Liviu, head- and arm-locks, and insulted him verbally. Liviu is keep loosing his self-confidence, this time he offered that he will be our team’s life-time servant!
  48. Sophie vs. David – 15′ – Sophie made his nose bleeding… At the very first minute! She attacked David, and being in really good shape and full with energy, she was so successful, so we had to stop even at the first minute. David disappeared in the bathroom for a long time. His ego was also bleeding, we guess. The fight continued after, with the same intensity, and Sophie dominated all the time: pinned him down all along, squeezed him with every of her body parts, not to mention her perfect body and head-scissors. Sophie looks terrific, as usual, so at the end of the mixed wrestling battle, David’s heart was bleeding, as well.
  49. Orsi, Diana vs. Marcell – 20′ – Red with glasses, what can be any worst? A big beating from two amazons! Marcell is the real looser with his red hair, red body, freckles, and glasses. He had no clue what he is up to. He only knew that he will have fun in here. Actually, this day exactly is his birthday. He was told to come, he’ll have very good time, with two beautiful girls. Obviously, de didn’t know about the beating is awaiting him. From two. No matter if they are girls. Actually, it is worst if it is a matter of men’s pride. He didn’t even know what is a head-scissor or a head-lock, or face sitting – what Diana showed him for long minutes. Just told him to take off his clothes, his glasses, and go to the mat. Then Diana went on him, facesat on him, without even thinking for a minute. But, Marcell had enough time to think under Diana’s buttock. He couldn’t even figured out what had happened, when orsi came, and showed a beautiful figure four head-scissor. And it went on for twenty minutes, when the two attacked him at the same time. They showed no mercy for Marcell, they had beat him until he was breathless, and til he was k.o. at the end, so they could showed a nice victory pose.
  50. Roxy vs. Marcell – 18′ – Cat playing with the mouse. Very pretty Roxy is just like a cat. With an eternal smile on her face, she is playing with Marcell, just as he was a small, red mouse. Touching, hitting, squeezing him playfully, then getting more serious and chocking him, showing new mixed wrestling holds, embarassing him with her strength, endurance and self-confidence, tyring him out with various, endless and unavoidable holds, to eat him up at the end.

Fantasy wrestling videos:

  1. Raquel vs. Apollo – 8′ – Apollo is a formidable fighter with a dark, gloomy cloud hanging over his head.  Though he doesn’t say a word, his impressive record as an undergeround champion speaks volumes.  He lurches around like some sinister psychopath out of a Quenten Tarintino movie, inimidating everyone in his path… Does he intimidate Raquel?  Probably, but you’d never know it as she struts about the ring, stretching her limber muscles, eyes transfixed on her omnimous opponent…
  2. Belle vs. Steele – 7′ – Steele’s ego has been dragged thru the mud and some poor “wannabe” grappler chick is gonna pay dearly for it!  Only the meanest, baddest, most dominant babe will do… in other words… Steele wants Belle!  He wants her head on a stake!  Once he takes apart this man crushing legend he’ll be swooned by hot chicks and respected by men!  He can beat her for sure!  Is Belle afraid? yeah, right.
  3. The Devil’s Rage – 28′ – Perseus vs. Demonica – Proclaimed to have ascended from the depths of hell, Demonica is either the Devil’s creation or a textbook psycho/sociopath!  Either way she’s as cruel and twisted as they come.  Note of caution to her opponents: She’s obsessed with fiery fantasies, physical mayhem and emotional torment… Oh, and she’s after your soul too!  This chick is messed up.  Facing this pure evil is Perseus, a towering male wrestling champion and self named “Vigilante of Justice” definitely Demonica’s alter ego.) The question is: Will good or evil dominate in a pitched battle of the sexes?
  4. Old School vs. New School – 4′ – Fiorella Fuego vs “Mr Rude” Randy Cantone – Ask any old school grappler and he’ll tell you flat out “The ring is no place for a chick!”  Clean the house, find a good husband!  The life of a wrestler is tough and gritty, definitely not a place for girls.  But “Fiorella Fuego” wants to live the life of a grappler… exotic locations, adventure on the road, the thrill of hand to hand combat!  Famed luchador champion “Mr. Rude” refuses to be politically correct!   “You think you’ve got what it takes to make it in the ring then show me!”  Ten minutes with a real man will scare this stubborn “chica” straight… or will it?
  5. Frankie’s Foreplay – 13′ – Frankie has always been a little hardcore but this takes the cake. Darrius expected a quick, touchy-feely brawl followed by some sick lovin’… at least that’s what he was lead to believe.  More specifically, Frankie told him privately that foreplay on the mat makes the “real deal” that much better.  So I guess that makes this a date?  What Darrius doesn’t get is that Frankie’s idea of foreplay is: let your opponent think he’s the man, let him hear you groan, sigh in agony, beg for submission… then laugh out loud as you pummel his ass into the ground! Sick bitch!
  6. Goldie’s Exhibition 2004 – 11′ – Goldie didn’t hold back in this 2004 exhibition match. After some very impressive stretching, she attacks her her male opponent with one nasty beating after another. The poor shmuck didn’t win a single submission!
  7. Mutiny vs. Destructo – 23′ – We all know our ass kicking hottie from Canada but what of this mysterious grappler named “Destructo”? He acts like a bad ass but does he have what it takes to bring down Mutiny? Submissions are won on both sides but only one grappler will dominate in the end!
  8. Ring Fight – 18′ – Nicole vs. Jamie – Nicole might be smaller than her male foe but her dominant personality makes her tough as nails, especially against men. She hates to lose, almost to the point that she’s a little psycho. Don’t get me wrong, she knows when to tapout but heaven help the guy who makes her miserable in the process! I guess we should have warned Jamie before the match!
  9. Exhibition Cage Match – 27′ – The Hungarian “Man Basher” is back and she’s hotter than ever! Anita and David don’t stand a chance alone but together they make a formidable team! As our newly formed duo spars in the cage, Orsi strips down, oils up and enters the cage in this “exhibition” beatdown!
  10. Cage Fight: Main Event – 23′ – You might expect us to send in the biggest, baddest dude we could find but instead, Orsi goes toe to toe against an unlikely feminine opponent… Zsofi! Lamb to the slaughter? Maybe not. This match was definitly much closer than anyone could have anticipated!
  11. Raquel vs. Steel – 7′ – Demonstration of real female power, which bends even the steel…
  12. Rocco, Diesel vs. The Party Girls – 25′ – Rocco & Deisel are getting laid tonight. Their intended targets: “Party girls for hire” named Angel & Kobe. These bouncing party babes are up for anything (at least that’s what their ad states). So after an hour of hard drinking and nonstop partying, the boys decide to move things along with game of strip arm wrestling. “Strip arm wrestling?” laughs Angel. “Kinky… Alright, I’m game.” What could possibly go wrong? about everything! Male egos are shattered as the men to take matters into their own hands in an impromptu grappling match!
  13. Scorpion Club 1. – 23′ – Rocky vs. Reese – The Scorpion Club is a secret society of wrestling encounters. Our little secret: We tend to only pit tough men vs hot women, a fact we fail to mention to new enrollees. Our first match up features Rocky, a well built mechanic from Chicago vs Reese, a pharmacy technician from the east coast. As is our rules, neither fighter knows who they’ll be facing until showtime…
  14. Scorpion Club 2. – 27′ – Fran vs. Goldie vs. Slayer – Lots of groping action ensues when Goldie, Fran and Slayer show up meet up for an oil wrestling three way. Slayer just can’t keep his hands off Goldie’s massive chest as he strips her down to the bare essentials… After Fran shows up, Goldie makes her way to the pit where Slayer oils her up, squeezing every square inch of her glistening bod in the process! When Fran enters the room, Goldie gets busy, coating her from head to toe with warm oil and feeling her up to Fran’s delight! After several moments of sexy preparation, it’s go time…
  15. Scorpion Club 3. – 13′ – Rocky vs Kelly – A wrestling stud like Rocky should not be suffering such a disgracing loss at the hands of that big mouth chick, Reese. That arrogant little snot really got under his skin. No matter, Rocky’s next encounter will put things right. His next opponent will pay dearly for this “once in a life time” loss! So imagine the look on his face when another girl (Kelly) shows up at his door! Kelly’s got it all, a great body, strength, talent and of course a desire to pound some flesh! But can Kelly defend herself against a riled up grappling god on a mission?
  16. Scorpion Club 4. – 16′ – At 19, Jamie is the youngest and definitely one of the hottest female grapplers to grace the our secret society of ass kickers. Easily 15 years her senior, Brett is out to prove himself against the meanest, ugliest men we could find… Surprise surprise! When their eyes first meet, this intergender beatdown almost doesn’t happen. But before long, Brett & Jamie are facing each other on the mat. More than just two people meeting to fight, this is now about true sexual superiority!
  17. Adri vs. Spartans – 35′ – Since being thrashed by Orsi, the Spartans have been out for ! This time, the boys have a new secret weapon and her name is Anita. Our masked grapplers, G-man, L-man (George & Liviu) and now Anita, are on a mission to destroy their newest adversary, 6′, 182 lb, Adri. Unlike her opponents, Adri is all brawler. Although new to the wrestling scene, this badass amazon is no stranger to a fiery beatdown. 3 against 1 might sound unfair but once the carnage begins, it becomes clear that our proud Spartan Warriors are outmatched and definitely outgunned!
  18. The Andoktrones vs. Spartans – 23′ – Mixed tag team wrestling! The male team “The Spartan Warriors” of George, Liviu & Gabor take on Kata and Hanna “Androktones” or “destroyers of men.” The action goes back and forth right up to the end but only one gender will prove superior! Can 2 tough women defeat 3 cheating males?
  19. Orsi vs. Spartans – 27′ – More mixed tag team wrestling! “The Spartan Warriors” (George, Liviu & Gabor) had their hands full against Kata and Hanna but now they they face the meanest man destroyer babe on the planet! Can 1 tough chic defeat our 3 strong males?
  20. Temptress Destroyer Carey – 26′ – Although not a psychopath like Demonica, our hottie from Canada explores her darker side by donning the mask from hell! Without compassion nor morality, the “Temptress” faces off against noted male grappler, Destroyer Carey. This guy is a true contender, tough to the bone and as aggressive as they come! Can the Temptress call upon her inner evil to take this male warrior down or will she be slaughtered like everybody else daring to challenge this up and coming grappling star?
  21. 2 vs. 1 Submission Wrestling – 37′ – Terrible Tyler takes on Carey and April in this 2 vs 1 tag team grappling beatdown. She stumbles at first but when her top is ripped off, Tyler flips out and wrestles her tough opponents into the ground. Good hard sexy fighting from beginning to end. A great match!
  22. Three is a Crowd 1. – 30′ – Hollywood vs. Goldie & Brett – What happens when Goldie treats her man to a surprise grappling threesome? Brett’s birthday wish comes true when session wrestler Hollywood shows up at his door! But tempers fly when things get a little too warm for Goldie’s tastes. Threesomes always sound good on paper but sometimes three is definitely a crowd!
  23. Three is a Crowd 2. – 27′ – Vicky and Christy teams up to beat up shameless exboyfriend Liviu – they have just found out that he was playing around with bth of them, so they challenged him for a fair fight…
  24. Three is a Crowd 3. – 23′ – Vanda joined Viki, because Liviu not only played around with Viki and Christy, but with Vanda as well…
  25. Volverine vs. Fiorella Fuego – 7′ – Fiorella Fuego has planted the flag of female supremacy right thru the heart of this man’s world!  Now she craves another chunk of male meat to sink her teeth into.  Her next opponent: an ex-marine and former close-quarters combat instructor known as Wolverine!  Wolverine likes his fighting like he likes his “bitches”… hot and hardcore!  This jarhead is out to do what he does best, bang broads and kick ass, baby!  Just the kind of man Fiorella Fuego has been searching for…
  26. Domination – 36′ – Session grappler Yasmin cleans this guy’s clock! He tries hard in the first several seconds but needless to say, Mr. Jonnes never stood a chance. She toys with him throughout the entire match, demeaning him both verbally and physically while punishing him one fiery hold after another. Not for someone looking for even competitive action. A must for see Yasmin fans!

Female Wrestling Videos:

  1. Ani vs. Anita – 17′ – John Doe flew here to have pvt fights for 5 of us (brave and tough guy!). So we took the opportunity, and made a shooting: a 100% real fight between Ani and Anita. Their strength seemed equal to us, so we were curious, who is the better. Moreover, they had been doing the same martial art – karate -, so in this battle you will see not only wrestling holds, but many kicks and punches. Both of them love to fight and take it really seriously. They always put all of their energy and enthusiasm in it, so it is very entertaining and exciting to watch. The fight was in order to avoid punishment: the looser was pulled on the floor by her hair, so they really did everything to win. As a viewer, we can say that they are kind of fiery, and both of them enjoy pain as well. There was one looser, however, it could happen that next time the other would win. Enjoy all the pictures, including all 5 of us!
  2. Ani vs. Kata – 16′ – Kata’s last female fight at the cage! Kata and Ani had already a very fiery confrontation at our live event in May. I think all of our guests remember of it. That was not for our site, so I thought it would be a nice saying good buy to Kata, to put together with Ani again. Ani is maybe stronger then she is – and definitely heavier –, but Kata’s resistance is so high. She can stand a lot of pain! So check it out what had happened this time, who was the winner finally and with what score! Kata’s pretty yellow bikini is just an addition to your enjoyment.
  3. Championship Diana vs. Ani vs. Roxy – 46′ – A whole day Santa event with very fiery fights! A small ranking championship held at an apt, participating Ani, Diana and Roxy – to find out, which is the best among the strongest ones of our team! Three fights in one – counting as one download in your membership: 00.00-15:42 – Ani vs. Roxy, 15:43-29:08 – Diana vs. Roxy, 29:09-45:50 – Diana vs. Ani



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