A nice documentary of mixed, fantasy and female wrestling videos made in 2010, in 720 x 676 .wmv, .avi and .mpg formats, with the belonging image sets.

Mixed wrestling videos:

  1. Orsi.b vs. George – 15′ – Orsi.b thrives in orange! George hasn’t met her yet, and it was the time to be destroyed by a sexy, blonde tornado. According to him, Orsi.b is a very strong, merciless, but fair wrestler at the same time, and he had some words of her outlook as well, but we would not like to repeat it: you can see by yourself. He says that it was a please to be under her, controlled by her, squeezed and being choked by her, no matter how many injuries he got in the mixed wrestling battle. And according to Orsi.b? George is a small but strong guy, and it was her pleasure to dominate on him, and he worths nothing else, except the loser’s position, being stepped on his chest and face, while shouting out who is the winner…
  2. Nora vs. Sunny – 16′ – Lets celebrate the new year with new design, and with this new, fabulous girl! Nora is the prettiest of the pretty girls, and surprisingly wild. In that shooting day this video was made, she had two another fight – both had ended after few minutes with the crying of the opponent girls. According to them, Nora is so aggressive and merciless, so they are not able to fight with her. So Sunny had challenged Nora after watching the previous fights, and experienced her wilderness on his own skin. Nora’s perfect and tanned body was all over him. She is quick and furious, and jumping all over on him using her whole body-weight. A real natural talent for mixed wrestling, using the holds just learned and others, figured out by her in a very creative and cruel way – a new fighter, a new fighting style.
  3. Nora vs. MaskedMan – 15′ – Nora is improving one after the other fight. Against her face-less opponent, she uses again her intense attacking style, but with smarter technique: nicely carried out but cruel scissors, reversed holds and chokes. She doesn’t even let the Masked Man to have a second of a break after a submission, she immediately jumps on him again, and continues hurt him with such expressions on her face! In a small body, such a power, this is the attitude we are looking for in a female wrestler – dominative, aggressive and merciless! Great mixed wrestling!
  4. Diana vs. Jean 2. – 17′ – I am sure you had missed Diana already. And I am sure, you had missed Jean as well :). Look at this young, strong, flexible and tight flesh on him, it looks like that he is using her for his own good, but the truth is that Diana is the one, who is taking controll of him, just like on all the other guys in mixed wrestling: let them do what she wants, make them smell her arms, feet and buttock, squeeze and smother them until they are completely in lack of air, taking them down to the ground with slow but very accurate movements, to get on top of them, holding them tight between her firm legs, and show them her muscular belly and her ultimate superiority. And all this with such a kind smile on her face.
  5. Sophie vs. Spider-Mouth 2. – 20′ – Spider-Mouth is back to wrestle Zsofi. Last time she was Catwoman and Spider-Mouth found out after the match when she took her mask off it was Zsofi. So Spider-Mouth has challenged Zsofi to a rematch in a ring and he has spent 3 months training twice a day in the gym just for this match. Spider-Mouth also went to London to get specialist wrestling training from some of the top mixed wrestlers there. He has learned some escape moves as well as how to apply holds better. So this time Zsofi does not wear a costume, she is just her natural brilliant talented self. Once again she gives Big-Mouth Spider-Mouth a beating and he has to go back to planning some more training!
  6. Tia vs. George – 16′ – Tia is an upcoming session-wrestler, already participated in small events and numerous private fights. So we have invited her to wrestle in our team, and it was a very good idea! Her body is fit and strong, thanks to her spinning and body building sport experiences. She has also taken some grappling classes to be prepared for her mixed wrestling karrier, and she is already a very good fighter, and according to George, she is equally strong to Anita!
  7. Sophie vs. Jean 2., 3. – 32′ – It is always a pleasure to the eyes to watch Zsofi wrestling. She is fighting in this two videos in the way her opponent likes it: no intensivity, no fiery, but lots of smother, scissors and schoolboy pins, in other worlds, she does mixed wrestling in a slowly but in a very dominative way.
  8. Roxy vs. George – 15′ – One of the cruellest fight ever, indeed a big beating! George is keep going to the gym, so he is a good shape again, but according to him, and you might not even notice, that Roxy has such mixed wrestling holds that are really painful. Not only she chokes, but presses her bones or shoulder into his face or neck or do some twists so he must give up. And all this beside of all those beatings, hits and slaps and regular holds… She doesn’t really think of the causes of her fighting style, which is with one word: fiery.
  9. Judit vs. Aladin – 14′ – Look this promisable new wrestler with such a pretty face! Judit appearance and attitude reminds me of Orsi.b – which predicts a nice wrestling carrier for her! As a beginner in her very first mixed wrestling fight – against a big guy – she puts in a lot of effort, so the fight is intense and accompanied by such voices she makes. She already using lots of scissors and arm-twisting, so overall we are looking ahead of a nice talented and tough wrestler!
  10. Nora vs. George – 15′ – Last time they had a fight, Nora got a bruise she couldn’t have forget. Today George was here already when she arrived, lying innocently on the couch. Nora had stepped in, and went straight to him, in street clothes and high heels. Started to shout at him, grabbed him and pulled him onto the floor, and then a 15 minutes beating started what George will never forget, ending with the act of making him to eat her shoes. Nora has such attitude, anger, loud voice and intensive and aggressive mixed wrestling fighting style that no one would ever forget!
  11. Diana vs. George – 17′ – Teacher Diana seduces student! Ok, he didn’t do his homework and maybe didn’t pay attention what Teacher Diana said to him, but should she punish him this much? Teacher Diana is in better shape then ever, her muscles are just swelling, and she quickly becomes angry when she sees the phlegmatic student, takes off her clothes and at first with a ruler, then with regular wrestling holds she hurts the little boy, accompanying with verbal insultation all along. Because of she is a teacher, she has power over his student anyway, so the boy is in a loser position from the very beginning, and this doesn’t change til the end of the mixed wrestling match, when he finishes even more disgraced.
  12. Sylvi vs. David – 16′ – This video was shooted at our last event, and it was maybe the worst fight we’ve ever seen. For some reason, both participants were half-dreaming during the mixed wrestling “battle”. However, Sylvi has such expressions on her face, so unique, that you’ll never ever see on others’ faces, so for only this reason you have to watch it! This year we make sure that only good and tough fights will happen, with our best fighters!
  13. Tia vs. Sunny – 15′ – Tia is maybe the fittest fighter among all of us. She goes to run every day, to gym twice a day, and as a session-wrestler, she is going to wrestling-tours often. Today this was her fourth mixed wrestling fight, so the bruises you see on her are real. As a formal spinning trainer, her condition is incredible, she doesn’t get tired even in the 90th minutes. What can I say about Sunny? Ok, he just quit smoking, so this is a plus, but last time he was doing some sport was years ago. Still fit, and still a man, but does he still have a chance against this very real Amazon?
  14. Victoria vs. Sunny – 17′ – In this fight what you can see is the complete embarrassment of a guy, who is much smaller, much less skilled and in much worst condition then a woman. You are going to hear much laughing, because Orsi.b, Lara and the cameraman, was there, and when we saw him struggling completely helplessly, we had to laugh. You have to know that when Sunny is in pain or very embarrassed, he is smiling, and in this video, he indeed smiles all the time. I am sure he had tough minutes being dominated and squeezed by a giant amazon, and being laughed at by three others. Sometimes, the guys have not only fun during mixed wrestling shootings, for sure.
  15. Lara vs. Sunny – 15′ – At our last shooting of Victoria vs. Sunny, a new girls was also here and watched their fight. Then she was brave enough to give it a try. So what you see is Lara’s very first mixed wrestling battle, with not much practice before. Victoria and I gave her advices during the whole fight – sorry for the Hungarian incomprehensible talk. We think that Lara soon will be good, don’t you? Mostly, because she is practicing karate since she was 9, and now doing kick-box as well. You might don’t believe it, but she is in military school, and soon to become a wartime history teacher. In a field controlled by men, not bad, hm?
  16. Jenny vs. Gernot – 16′ – First fight from the event, with our guest star fighter, Jenny! She arrived from Greece, and straight from the airport walked into the gym, in street clothes. Gernot was wondering in the ring, when she stepped in, took off her clothes, and gave him a head-scissor. Gernot couldn’t even waken, when she continued hurt him with putting her foot in his face, head-scissoring him, face sitting him, and continuing like this, dominating and controlling him all the way. Jenny is pretty with a very feminine body, but mostly, she is a strong and very skilled mixed wrestling fighter, and this was a beautiful entre’e from her!
  17. Orsi.b vs. Gernot – 16′ – According to Gernot, this is the sexiest fight he ever had. Either he is unlucky with his previous ones, or this one is indeed a very sexy fight. Let’s see: Orsi.b is blonde, beautiful, very skilled, but still enthusiastic to defeat her opponents in mixed wrestling, and on her face there are such intense expressions during the fights, not to mention the voices we hear from her. She is wearing sexy underwear and a sport bra, but basically doesn’t matter what she wears, she always look awesome. So everything is given for a sexy – and good – fight, but find out yourself and then tell me, was Gernot right, what you see and what you here is a very sexy fight?
  18. Tekla vs. Sunny – 16′ – 3rd fight from the event w/ Greek-looking Goddess Tekla! Tekla is a charming girl, usually too charming for mixed wrestling fights. Not this time, however! She worked out more lately, and took out of herself her cruel and tough fighter side – with much success. Head-scissor after head-scissor, followed by steps on his neck, so poor Sunny suffered indeed below this heavier and more fit girl. Both of them sweat a lot, and Sunny even could apply a few holds on Tekla, but at the end there was only one winner, and was a very feminine one!
  19. Jenny vs. Fritz – 19′ – 4th fight from the event, with Jenny – in a competitive one! Jenny is small, pretty and a very good wrestler, we know this. We might know Fritz already, because he appears in pretty much videos in mixed wrestling. So if you saw him already, you know that he is kind of tall and big, mostly comparing to this girl. Also he is very competitive, no matter with who. So in this particular fight you will see a man body-, and even head-scissoring a tiny girl, but guess what: Jenny can turn the battle each time, and give it back a hundred times to him!
  20. Victoria vs. Fritz – 18′ – Fifth fight from the event with Victoria in a competitive one! You can see in this fight what is the chance of Fritz, who is, as usual, fights very competitively. But this time his opponent is Victoria, who is the very best mixed wrestling fighter in our team! Thanks to her weight and muscular body, she is all over of Fritz, who looks much smaller in this video. Not to mention Victoria’s decade-long experience, which helps her to fight in her usual, calm, but very charming manner. She is just a female terminator, who is slow, calm, but destroys her opponent, know matter who is it.
  21. Orsi vs. StickMan – 15′ – Stickman is our newcomer victim, with his 197 cm height and long legs and arms. He has some prior wrestling experience, but still he looked ahead of this mixed wrestling fight with some fear. I don’t know if finally he was satisfied or disappointed, but I know that Orsi gave some hard time for him for sure, although it was a very nice battle, because Stickman could have managed to made Orsi submit once as well. But, obviously Orsi was the one who stand with much satisfaction on top at the end in her victory pose.
  22. Victoria vs. Drago – 17′ – Very exciting and 100% competitive fight! Drago came from Slovenia to compare his skills with Victoria. We got used to Victoria dominative attitude. In most of the mixed wrestling videos her opponent is a potatoe bag, so she is not even weating while dominating on him. Not like this time! Drago indeed put all of his efforts into this fight, so Victoria had to work a lot, even with lots of acrobatic elements. Drago even managed to submit her, but in a very fair and exciting battle, Victoria finally tired out Drago, and her long victory pose was really deserved.
  23. Orsi.b vs. Sunny 2. – 16′ – Sunny pisses of Orsi.b, who applies lots of Lift & Carry! Sunny was in a naughty mood this time, couldn’t stop being ignorant with a smile on his face, so he really pissed Orsi.b of. After getting really angry, by herself she has created a new rule: after each mixed wrestling submission – guess whose – she lifts and carry Sunny a bit. So she did, and usually finished with throwing him down onto the mat. Being even angrier, later she walked with his beaten body on her shoulders, insulting him verbally as well, throw him down and stepped on him, being the real winner.
  24. Roxy vs. StickMan – 15′ – Again, dominating with lots of Lift & Carry! Our last video with Orsi.b and Sunny was a big success, so in this fight we’ve followed the same rules: after each submission in mixed wrestling, Roxy lifts and carries Stickman. Of course she had a bit harder task: Stickman is about 2 meters, so it is not that easy to lift him. But, was it a problem for Roxy? Noooo! With her usual intense and skilled attitude she was terrific in the wrestling, just as in the lifting.
  25. Lara vs. StickMan – 16′ – Small Seargant against Giant Stickman! As we know, Lara is becoming a soldier in real, and a kick box girl as well. She is not so experienced in wrestling, but she already proved in our last event in May, so we can expect a nice improvement from her. Stickman is still very tall, so Lara had no easy task with him. However, she could have managed to apply numerous body-scissors and some head-scissors on him as well, so she indeed gave him some good squeezing and uncomfortable moments. We are sure that she’ll keep up the good work in mixed wrestling!
  26. Diana vs. Liviu, Head Squeeze – 41′ – Head-squeeze in 41:26 minutes! Suppose Diana and Liviu are a couple. Diana just returns from the gym, finding her boyfriend doing sit ups, and telling him that she just had a special class of mixed wrestling initiation and learnt some very simple and effective moves that could easily make a man submit. Her boyfriend is very skeptical and tells her he has been doing a lot of wrestling himself and doubts she could do anything in a wrestling match against a man, arguing that even if technique counts physical strength is also of high importance in a fight. She answers him he’s wrong because as a man he’s only thinking of arms and torso strength, and not legs which may turn surprisingly strong with girls. To prove that she sits on the sofa, tightens her legs and challenges him to pry them apart with his hands, which he really tries but fails to do. When he finally admits he cannot succeed she asks him if he thinks he can take her thigh power in a wrestling match, which he accepts. So let’s the squeeze begins! You’ll see not only incredible head-scissors through long-long minutes, but some foot worship, ass worship and crashing ribs with body-scissor!
  27. Anita vs. Peter – 19′ – 100% competitive mixed wrestling between Anita and a real wrestler, Peter!
    Exciting, interesting and a very intense fight between Anita and Peter, who is a real wrestler and challenged Anita this time. They are about the same weight, but Peter has years of judo, wrestling and other martial experiences behind. He goes to the gym every day and runs during the nights, so he is really conscious of his body, condition and strength. He is indeed in a good shape and his technic is very good. He is able to beat many guys. But what about Anita? We already know that she is also able to beat many guys, but what if we put her together with such guy like Peter? Anita is incredible, she is so young, still kind of unexperienced, but this video proves that she is able to stand against a man, in a sport of men, and she is able to even win it! Congratulation to her!
  28. Vanda vs. Sunny – 15′ – Sexy Vanda is back and beats Sunny! She hasn’t changed at all: small but sexy and very feminin on the outside, but with such masculin attitude like if she was at a battle in the pub. She uses boxing movements thanks to her experience in that sport, and as small as she is, as big her power and self-confidence when going against a man. And any man, beleive me. And in this mixed wrestling fight we can see her improvement using wrestling holds as well, despite of the fact that she hasn’t wrestle for a while. Good job Vanda!
  29. Tia vs. Peter – 13′ – Tia against Peter, in competetitve mixed wrestling! Tia is in better condition and more experienced from time to time, thanks to her really hard every day training, and bjj grappling classes, not to mention her lot of private fights. But Peter’s attitude toward sports and his ambitions are very similar to hers, so they indeed make a nice match. Of course there is no way that a guy would win in this site, but watch this clip and be sure that Tia is really able to beat him in a fair fight.
  30. Bianca vs. Alex – 14′ – New talent on the horizon! Bianca is a 22-years old newcomer girl, with pretty face and muscular body. She had no mixed wrestling experience before at all, just a very quick introduction of the holds. So watch this video knowing this! Maybe her talent comes from her judo background, which she did for a few years. No matter what, her attitude is just the perfect for a fighter: she is intense, quick and has the willing and ambition to win!
  31. Orsi vs. Peter – 15′ – Battle of the forces! There is a strong attraction between Orsi and Peter, but this doesn’t mean that Orsi is not too proud to accept his approaching. This makes Peter to get into a power battle, so their relationship is kind of tense. Of course this makes the fight very exciting with some eroticism. Obviously Peter is the one, who looses, like every men does, but can you imagine that Orsi made him kiss her foot and her bottom at the end? Orsi is moving to London, so we wish her luck, and whenever you have the chance to go there, stop by and have a private mixed wrestling session with her.
  32. Katie vs. Sunny – 12′ – Katie is our brand new, pretty girl! She is just getting to know mixed wrestling, but it looks like that she will have not much problem with it. Her attidute is good toward it, just needs to be a bit more aggressive, and she has much sport, mostly aerobic experience. Welcome her! During this shooting Orsi.b and Roxy was there as well, and we all gave Katie advices. Poor Sunny: this female solidarity was against him!
  33. Lisa Del Sierra vs. Peter – 11′ – Sensual and sexual! We borrowed Lisa del Sierra from an agency, and it was a real pleasure to work with her! She is amazingly pretty, sensual, and knows very well how to look the best in front of the camera. Her attitude is just delighting, she is a happy, energetic sexy little girl. Moreover, she learned some mixed wrestling holds very quickly!
  34. Cathy Heaven vs. James – 17′ – We started to cooperate with a model agency, for your biggest enjoyment, and I think, it was indeed a good idea! so from now on, not only beautiful new girls we’ll have, but it looks like that also talented fighters! Cathy Heaven is also from Brillbabes.com, and she is a Goddess! Her body is incredible: pretty, feminin, but muscular and strong – you see the consciousness behind her look. Her attitude is feminim but professional at the same time: indeed wants to win over her opponent! Just watch her very first mixed wrestling movie, and tell me, if she’ll really have a nice future in this field?
  35. Lana vs. Sebastian – 16′ – A cutie when meeting, the wildest tiger when fighting: Lana! She is full of energy and the exact attitude needed in mixed wrestling toward the opponent: intense attacking, aggressive facial expression, nice, muscular body, quick moving, and no way not enjoying the fight and degradation the opponent! This is Lana, our newest newcomer, against Sebastian, who, despite of his sizes – was indeed disgraced not only in the wrestling, but with lots of ballbusting as well!
  36. Fruzsi vs. Sunny – 14′ – What a family! 2 talents from the same parents! Today we proudly present Orsi.b’s sister, Fruzsi’s very first mixed wrestling fight! Maybe you can watch it as an introduction such fights to her or as a training. But for sure you will be able to judge wheather she will be a good fighter or not. In our opinion, she has the right attitude, the very skinny, but still very pretty and surprisingly strong body, and a good condition. And, of course, her 19-years-old freshness! Welcome, Fruzsi!
  37. Melanie Memphis vs. Miki – 13′ – What a fresh, new, gorgeous sex bomb! Melanie is a brunette, sexy, young girl with terrific body and beautiful face. Her vibrant bikini just the best for her intense personality, when it comes to a mixed wrestling battle. In her very first video, getting to know wrestling just before, she showed and outragous performance. Miki’s head became red and purple in real, and moreover, she enjoyed it very much, she became very alive during the fight! What a luck that we’ve meet her!
  38. Tye vs. Miki – 15′ – Premier of Tye! She might be not a natural wrestler, but she is a natural in fighting. She is very anscious to work, and she is willing to do everything to earn money. She advertises herself everywhere (as an actress) and apllies at producers. So, the basic is very well, there is the strong will, which helps a lot. Only few more fights, and she’ll be ready to welcome you in her apartment (in Hungary), if you wish to have a private mixed wrestling session with her. Watch this movie as Tye’s introduction for you, and mixed wrestling introduction to Tye!
  39. Lana vs. Jean – 22′ – Lana is just outstanding with her cheerful attitude, tough body and tough wrestling technik. She can be all this at the same time! It is not possible not to love her, altough it can lead to your own defeat: she is so charming, so you got mesmerized by her, then she quickly applies a mixed wrestling hold on you! So be careful with her, when you have the chance to meet her!
  40. Cathy Heaven vs. Jean – 21′ – For all of your enjoyment: Cathy’s second mixed wrestling fight at EFC!
    As a woman can’t hold myself back noticing and praising her incredible body, and, to say the truth, her even more incredible buttock! We all be happy to have the same proportions. Her personality is very nice as well, she is a quiet, charming girl, who get used to work, so her performance is always 100%. Of course, Jean is the luckiest among all of you guys: he has the chance to wrestle the best and prettiest Hungarian girls in a row!
  41. Linda vs. Drago – 15′ – You might already very familiar to Linda, who used to wrestle under the name of Timea C. She has a long, 8-years history in this field, and numerous winning mixed wrestling battles. We are proud that after retiring for a while into parenthood, she returned and joined us! In this fight her opponent is Drago, so at the very first time after returning, Linda had such a difficult task. Drago went against her with 100% intensity, he got her in different holds, but at some point, Linda was indeed able to turn the battle, and she even showed us special holds! This was a very fair, competitive and intense battle, and the winning gave a credit to Linda!
  42. Tia vs. Jean – 21′ – Unfortunately Tia’s last mixed wrestling fight for a while! We regret to know that Tia is withdrawing from participating on events. Of course she is still available for private sessions, and she will also go for tours. Anyway, in this fight she showed us again how terrific wrestler she is: calm, self-confident and nice to her opponent, but only because she is 100% sure that her opponent doesn’t reach her level of condition, of skills and of wrestling technik, no matter who is the opponent. She is just on the top, and look at her body: she is constantly working on it, twice a day, and she is preparing for a fitness competition. Good luck!
  43. Melanie Memphis vs. Jean – 20′ – Her face should appear on paintings, but her body should appear in videos! So, we are lucky to shoot vids with her 🙂 Charming as usual, and fiery, as usual, Melanie in this mixed wrestling fight wasn’t really respecting Jean’s age. Not that he is that old, but still, such a young girls shouldn’t be this unrespectful and beat up a guy like Jean. Melanie doesn’t show mercy, just fresh, intense, dominative attitude!
  44. Sophie vs. Miki – 16′ – What a great news, Sophie is back! After one and a half years of resting, she returned! Still young, still very pretty, and she hasn’t forgotten wrestling at all! She knows exactly how to dominate on a guy, altough her attitude reminds more to a shy girl next door. She knows exactly how to squeeze Miki in the right body parts – ribs, neck, neck in reversed position – so he screams in pain. Happy to see among us and in mixed wrestling videos, again.
  45. Bianca vs. Jean – 22′ – Everybody was so satisfied with Bianca! Read one of our fans lines: “Bianca for me was the “Rookie of the event”. She is really a charming, handsome and friendly girl and it seems that she really likes what she is doing. She was all the time very friendly, open and communicative and my match with her was great. I liked the way how she teased us during the match. She had a “first class”-performance. Please tell it to her !”
  46. Melanie Memphis vs. Sunny – 15′ – Tell me if you are bored with Melanie, but in my opinion, she is the best to watch. Her beauty and fire is so strong that you might even feel it while watching the mixed wrestling video. Sometimes, when she arrives, she looks like half-dreaming, but then she changes to bikini and steps on the mats, and turns out to be the spicyest girl ever. Poor Sunny tried everything he could, but against a pretty, feminim girl is hard to be a gentleman and a fighting opponent at the same time, and indeed he didn’t find the right balance.
  47. Orsi.b vs. Jean – 21′ – Altough this is not Orsi.b-s best performance, we would like to finish the year with her, because she is one of our best and nicest fighter. She represents European Fight Club wrestlers in all aspects: she is beautiful, feminim and charming, but spicy, intensive, brave and skilled during battles. We’d like to continue with such girls and even better fights with improved quality videos in 2011.
    Thank you for your continous support and Happy New Year for all of you!
  48. Caroline vs. Miki – 15′ – Caroline is a very talented newcomer. She felt immedietaly how to wrestle in the right way. Her height and weight are also her advantages, and she has very strong legs. Sometimes she gaines some weight, but she just look as pretty as being skinnier, because she has nice, feminim shape, not to mention her beautiful face, and long black hair. Enjoy her first fight, in which he gave some hard moments to Miki.

Fantasy wrestling videos:

  1. All in The Family 1. – 11′ – Two battle hardened warriors face off in a dark, secluded motel. From opposite ends of the room they prepare for hand to hand combat, a secret ongoing battle that has lasted nearly a decade. Stretched and ready to fight, brother peers thru the slitted mask as his well oiled sister flexes her muscles. He steps forward, eyes focused on her heavy gaze. No one else knows of their kinky battles, nor will anyone ever find out… This is just one of those many family secrets meant to stay within the family!
  2.  All in The Family 2. – 14′ – They’re at it again! This time our grappling siblings have a visitor, a close cousin who shares their little family secrets. Brother bounces off the coarse ropes, his body fidgeting as his bare feet dig into the hard ground. From across the ring his opponents stand ready to fight. Cousin grips the ropes, waiting impatiently for her turn to wrestle as sister stretches from side to side, muscles ripped and glistening. Brother raises his cletched , as if signaling sister’s demise. She counters his taunt with a brazen finger across her throat… time to get this match underway! Sister draws forward, brother’s burly form towering above her… a perfect target for a solid kick! Brother is sent reeling, his body buckling under a flurry of jabs and kicks! The tag is made and cousin leaps into the fray! The action is fiery as brother whips the smaller girls about before himself being slammed into the corner where he lay prone on all fours…
  3. All in The Family 3. – 15′ – Cousin has packed her bags and is ready to return to her studies yet there’s a bit of unfinished business to take care of before she goes. Brother agrees to meet at the usual pre-disclosed location for some no holds barred, ground and pound wrestling! No pins, no tag teams, just fiery, one on one submissions fighting only! If his cocky cousin wants to be put in her place, it’s the icing on Brother’s cake! Let the beat down begin!
  4. Best of The Best 1. – 19′ – Looking to smash the Gynarchist’s untarnished winning streak, renowned Dutch grappler Narcissisto challenges our reigning female champion to a one on one beatdown in the oil!  Narcissisto is no push over!  He’s crushed every challenger in all varieties of combat… wrestling, ultimate fighting, mauy thai (specifically Mae Mai Muay Thai) , even boxing and kung fu!  The bottom line… this guy is one ruthless bastard!  He’s never met a man, nor a woman who could match his unusual strength and skill… Enter the Gynarchist!
  5. Best of The Best 2. – 15′ – Finding an opponent worthy enough to face Narcissisto is not as easy as you might think. This man is a human wrecking machine! With his long standing record of wins and only one loss (at the hands of the Gynarchist), Narcissisto is one of the toughest fighters ever to grace our studios. Tough girl Tia comes from the outskirts of Budapest. Her unusual strength and talent for grappling might serve her well as a part time session wrestler but is she prepared to take on an opponent like Narcissisto? Tia thinks she is!
  6. Best of The Best 3. – 34′ – Orsi the Hungarian “Man Beater” is back in action for the first time since her disgracing loss at the hands of the Gynarchist. Today she is out to reclaim her title as the nastiest, most fiery wrestling champ of all time! Famed Dutch grappler Narcissisto gladly agrees to this fiery “submissions only” return to wrestling! The renowned male champion shows up with his stable of previous “victories” in tow, including Orsi B (whom he trounced in a previous exhibition match) as well as his newest victim, Judy. You might call these gals Narcissisto’s hard earned “play things”. Orsi is NOT impressed! Instead, she ups the challenge, allowing the male grappler to throw his “play things” into the mix as well! Narcissisto is slightly amused by the woman’s casual challenge. Another bimbo to use and hurt… he could use another subserviant girl in his bevy of beaten bitches. It is good to be the king… Let the games begin!
  7. Deadliest Warrior 1. – 19′ – The Norse Women: Dubbed the “Hell’s Angels of the Middle Ages,” the Norse women were believed to have emerged in 8th century Scandinavia, pillaging and plundering their way through parts of Europe and North America. Soon they began launching raids on foreign shores. Armed with spears, axes, swords and shields, the Viking women became so feared that their victims would frequently give up without a fight and hand over whatever these fiery warriors demanded. The Scythian Gladiator: Cunning, merciless, savage, a true warrior of late antiquity. The Scythian gladiator is trained from birth to fight by hand and sword. He shows no remorse and even less fear.. Norse Amazon Vs Scythian Gladiator… two awesome warriors from long ago. Which was was the ultimate warrior? There’s only one way to find out! Let’s put it to the test!
  8. Deadliest Warrior 2. – 12′ – Our Norse Amazon is back in the second installment of The Deadliest Warrior. This time our blond hottie is pitted against one of the feared Persian Immortals. He is cruel and he is arrogant, a ruthless opponent in every regard… much like our blond amazon! No swords or weapons, only hand to hand combat will prove who is the most deadliest warrior!
  9. Deadliest Warrior 3. – 17′ – With each new episode we pit two of the most feared warriors civilization has ever known against each other. Their unique skills of destruction culminating in a head-to-head fight to distinguish the deadliest warrior… In 5th century Germanic Saxon culture, to be a hero was to be a warrior. She had to be strong, intelligent, and courageous. A Germanic warrior had to be willing to face any odds, and fight to the for glory and for her people. A Celtic warrior was considered a fearsome opponent. He was barbaric and quarrelsome by nature, Celtic men managed to maraud their way across much of Europe, conquering other nations… a tested and battle hardened warrior of yore! Two tough fighters from years long gone, the question is… which is the deadliest warrior?
  10. Deadliest Warrior 4. – 20′ – The Spartan Warrior: Trained in the art of war from the age of seven, Spartan boys became ruththless destroyer machines, men who think nothing of danger, expecting to win, and creating dread in their opponents. Spartans fight in the traditional fashion of the hoplites, a close packed mass of men moving as one to crush their enemies known as the phalanx. The Athenian Foot Soldier: Athens may have been the intellectual center of Greece, but the Athenian soldier was just as fiery as her Spartan counterpart! In the First Peloponnesian War, (460-445 B.C.) Athenian soldiers not only repelled, but eventually defeated their Spartan foes in horrific style! Two of the most feared soldiers in military history… but when the facts are all gathered, only one can be the deadliest warrior!
  11. Deadliest Warrior 5. – 17′ – Zulu warrior Vs Apache Squaw The Zulus were an army of South African warriors in the early 1800s. In battle, they carried a heavy 18 inch blade and spear similar to that of the Romans. The warriors were highly disciplined and could cover 40 miles a day before fighting all night. The Zulus used a fighting horns formation where a large power of warriors were supported by two flanking horns of faster warriors who could surround and cut off an eneny’s escape. Training in hand to hand combat from an early age, these fighters were cruel and couragous even without weapons… The Apache were fierce in battle, often fighting against insurmountable odds with a true contempt for the fear of . The Apache’s gorilla war tactics were unsurpassed. The name Apache struck fear into the hearts of other Indian tribes, as well as the Spanish, Mexican, and Anglo-American settlers. An Apache warrior could run 50 miles without stopping, travel even more swiftly than mounted soldiers. She was an expert with a weapon as well with her hands… a true natural born destroyer! Round 1: a sexy test of strength… Round 2: hand to to hand combat! Which warrior will pay the ultimate price and which will earn the title of Deadliest Warrior?
  12. Double Trouble – 14′ – Grappling newcomers Jessie & Dani arrive early to the gym to practice some moves before their wrestling trainer arrives. Within minutes, an unwanted visitor (and wrestling newcomer) Chico shows up, challenging both beauties to a 2 vs 1 handicap match… which they eagerly accept. Chico is no great grappler, no, he’s just another obnoxious ass who thinks he’s God’s gift to the fairer sex. He comes out strong but ends up going down hard! What does Chico learn today? Never underestimate a determined, large breasted battling babe!
  13. Dream Wars 1., Lisa Del Sierra – 21′ – He may face Lisa’s rejection during the day but Peter has a dirty little secret… Lucient dreaming! The ability to control his dreams, to be aware and even dominate others of his choosing! He might strike out in real life but sweet young Lisa doesn’t stand a chance in his dreams… All goes according to plan until somehow dreams merge pitting the subconscious will of Lisa vs Peter! Action includes some very sexy fondling and domination wrestling favoring both fighters. This is a very cool fantasy based video, not competitive wrestling.
  14. Dream Wars 2., Melanie Memphis – 21′ – This condo park is a bachelor’s dream! He had heard about the girls in this small European town but Mike had never imagined they would be so incredibly hot! Gazing over the balcony of his brother’s new condo, Mike drains another ice cold beer, pausing to return the smile of his brother’s new neighbor Melanie (Lisa’s younger sister). She is so gorgeous yet impossibly out of his league. Oh well, not a problem. Just like his brother Peter, Mike has mastered the art of lucid dreaming… call it a family trait! Every night he enjoys a fresh new fantasy starring him as master, a conquering king of whatever perverted world he desires! Armed with a few too many beers and an increasingly horny disposition, Mike lies down for a brief daytime nap. He enters REM dream, his conscious mind bridging the subconscious realm… Like a well oiled machine he slides into his dream world fully aware and in control! All goes according to plan until somehow dreams merge pitting the subconscious will of Melanie Vs Mike! Action includes some very sexy fondling and domination wrestling favoring both fighters. This is not competitive wrestling. Very sexy stuff!
  15. Dream Wars 3., Melanie Memphis, Cathy Heaven – 22′ – Having studied the art of lucid dreaming thoroughly, brothers Peter and Mike have learned to control and even merge dreams at will. Within these subsconcious fantasies they can dominate the women of their dreams. Yet somehow, their new neighbors (and sisters) Lisa and Melanie have learned to turn the tables, embarrassing the cocky brothers on at least two occassions. Today is the day they plan their revenge! Melanie is alone, working in the yard… perfect! This time they will dominate the girl together and there is no way she can stop them. But just as the men prepare to dream, a car pulls up…. what is this? A unexpected surprise! Peter and Mike nod in agreement, another character to dominate! The men will finally extract their revenge in grand style! Or will they?
  16. Fight Night – 16′ – Torrie is a timidly shy Virginian belle with serious issues… the most recent being a craving for mixed gender beat downs with any man within reach! Her last match was with Tony from Brooklyn, his Italian bravado now completely squashed. Young Torrie is definitely searching for something. For what, we have no idea? Today her insatiable urges come to a head against our visiting fighter Lexx. Lexx is a good ole boy, a real life ass kicker from Texas! He does everything wearing a worn out Stetson: except of course for two things… the second being fighting! This boy from Houston doesn’t flinch at the chance to fight a chick. She wants to get messed up… that’s her choice. Man, woman… whatever. Shut up and take your punishment just like everyone else!
  17. Grapplefest 2010 / 1. – 29′ – Canada vs. America – Canadian divas Leah and Lauren, aka the “Vancouver Vixens” cross the American border to face renowned American grapplers Danny Boy & Herc, aka “The Massachusetts Maulers!” in match one of Grapple Fest 2010! These Canadian bombshells are just itching to take down these American champions. Danny Boy and Herc are legends in the Springfield area, known for the merciless pounding of so many beaten adversaries. Canada Vs America… Which nation is the toughest? Move over NHL, this time submission wrestling will decide just which nation will reign supreme!
  18. JC Peters: Meet Your Destinny – 11′ – I don’t know who’s more disturbing… JC or Destinny? Both have a twisted, even warped perception of the opposite sex. JC wants nothing more than to beat all women, one at a time. Destinny doesn’t just want to beat men, she wants their souls (and heads) on a stick! When it comes to psychology, I suppose both wrestlers share our favorite types of issues… the kinds that can only be resolved on the mat! Destinny saunters to the ring, her beefy opponent already pumped and ready for the one sided beatdown to begin… Destinny is cruel and tough but so isn’t JC Peters!
  19. Quest for Freedom 1. – 20′ – 216 BC – Captured during the Battle of Leuctra amid the Thebos war, Spartan warrior Philoxenos quickly found himself sold as a gladitorial slave to the Roman noble Thetima! Although only a common foot soldier, Philoxenos soon becomes a crowd favorite. However years of pushed gladiatorial carnage has taken its toll! Thetima offers to grant her prized fighter his freedom but only if he can defeat her in a contest physical combat. Grinning in anticipation, Philoxenos accepts his master’s terms…
  20. Quest for Freedom 2. – 20′ – In the ancient world of Rome, young Sexta has no equals. Born a wealthy daughter of Roman nobilty, her reputation for sadism and cruelty is very well known. Feeding her insatiable appitites, She maintains a pen of gladitorial slaves, toys for her personal amusement. Men pushed to compete against fighters of neighboring stables run by out of control nobility in the outskirts of Rome. Her most recent purchase is a slave named Tragos, a former Grecian grappler turned slave. As with all of her new play things, Tragos is given the chance to face Sexta in a fiery confrontation for his freedom… Tragos accepts! Bonus Bonus Bonus Having tamed her unruly minion, Cruel Sexta pits young Tragos against a sadistic Swede in a test of strength. Tragos is certain of victory but the buxom Swede is devastating. Somewhat of a gruesome ending but Tragos does somehow manage to survive to fight another day!
  21. Rage of The Gods 1. – 25′ – Hera, queen of Olympus, wife and sister of Zeus, is known for her extremely bad temper and this time Zeus’ infidelities have gone too far! The Goddess queen is filled with jealous rage. She gazes down from the heavens just as “the Father of the Gods” prepares to wrestle her son, young Apollo. Perfect… the angry goddess plots the ultimate revenge! The arrogant God of Olympus along with Apollo will pay dearly by her own two hands! With the brilliance of a goddess, Hera descends upon Earth prepared for war!
  22. Rage of The Gods 2. – 18′ – After centuries of cruel male reign over the Temple of Olympus, Hera steps forward to face Zues and Apollo in a showdown of the gods! When it was over, both gods lay defeated at Hera’s feet. Revolution sprang up throughout Olympus as Athena, Gaia, Aphrodite, Artemis and other females revolted in a fiery battle for power of the Greek underworld. The most vicious was Ate, the seductive goddess of evil who slaughtered many gods before withdrawling to her lair in the mortal world. With the fate of Olympus in his hands, Zeus descends upon Earth to hunt the evil goddess down before his rule is lost forever…
  23. Scorpion Club 6. – 26′ – Dallas is one hot stripper out looking for excitement… and “skin on skin” contact wrestling sounds like it might be right up her alley! Don DeMarco is just another blue collar dude by day, itching for a chance to break the monotony of daily life in the concrete jungle. Neither has ever tangled with a member of the opposite sex so we thought if might be fun to pit these two opposites against each other… in reality, they couldn’t have been more alike! Don starts out strong, taking the majority of the falls but Dallas doesn’t give up! In the end one fighter wins out with a TKO!

Female wrestling videos:

  1. Tye vs. Zsuzsa – 25′ – A little, spicy video with two beauties, Tye and Zsuzsa. Tye asks Zsuzsa is she can practice wrestling on her, and Zsuzsa lies down in the bedroom. Tye shows some holds, there is a bit of battle between them, but also they are attracted to each other, so you’ll see some erotic and intim moments, when Tye just plays with Zsuzsa’s hair.
  2. Roxy vs. Diana – 21′ – A very competitive fight between two of our best wrestlers. Both Roxy and Diana are outstanding fighters, not only in here, but they are now known worldwide. Having a mainly mixed wrestling site, it is still always an interesting question, what is the ranking among the girls. Often a result of a female wrestling competition is not a stable rank, but more of the stage of the girls on that given day. Next day the winner might be the other girl – because they are equally skilled and have the very strong will to win. So let’s see who won this day?
  3. Diana vs. Linda – 25′ – A competitive fight between Diana, one of Hungary’s best wrestler, and an also old, experienced fighter, who just returned after years of break. An interesting, intensive, but unfortunately not so good quality fight.



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