A nice documentary of mixed, fantasy and female wrestling videos made in 2011, in 720 x 676, 1280 x 720 .wmv, .avi and .mpg formats, with the belonging image sets.

Mixed wrestling videos:

  1. Fruzsi vs. Jean – 20′ – Fruzsi is the youngest member in our team at present, and she has little experience in mixed wrestling. However – just as it would be in her vein -, she feels the holds and applies them correctly. Never really saw her sister, Orsi.b fighting, but as it would be in the metamorphogenetic field in the family, she just simply continues the tradition: easily beating up guys bigger then her, even in better condition then her, stronger then her, experienced then her, withouth thinking a minute of this being nonsense.
  2. Sophie vs. SpiderMouth 3., 4. – 32′ – SpiderMouth had risen from his ashes again, and came back to get a revange on Sophie, his old enemy. His outfit is a bit used up, but it is no wonder, after Sophie, Roxy and Kira all had beaten him up. Sophie also has returned not so long ago, and she is better then ever, so this time she didn’t have much problem with him either. But the surprise came after, SpiderMouth doubled himself, so when Sophie finished one, another came, and even his skin was renewed! Poor Sophie, in the World of “Superheroes” she really had to fight hard, but at the end of the mixed wrestling fights she was stepping on the second SpiderMouth’s chest in victory pose as well, of course! The rest of the World can be in piece now, because Sophie, this superheroine saved us!
  3. Katie vs. Jean – 19′ – To watch Katie agains him is still interesting, to see how a beginner girl improves. Katie is not an aggressive men-destroyer, but slowly she picks up the holds and starts to enjoy the mixed wrestling fight, as a game, which is also alright. At the end she can be a fair-play but skilled fighter, if she keeps practicing, and sometimes it is more than a vehement tactics. So we are curious where she will end up.
  4. Aliz vs. Peter – 15′ – Aliz is a crazy girl, who is into everything! The crazier the issue, the more excited she becames, and her funny, entertaining, but very sexy attitude comes to alive in a minute. In this mixed wrestling fight you are going to see, first of all, her intensity, and crazy faces she makes, then grapevine pin, dreamer, body scissors, head scissors, head locks and chokes. And of course, at the end the victory pose, in which she is indeed proud of herself, after carrying out a difficult task: defeating a much stronger guy, who is a judo expert and in very good condition.
  5. Caroline vs. Sebastian – 16′ – Lately Caroline is the most upcoming newcomer. She has all the qualities: perfect built, a muscular and strong, but still feminim body, and her strong legs allow her to apply incredible and painful head- and body scissors. Her attitude is just right: she goes against the opponent vehemently with her full weight and simply brings down the floor even bigger guys. She has the instinct to use the chokes and locks in the right way, and she always fully controls every mixed wrestling fight, just like this one.
  6. Lana vs. Miki – 18′ – You might think that we use Lana often, and you are right, but there are not so many girls out there who have such abilities like she has. She is simply terrific! Not only easily lifts and carries a guy, with a big smile on her face, but if they are in the ring: she beats him up in a fair mixed wrestling fight. Her strength is her intensity, energy, and from among the holds: the schoolboy pin, scissors, because of her strong leg, the grapevine and  head locks. And, of course, she used all in this fight, against Miki. The fight comes with a 3:38 minutes boxing scene. Lana just grabbed a pair of gloves, and went against Sebastian, so we grabbed the camera…
  7. Kitty vs. Jean – 20′ – A very pretty newcomer, Kitty! She might not have the wildness for wrestling, but this was her very first fight, and who knows, maybe later she will show some aggression from deep inside. Kitty has a nice body, not only skinny and feminim, but also muscular. Also, she has a really strong will to learn, so lets give her a chance and watch how she improves. Neverthless the above, you’ll still see in this mixed wrestling video many schoolboy pins and face sitting in the clips, some body- and head-scissors, and my voice, giving lots of instruction to her.
  8. Suzie vs. Peter – 18′ – With Suzie’s first fight, she is already among the bests! After just one training, she showed an incredible talent for wrestling. She is calm, no need for going very intensively against the opponent, because Suzie has already  the technics of an experienced wrestler: she even shows jiu-jitsu holds for us. In this mixed wrestling fight she is using her arms and legs continously to lock her opponent’s limbs, and she is not an actress, but a fair, competitive fighter, even with a rib-injury!
  9. Cathy Heaven vs. Jean 2. – 23′ – Full control and domination, lots of face sitting, and a beautiful victory pose on the roped victim, at the end! She is still hot and incredible muscular and strong. Cathy doesn’t really needed to sweat in this mixed wrestling fight: she is just way too strong for poor Jean. She dominated and controled him all along, and face sitted him as many times for as long, that at a point we really did beleive that Jean has fainted. Cathy checked his breath, then just sit back onto his face, til he didn’t move anymore, and when she finished, got a rope, tied him, and stood on him with all the winner’s proudness.
  10. Bibi Noel vs. Sunny – 16′ – Training of a newcomer! Bibi Noel is a pretty young girl, who was brave enough to come for a mixed wrestling fight shooting without any prior experience. We had put her together with Sunny, and although her holds were not perfect, during the fight, she already showed some improvement!
  11. Ramona vs. Attila – 13′ – Ramona is a hard working girl, so she went to a 3-hour training, before she had attended at our first shooting. However, the mixed wrestling fight became a disaster. What do you think, what was the reason? As per me, I saw that the guy had no resistance at all, moreover, he started to complain about pain he felt, when Ramona was choking him. So Ramona lost her confidence, and had no idea, what to do with him. She got competitive mixed wrestling training, and didn’t know what to do with a pile of jelly.
  12. Abbie Cat vs. Miki – 18′ – Abbie Cat is one of our wildest newcomer mixed wrestling fighter! She is a natural talent, immediately on her firt fight she applyed the wrestling holds just the way they should be applied, and made her opponent very sweaty. Her face is beautiful, her body is perfect – skinny, but feminim and very muscular – her attitude is the best… what else do we need for a sexy, wild, mixed wrestler? An intensive, impulsive mixed wrestling fight with this Wild Cat!
  13. Kitty vs. Sunny – 17′ – After some training, and before more, we’ve tested Kitty, again. She is a real beauty, with long, reddish hair and tall, skinny, feminim body, with an amazing tattoo. Would you ever imagine that she works as a truck driver? So, after knowing this, you believe that after her first fight with Jean, she started to look for wrestling training on the net. We provided her a little, then we put together with Sunny. Her bigger training comes after this, but she already showed much improvement, mostly in her attitude, and pretty amazing mixed wrestling holds. So it looks like a new good wrestler is being born!
  14. Angel Rivas vs. Zsolt – 17′ – She is so hot, that they got together after the shooting! Angel Rivas is a Russian modell, who is young, pretty, and loves life! She is into everything, and loves to show herself. If it is modeling, erotic movie or wrestling fight: doesn’t matter for her, she just want to be in front of the camera. She liked Zsolt very much, this is true, but this doesn’t mean that she wasn’t able to show us her very dominant, yet playful attitude. This is more like a fantasy mixed wrestling video with handsome participants, for your highest entertainment!
  15. Orsi.b vs. Sunny, Victory – 18′ – I think you all like victory poses at the end of each fight, so you can enjoy it now through 18 minutes! Suppose Orsi.b and Sunny had a tiring fight, and after that, Orsi.b enjoyed her victory way too much! She steps on Sunny, her arms in the air, showing her biceps, and laughs at Sunny. You see it from front, from her point of view and from Sunny’s point of you – enjoy it!
  16. Nikky Thorne vs. Joey – 17′ – Nikky is a small, extremely fit and energetic, exploding bomb! The sport is in her everyday life, and she is good in wrestling, and even better in domination! In this fight she is against our newcomer, fit and muscular guy, Joe, who had no idea of mixed wrestling, and that such little cute girls can degradation him that much!
  17. Orsi vs. Joey 1. – 16′ – Orsi came back from London for a short vacation, and she is better than ever! For Joey it is his first mixed wrestling fight against a skilled wrestler, and didn’t matter that I told him to be competitive, you’ll see the result: is very poor. Doesn’t matter that Joey has martial art experiences, Orsi just applied one hold after the other, fully controlling the fight and make Joey sweat, tired and disappointed in the whole women-kind! 1st part.
  18. Orsi vs. Joey 2. – 15′ – 2nd part of the fight.
  19. Aleska Diamond vs. Sunny – 14′ – Honey-colored Aleska from your dreams came out and proved that princesses can also wrestle! You must have had a good evening that after you had such a sweat dream with this girl. She is beautiful, entertaining, and is a natural for mixed wrestling and domination on guys. On her very first fight she showed most of the holds, and disgraced Sunny. Keep up with such dreaming!
  20. Kyra vs. Sunny – 17′ – Kyra is a Hungarian body builder and box champion! She started to learn wrestling from Tia, and beside her natural talent, she indeed has a good teacher. In this fight, Sunny has barely a chanse for moving. He is just in stuck in one hold after the other. Kyra is calm, slowly, but very precise and accurate – no sweating at all, just like the most professionals!
  21. Aliz vs. Jean – 22′ – Mostly face sitting and schoolboy pin domination video! Aliz is good in mixed wrestling already, but some of the opponents prefer being completely dominated by a stronger girl, and being so close to her buttock…
  22. Larissa Dee vs. Miki – 16′ – Larissa Dee is a tall, fighty girl, with incredibly long legs, which are, of course, the best for body-scissors and head-scissors. She is full of energy, mostly if it comes to mixed wrestling and dominating on men. As for many girl, she also had some disapointments with guys in the past, so she is very happy to give it all back! She fights her way through her righteous winning, then steps over her opponent in victory pose, proudly.
  23. From 3 Perspectives – 51′ – The same story in 3 videos, in 3 different perspective! Orsi.b and Sunny has an armwrestling competition. Orsi.b wins and tells him that she is going to tell all his friends. Sunny leaves and comes back with some handcuffs and rope. He tells her he is going to take pictures of her all tied up and show their friends. They start to wrestle. She gets him in a good figure four head-scissors, a good schoolgirl pin, and a good reverse face sitting, teasing him all the while… Then she grabs the cuffs and cuffs his hands behind his back. He fights not to get cuffed. She gets him up and playfully pats his face like she was boxing. She gets him down and ties his feet, then applies some more wrestling holds. He demands to be untied but she gets a gag and gags him to quiet him down. She takes a few pictures and then poses over him flexing and teasing him all the time. She teases him with the key and then leaves with the key to the cuffs. In the second version of the video you can see the same story, but from Sunny’s perspective. In the third one you can watch it from your own perspective. Sunny is nowhere, Orsi.b is applying all the holds on you!
  24. Caroline vs. Jean – 21′ – Caroline face sits and ties Jean up! Jean asked for a session again, and nothing can be any easier that to wrestle him: Caroline has just to take him down, sit on his face, sometimes turn, and sit reversed on his face. To add some variety, she ties Jean up, and sits on his face like that. If Jean can not breath? Of course there is a chance that he faints, but it is his risk…
  25. Victoria vs. Jean 3. – 22′ – In the poll you wanted to see the most Victoria, so, here she is! She is still charming, big, blonder than ever, and strong as hell! Would you be in the place of Jean, getting what he got: lots of face sitting, domination, bondage, and even water on his face to recover from hir previous session and start away with beautiful Victoria?
  26. Lana vs. Zsolt – 17′ – Lana is blonde now with a more toned, strong body! But not only she looks better, she is a very good fighter as well: a natural, smart to learn and think quickly, and most importantly, she enjoys fighting against guys very much. In this mixed wrestling match she proves all, and you wish you could wrestle with her!
  27. Suzie vs. Jean – 20′ – Suzie made an incredible growth in such a short time! Just obvious in her nicely toned body how many times she went to the gym lately, and regarding her mixed wrestling skills: lots of jiu jitsu and other martial training was taken. So, poor Jean has no chance, again! Suzie wants to be our top fighter, the most wanted session wrestler, and she has everything to accomplish this!
  28. Orsi.b vs. Sunny, Imi – 19′ – “She is wrestling one of the males and beating him. She has him in a schoolgirl pin when the other male comes in. He goes over and pulls her off the first male. They go after her. She holds her own but then they get her down. One pins her and tells the other to get some handcuffs and rope. The other leaves, and when he is gone she gets loose and gets the male in a figure four headlock. When the first male comes back he tries to loosen her legs but she grabs him while keeping the one in the headlock and manages to handcuff him behind his back. She takes the other handcuff and finally handcuffs the man she has in the figure 4. She gets both of them on their feet and playfully slaps their faces. She can get both in some wrestling holds too, like both in headlocks etc. They start telling her to let them loose so she gags both. She sits them back to back and ties them together around thier necks and chest with rope. She tickles them a little, takes a couple of pictures and poses flexing over them and then leaves.”
  29. Training Camp 1. – 20′ – 4 of our best girls in a 4-days Training Camp! Watch this clip to have an idea how hard these amazons train to be the best female and mixed wrestlers in this country and even in Europe, and to be the best session wrestlers!
  30. Training Camp 2. – 24′ – In this clip there is basically a full Suzie vs. Diana fight, then they got some boxing lessons from Kyra.
  31. Orsi vs. Sebastian – 14′ – Orsi is back, again, and fights competitive! She came again for a vacation, and for all of our pleasure, she went against Sbeastian in a competitive mixed wrestling fight. After 5 years of practice, her skills are incredible, and she can defeat a guy easily, who is a head taller than her. You can hear during the fight Sebastian’s hard breathing, and he told us in the breaks how impressed and surprised he is. There is no mistake, nothing fake: this small girl can beat up a guy, without any hard time.
  32. After the Party – 24′ – After the Party Orsi.b gives Sunny 10 attempts to leave, and he can do so, if he reaches the door, but if not, she is going to have sex with him. And the hurt begins, each attempts end with a smother or face sitting: “Orsi just held a party in her apartment, lasting all night. It’s now morning and the last guests have departed, apart from this one guy. He’s a little bit hangover and tired, but he thanks her for a great party, for being such a wonderful host. He’s had a lot of fun. Orsi smiles, saying that for him the party is far from over. She’s been eyeing him all night long, waiting for the moment when they’d be all alone. And now that everyone else is gone, he is all hers. And boy is she going to have fun with him! She begins to undress in a sexy way, while slowly coming closer to him. And he, confused and frightened, is stepping back, trying to keep his distance. He tries to reason with her, to let him go. But she just comes closer and closer, cornering him, making sure he has nowhere to go. Eventually his back is against the wall and she’s in front of him, smiling and playfully running her hands over his body. She’s now wearing only her sexy black bikini. The guy is way too frightened to try anything. Orsi pins his hands to the wall, above his head. She continues to tease him, whispering into his ear. She knows he’s weak like a little boy. She knows she can do anything she wants to him. But she doesn’t want him to be afraid. She promises she won’t hurt him much. He begs her to let him go. He just wants to go home. But Orsi says he’ll have to fight his way out. He’ll have to wrestle her, if he ever wants to reach that door. The guy tries to beg again, but she grabs his groin and whispers into his ear that he doesn’t really have a choice. She then puts her hand into his trousers and tells him that if he won’t wrestle her, if he won’t fight back, she will make him come here and now. The guy agrees to fight, but he’s terrified. Orsi releases him and then takes off his trousers and shirt, as he won’t need them either way. He tries to oppose, weakly, but she’s far stronger than him and easily removes his clothes. She then goes to the middle of the room, smiling. She says she’ll allow him ten attempts to reach the door. If he can make it, if he can get out, he’s welcome to run away. But if he fails all ten attempts, she’ll drag him straight into her bedroom and she’ll show him what weak boys like him are meant to be used for. The wrestling then begins and it’s completely one-sided. The guy tries to get to the door, over and over and over again, and every time Orsi is easily able to grab him, outwrestle him, pin him to the floor or dominate him in some other way. She uses headlocks, body scissors and groin grabs. She finishes every “round” with a smother hold of some sort – face sits and breast smothers. As soon as the guy isn’t able to breathe in a facesit or in a breast smother, and starts to tap and to panic, she lets him go. So the rounds aren’t too long. One of the rounds can even be as short as him trying to get through and Orsi putting him in a standing breast smother, making him to tap out in her embrace. And in one of the last rounds she wouldn’t even move, amused by his attempts to get past her and reach the door. Orsi is a woman of colossal strength here – her victim tries to move her arm, push her aside, squeeze past her somehow, but he cannot. And she won’t move even an inch, smiling at him and teasing him and then just tossing him on the floor and pinning him to it with her foot. Orsi counts every “round” and keeps announcing how many attempts the guy has left. She keeps teasing him all the time, telling him how weak and how cute he is. Every time she’s got him in a facesit or in a breast smother, she comments how nice this is, how much she loves it. Eventually, she announces the tenth and last “round”, which the guy loses as well. She then pins him to the wall, playfully, and pins his arms above his head. Then she starts sliding her hand into his trousers again.”
  33. Tye vs. Jean – 20′  – Face sitting from front and behind, with some smother and ropes! Tye looks better and better, but she still needs to learn how to be a real good domina! However, she is listening to instructions, and sits on Jean’s face with full weight, from front and from behind. She is lucky with her breasts, so she discovered them as a weapon, and she uses them often. Also ropes to tie her poor victim to hurt him even more. Or pamper him…
  34. Same Twice – 24′ – Roxy and Victoria shows the way to pin down Sunny and enjoy their victory! They perform the same script: 1 minute pinning down in grapevine, then count from 1 to 10, and since he remained pinned, they jump up to schoolboy pin to celebrate their victory for 1 minute. The second hold is the same, as the first, and the third starts in schoolboy pin, and after counting to 1, again a minute of celebrating. The fourth hold is a schoolboy pin again, but with more open legs, counting and celebrating is the same, but they add another minute of standing victory pose, with some more enjoyment and proudness of winning against Sunny over and over.
  35. Tia vs. Miki – 18′ – We came together a shooting day with Tia and two of her girls. It is the best company: sporty, fair, incredibly strong girls with just the right attitude (win, no matter what). We’ve shooted 6 videos, so you’ll be happy in the next weeks. At first, whatch the ultimate fighter of Hungary, Tia, who shows us spectacular elements in this fight, against poor Miki, who was really hurt this time.
  36. Kyra vs. Sebastian – 17′ – Kyra is an enthusiastic student of Tia, and to fight against Sebastian! She is calm, quiet, smart, and works out regularly to be in shape and have the best condition. As you know, she is a boxer as well, and she is very happy to have any kind of battle with a man. She is very good now using mixed wrestling and jiu jitsu holds, so Sebastian is not acting when being tired out and defeated!
  37. Jane vs. Miki – 17′ – Incredible first fight from our newcomer, Jane! It is close to a miracle how talented can be a girl, without any previous experience, any practice, just watching 2 shootings before her video. Of course, she got some instructions from Kyra and Tia, but still, her talent is unquestionable. She is just ment to be a big, strong, muscular amazon, the winner of mixed wrestling fights!
  38. Orsi.b vs. Jean – 19′ – Altough Jean likes to be passive and just struggle under the girls butt, Orsi.b teases him a lot in this fight. She can’t give up her 10-years knowledge of mixed wrestling to comfortably sit on his face, so she decides to make him sweat to reach the well-known end from the beginning: her ultimate victory!
  39. Tia vs. Sebastian – 17′ – In the last video of the series Tia fights against Sebastian. Tia is incredibly quick, jumping on Sebastian, grabbing his neck, get the top position to control him, then jumps to turn and get a good hold, squeeze him ’til he submits, then jumps on him again, and so on… not a chance for Sebastian…
  40. Kyra vs. Miki – 20′ – Last video of Tia’s group’s fights series! The winter is here, so it is very refreshing to watch this pretty, strong and tan girl having a mixed wrestling fight on the roof. I bet you imagine yourself in the place of Miki, under the sun, between Kyra’s leg, even if sometimes it is really a big challenge for him  to even breath…
  41. Diana vs. Zsolt – 18′ – Incredible fight from Diana! Her way of wrestling just came to perfection: she dominates all the way, shows acrobatic figures, strong, precise holds, a big smile when on top, and very strong will when on bottom for that few seconds…
  42. Leona vs. Sunny – 17′ – Leona is a newcomer, but thanks to her sport backround, she has the opportunity to become one of the best in just months. She has a muscular budy with a very strong legs, and only by watching a fight learns the holds. She would happy to have private sessions, so come here and try her out!

Fantasy wrestling videos:

  1. Auditions 1. – 19′ – 2011 Auditions: Day 1 It’s that time of the year again… Women of all walks of life coming out of the woodwork to make it in the underground wrestling circuit. Star recruiter (and veteran wrestler) Hellion has seen it all… young, old, rich, poor… all wanting their chance to fight! Two auditions are scheduled today and Hellion’s job is to weed out the weaklings… a job he enjoys a little too much if you know what I mean! The first hopeful is some blonde chick from the east coast. Our star recruiter can tell from her picture, more tits than brains! Kelly shows up right on time, not a bad start in this business, but can she last 20 minutes in the ring against a real male fighter? Hellion doesn’t think so! Either way, he’ll slap this wannabe chick around for a while and move on to the next willing candidate… Kelly on the other hand has a different day planned… Kicking this muscle head’s ass is step one in taking down every man on the circuit! Time to let this sexy grappling beat down begin!
  2. Auditions 2. – 15′ – 2011 Auditions: Day 1 match 2 – Isaac Vs Rochelle: Star recruiter Isaac has been waiting all day to meet this hot New England stripper named Rochelle! Wouldn’t you? Grinning from ear to ear, he leads his curvy 3:00 appointment to the ring… a chair propped on the canvas (I wonder where that came from?) Rochelle knows instantly where this is going… Whatever! If a quick lap dance will make this stud happy then so be it. She plays the game, straddling the muscular wrestler as a he drops onto the chair, her smooth body gliding against his bare skin… One of the first rules in intergender combat: distract your opponent then take him down hard! The action goes both ways as our latest grappling wannabe goes all out to make the cut!
  3. Old School – 11′ – Unable to simply disappear into the musty pages of wrestling yore, Ex-Champion Mr Rude is back to reclaim his title as the greatest badass of all time! Just over a year ago tody he was disgraced at the hands of that fiesty Fiorella Fuego as well as sexy Lesbia!  But now the renown chauvinist has returned to face his toughest opponent to date… and perhaps the greatest female grappler of all time… Belle! A battle of the titans is sure to ensue when these wrestling legends face each other in the ring. Will the great male champion prove his worth once more?  Or will the beautiful Belle continue her unbroken string of countless intergender victories when the day is through? Grapplers… fight on!
  4. Chronicles of a Pitfighter 1. – 13′ – A dream vacation shattered! newlyweds pushed into a secret society they never even knew existed… one of gruesome underground fighting! The stakes are high… fight or ! His blindfold removed, Ted is prodded forward. His opponent a buxom and sadistic circuit champion… The ruthless female moves in with raised, her body swaying as though she’s done this a hundred times before… her cold eyes craving another ! Within moments the man’s body lay beaten beneath her. Suzy tries to run but its no use… There is no other option but to fight! With lips trembling she rises to her feet, fingers clenched, raised… Two years of kickboxing classes have not prepared her for the battle she is about to wage…. Breathing deeply she looks her opponent in the eye… The fight is on!
  5. Day Dreamin’ 1. – 13′ – It’s been a full day of shopping and an exhausted Abbie Cat is heading home for a noon time siesta… Strutting lazily to her condo, the tired girl is stopped in her tracks… There he is… the spectacular condo caretaker… musclebound, shirless, and sweat soaked in the sun! Abbie just bats her eyes and strolls to her floor, dreaming of a chance encounter with Mr. Perfect!Moments later she is peering through her blinds, taking one last glimpse of her dream man before her head hits the pillow… Ah, to dream happy thoughts… drifting… drifting fast to dream, hands wandering to happier places… off to dream she goes. Not competitive wrestling. Focused more on holds as Abbie dreams the perfect dream!
  6. Day Dreamin’ 2. – 16′ – Too much time & money leaves ample opportunity for rich girls like Anastasya to dream up wild fantasies of erotic adventure… Her most recent secret fetish being erotic male vs female (and sometimes female vs female) wrestling… her slicked up body mashed against a man of strength and ability, domination in the most primal of forms. The beefy gardener works his craft, unaware of the gawking eyes peering thru the glass. Aroused and alone, she slowly lowers her zipper, hands gliding into position… Anastasya closes her eyes, a passionate fantasy forming in her fertile mind… Suddenly she is transfixed in a strange world of two warriors… man and woman facing each other down on the mat. Let the games begin! Not competitive wrestling, rather one woman’s brief day dream of her ultimate adventure!
  7. Day Dreamin’ 3. – 16′ – Alone in her secluded suite, Hungarian hottie Orsi relaxes with a tall glass of sweet red wine, soft music playing in the background. She leans against the stucco wall of her flat, glancing thru the window, Stark images of beautiful bodies grinding into and against each other swirling throughout her head… With no one around, a satisfying day dream might just be the perfect ending to a stressful day…. She lowers her warm glass of wine, hands roaming along her sides, eyes closing… Slowly and slowly she drifts into a magical wonderland where she is the queen and all subjects obey her perverted wishes… the perfect, happy world! This is NOT competitive wrestling, just a lazy day dream of mixed wrestling, holds, fondling, female wrestling with lesbian overtones. One woman’s fantasy!
  8. Dream Wars 4. – 21′ – A Brother / Sister Thing: Peter’s bitchy little step sister has been a spoiled thorn in his side for nearly 20 years. His mother and moronic step father are clueless to her devious ways. Most recently, she’s been wagging that hot little tail in front of him when no one else is looking… What an arrogant little tease! But… Peter has his dirty little secret… Lucid Dreaming! While nasty Angelica hogs the remote control in the family room, Mom decides to run to the store A perfect chance for Peter to drift into a world where he is in control, where his teasing step sister must obey his commands for a change! Peter smiles, hands clasping behind his neck.. with a mere thought he lowers his heart rate… before long he is deep in the fantasy of his own choosing… Time for Angelica to hit the mat! Remember… this is Peter’s grab and grind controlled dream, not competitive Wrestling!
  9. Gambling Bliss – 14′ – Professors of Psychology, Martin & Nell have gambled on every little thing throughout their 10 year marriage… sports, elections, you name it! But these days, their compulsive need to compete has become much more oriented to flesh vs flesh, muscle vs muscle. Each month they choose fighters with various disciplines from around the world to compete for their personal enjoyment. On a professor’s salary, money is no object. Martin and Nell settle down on the couch, a bottle of wine chilling on the table. One by one they bring in their recruited talent. Yuri, the masked wrestler from Moscow. Salene, a famed muay thai fighter from Sweden. The rules: Two warriors enter, but only one can leave!
  10. Grapplefest 2011 / 2. – 31′ – Russia vs. USA – 24 year old Russian coed Khristyne is fed up with life in the US. Four years of college in New York has jaded her opinion of Americans. They are weak, lazy, fat and useless. They wouldn’t last a day in Moscow! She finds herself yearning to return to the Mother Russia where men are men and the women are tough enough to snap a man’s back! She will return home eventually, but not today… instead she needs to destroy all Americans oppose her on the wrestling circuit. Her first opponent: Dirk, a local champion from some small New England town. He may be a local hero but he has never wrestled a Russian woman before! A perfect place for Khristyne to begin her reign of destruction!
  11. The Grind House 1. – 11′ – The next generation of underground cage fighting has arrived! Five contestants will fight but only one will be left standing. The first match pits young Mari vs the much older French fighter Jean Paul. This will be Mari’s first cage fight while Jean Paul is no stranger to the ring. After a few minutes of pre-fight prep, Mari is confronted by Salene on her way to the ring. She has heard of this nasty Swede’s reputation…perhaps they will face each other before the night is over? Mari certainly hopes so. No more waiting.. Mari turns and enters the cage where Jean Paul is waiting… May the best man or woman win!
  12. The Grind House 2. – 10′ – She entered an underdog but finished a dominant power. Young Mari stands proudly over the beaten French fighter Jean Paul, his body laid as the next challenger makes his way to the cage. His name is Dutch, his origin unknown, his reputation for cruelty known by all. Meanwhile, Salene prepares to face whoever the victor might be. He / she, no matter. The Swedish fighter has not lost a match since coming to America in 2010 and she doesn’t plan to start now…
  13. The Grind House 3. – 13′ – The Conclusion – Swedish fighter Salene approaches the cage, her victorious opponent eyeing her with contempt. She enters slowly, circling the warrior with raised hands… bodies poised to strike. Within seconds the fight is on, knees, punches, fiery galore! Strong as he is, the cruel Dutch cannot seem to break the Swedish beauty. Instead he is soon face down on the ground, peering upward to find the reigning champion entering the mix. Herc is awesomely chiseled, his clenched hands destroyer machines. Salene stands her ground, glaring approvingly at her final rival. Yes… good. Finally a man worth fighting! Without further delay, she launches into her charging foe!
  14. The Quest for Freedom 3. – 18′ – Liani, Sexta’s greatest student and most formidable champion has fled the arena into the lawless forests of Rome… Sexta is furious! One by one, she commands her most prized gladiators to bring the escaped fighter to justice and one by one their fiery beaten bodies are delivered to her stable. Disgraced by the carnage, Sexta sends forth her newest slave, and former Grecian grappler Tragos to hunt the criminal down. If he is successful, he will earn his freedom from the fighting pits. But if he fails… Watch his life flash before his eyes as Tragos battles the tough wayward gladiatrix to the bitter end!
  15. The Quest for Freedom 4/1. – 14′ – Sexta curses the day she bought Camilla, former Queen of the Volscians. A queen… she thought the crowd this slave would draw in the fighting pits of Rome! But instead, her prize fighter is uncontrollable, nearly maiming Sexta herself in a recent test of unarmed combat! The angry noble finally calls upon her head trainer, an Assyrian warrior god named Ashur to bring this female destroyer machine to her knees. Her one demand: Break this Volscian bitch both in spirit and in body, then bring her cowering back to me! Ashur nods cooly before his mistress. He has never lost a fight in over 100 deadly bouts, yet he has heard rumors that Volscians are as cruel as they are formidable, evil to the core and void of any human soul. Ashur welcomes the challenge…
  16. The Quest for Freedom 4/2. – 14′ – Match Two: Sexta curses the day she bought Camilla, former Queen of the Volscians. A queen… she thought the crowd this slave would draw in the fighting pits of Rome! But instead, her prize fighter is uncontrollable, nearly maiming Sexta herself in a recent test of unarmed combat! The angry noble finally calls upon her head trainer, an Assyrian warrior god named Ashur to bring this female destroyer machine to her knees. Her one demand: Break this Volscian bitch both in spirit and in body, then bring her cowering back to me! Ashur nods cooly before his mistress. He has never lost a fight in over 100 deadly bouts, yet he has heard rumors that Volscians are as cruel as they are formidable, evil to the core and void of any human soul. Ashur welcomes the challenge… The Final Match.
  17. The Quest for Freedom 5. – 12′ – Bored with her stable of useless gladiators, our wealthy daughter of Roman nobilty has decided to start over with a clean slate!  But before Sexta can purchase more slaves for the pits, she must first destroy the stable she has grown to despise! One by one she hunts them down in her back woods…  One by one they fall to her ruthless might.  Only one man left to beat…  she sees him staring, spear in his hand… He will make a yummy addition to her day of fighting…  Come slave, don’t be shy…
  18. Savage Tales: Salene – 11′ – Untamed by any man… Swedish fighter Salene continues her American adventure, dismantling every woman or man brave enough to face her in the pit or in the ring. Local underground legend (and LA native) Kiet Singh agrees to meet her in unsanctioned combat. His style is fiery, his body strong and his record undefeated… LA rules: Two fighters enter but only one will leave… His only warning to Salene… LA is a long way from Sweden baby!
  19. Super Fights 1. – 22′ – The year is 2020 and Villianess Voltare has brought the city of Los Angeles to its knees! Under her ruthless grip, crime and treachery reign supreme! But alas, there is finally a new hero in town and his name is PUMA! He takes to the streets with enhanced strength, speed, and endurance… all of which he will need to pulverize Voltare and her evil band of marauders! He sits in his darkened hotel room, searching for clues to their hidden identities. Suddenly there’s an unexplainable energy in the room. Puma turns just in time as Voltare herself materializes before him… With raised , she approaches her new nemesis… thirsting for a shown down!

Female wrestling videos:

  1. Nikky Thorne vs. Orsi.b – 18′ – A five 3-mins round nude wrestling match in a ring. Round 1: both ladies pulling each other hair, throw them to the ropes, there is a lot of screaming. Round 2: Orsi b comes out pulling Nikky Thorne’s hair & throwing her by her hair a few times. Round 3: Nikky Thorne comes out looking like went to destroy Orsi b, and she gets hold of Orsi b’s right arm into a back-hammer lock. Orsi.b is in real pain. then Nikky Thorne throws Orsi b in the back-hammer a few times across the ring then gets her down on the mat. She goes really hard on Orsi b right arm a few times, then she puts her leg in Orsi.b’s back, which result in a screaming submission. Round 4: Nikky Thorne goes for a 2-0 win by getting Orsi b right arm again & pulls on it then put it into a back hammer again, throwing Orsi b across the ring. Suddenly Orsi b kicks Nikky Thorne in her private part who goes down screaming. But she just gets up before the count of ten only to be put into a boston cramb. She screams and submits, so it is 2:1. Round 5: both ladies come out looking like there were going to destroy each other. They goes against each other, lots of hair-pulling  screaming, wildness, until they hit their heads together, and both fall down to the mat, loosing consciousness. Both KO, so the match was called a draw. Even when they were dressed up and about to leave, they started to fight verbally…
  2. Diana vs. Zsuzsa, Bridge – 21′ – “The contestants wrestle by Olympic freestyle wrestling rules where the purpose is to put your opponent’s shoulders to the mat, say for a count to two. I want it to be a close contest where both opponents are in trouble several times during the match. By trouble I mean that one wrestler gets in a near pin situation and desperately goes in a bridge position to avoid the pin. Bridging is when you have only your head and toes on the ground and your belly is high up in the air. The important thing of bridging is to keep your shoulders up in the air and not touching the mat. When both shoulders touch the mat simultaneously the count is started by the referee and if the wrestler can not lift her shoulders quickly off the mat, for example by bridging, the count is finished and the match is over. However if the girl in trouble bridges and successfully elevates her shoulders in the air before the referee can count to two the match continues. If the same girl has her shoulders to the mat again the count is restarted from one. I want that the wrestlers can bridge for a long time, like a minute or more if possible. It is also important that the wrestler in trouble show agony and desperately want to avoid the pin. As I mentioned earlier I like it to be a close contest where both wrestlers get into trouble several times during the match and needs to bridge for longer periods of time to avoid being pinned. The end of the match should come after one girl has been in a bridge position for a very long time so she is really exhausted.”
  3. Victoria vs. Orsi.b, Bridge – 21′ – Same script as the previous video.