2012 Collection of 39 Erotic Wrestling Videos – 12 hours in total!


A nice documentary of erotic wrestling videos made in 2012, in 1280 x 720 .wmv formats, with the belonging image sets.

  1. Victoria Diamond vs. Miki – 22′ – Princess-like Victoria Diamond invites male-whore Miki for a lap dance. He is stressed out so his performance is very week. Victoria – being very unsatisfied – drags him to the mat, and beats him, verbally insulting him a lot, then cuntinues to handle him as a male-whore giving him a handjob…
  2. Abbie Cat vs. Sebastian – 23′ – Superheroine Abbie Cat in jeans catches a robber, and gives justice: punish him and degradation him…
  3. Christine Queen vs. Zsolt – 27′ – Christine Queen now back with black hair, which fits more to her charming but still dominative attitude…
  4. Victoria Diamond vs. Sebastian – 20′ – Beautiful blonde hair, pretty face, gorgeous body and hot tempered dominative attitude in one! And this one is Victoria, our new diamond, who looks like a supermodel, but not afraid to being hurt, but mostly, to hurt any guy. She is up to any challenge, brave enough to fight, never looses her superioir attitude, and never forget holds which are the best to defeath any man! All to be able to stand proud at the end over his opponent’s beaten body in victory pose, and do whatever she wants after…
  5. Sandra Romain vs. Peter – 17′ – Feminim, pretty, sexy Sandra loves to fight! Loves to test her strength, skills and dominative attitude. She is a sensual, energetic girl, who was born to make guys’ wish come true, dominate them, enslave them, pamper them, satisfy them!
  6. Karen vs. Joseph – 21′ – Karen is small, but contains twice energy as the average woman. She is a proud and dominative Russian girl, who enjoys a guy between her legs, pin him down to the floor, slapping him, kicking him, and slapping again and again. All her anger goes on Joseph, but happy when she finally makes hime come.
  7. Gina vs. Joseph – 17′ – There is this girl with the ultimate feminim body, long red hair, and a natural talent of how to treat a guy. No begging, no manipulating, just straight orders, and what happens is always exactly what she wants. Using wrestling holds, head-scissors and kick helps her getting what she wants: to make him making her very happy!
  8. Linda Ray vs. Miki 2. – 21′ – Linda Ray is one of the most sensual fighter. She is dominant, tough, but very playful and full with eroticism. Miki is the mouse, and Linda, as a Kitty, slaps him, hurt him, joyfully dominates him, but doesn’t forget the reward et the end.
  9. Lara Latex vs. Andras – 20′ – Lara Latex traveled here from England to dominate on Andras! She is a very talented and experienced woman if it comes to disgracing, hurt men, but all of this is only to please them. She uses her body, face expressions, the language, and obviously nice wrestling holds to get to the point, when the opponent enjoys the most: being dominated, pinned down, defencelessly waits for her actions, which are, after all, not are against his will.
  10. Karen vs. Miki – 24′ – A beautiful example how women enjoys getting the chance to participate in a fair fight. Getting out of everyday life, and finally being able to give back everything to men. Give a revenge an all inequality, injustice, to be finally on their own place: in the playful, but proud, winner position.
  11. Leyla Peechbloom vs. Zsolt – 20′ – OK, Leyla is not the most experienced wrestler, but it still worth a shot to watch her first steps on the way of becaming a bitch who knows what men needs:
    a big beating and domination!
  12. Kiara vs. Joseph – 20′ – Vow, what a small gypsy girl, who is filled with energy, intensity and talent. It is dosen’t matter that she is smaller, she knows that to control a guy needs something else: attitude, brain power, good wrestling holds, and having his satisfaction in her hands…
  13. Corina vs. Zsolt – 21′ – Corina grew up with a nice family, in a pink children’s room. What could have made her becoming a dominant woman, participating in mixed wrestling fights? Maybe the love of horses: she got used to big, strong animals between her strong, muscular legs, the fact that she is able to control them, and those big creatures will listen to her voice…
  14. Niki vs. Joseph – 24′ – Find out what makes a cutie dark red hair giving blowjob to a guy while applying head-scissor on him? What can possibly lead to this end?
  15. Nikky Thorne vs. Andras – 27′ – “The “scenerio”; would be a sexy, busty, blonde, with long red finger and toe-nails; wearing nothing except a leather belt, (around her waist, and a pair of black, “thong” high-heeled mule sandals); wrestling a naked male victim, and putting him in various submission holds; then victoryposing over him, (standing over him, with one foot on various parts, of his naked body; including his very erectpenis and balls). Then making the man “cum”, while standing one foot on his erect penis, and victory posing overhim.”
  16. Brenda vs. Brendon – 17′ – A sexy, erotic battle between sexes, with lots of face sitting! Brenda makes him crazy with intense, erotic, dominant moves and holds…
  17. Melanie Memphis vs. Miki 2. – 17′ – Don’t you like me? Yes but I have a girlfriend. Don’t you want to fuck me? No! Then I will fuck you! And she does it…
  18. Lana vs. Johny 1. – 16′ – Lana, pretty as hell, coming home and finds this guy. Takes off of her clothes and goes straight against him. A long fight begins, in which he overdominates him (part 1), then she asks for help from her girlfriend (part 2), and finally… well, you’ll see it in 3 weeks.
  19. Lana, Caroline vs. Johny – 16′ – Lana had hard time caused by Johny, so she cried out loud for help. Her girlfriend, Caroline came instantly, and she jumped on Johny. However, Johny could have deal with both girls, and he knocked out Caroline quickly.
  20. Lana vs. Johny 2. – 22′ – Johny has defeated Caroline, so Lana has no chance, but putting all together her strength, skills, and most importantly, her anger to go against this bastard!
  21. Yana Baby vs. Sebastian 1. – 15′ – Yana Baby spends her afternoon in bed, feeling herself up naked, daydreaming about being in a battle with a guy, dominating him,  with her nude body touching his, sweating on the mat under the sun, playing with his body parts, playing with herself, defeat him and giving pleasure herself as giving pleasure him. Part 1.
  22. Yana Baby vs. Sebastian 2. – 16′ – Yana Baby spends her afternoon in bed, feeling herself up naked, daydreaming about being in a battle with a guy, dominating him,  with her nude body touching his, sweating on the mat under the sun, playing with his body parts, playing with herself, defeat him and giving pleasure herself as giving pleasure him. Part 2.
  23. Yana Baby vs. Sebastian 3. – 19′ – Yana Baby spends her afternoon in bed, feeling herself up naked, daydreaming about being in a battle with a guy, dominating him,  with her nude body touching his, sweating on the mat under the sun, playing with his body parts, playing with herself, defeat him and giving pleasure herself as giving pleasure him. Part 3.
  24. Angell Summers vs. Miki 1. – 18′ – Supersexy Angell Summers is unfortunately being dominated most of the time by Miki who thinks it is time to give back everything to this bitch what all the other bitches caused him. Part 1.
  25. Angell Summers vs. Miki 2. – 14′ – Part 2.
  26. Angell Summers vs. Miki 3. – 19′ – Part 2.
  27. The Revenge 3. – 15′ – Continuing Bots Fight Club 2012/17 and 2012/18 fights? The Revenge! – but in a nude, sexy tougher way! Although ground and pounds, ponyplay and facesitting is the 3 most important parts in this video, the fights contains full of other movements, such as kicks, punches, knees, holds, wrestling… and all this is for that Cathy wants to defeat 2 guys…
  28. The Revenge 4. – 18′ – Part 4.
  29. Lana vs. Miki, The Chess Game 1. – 15′ – The girl sits near the chessboard, and shows her pussy. She is playing with the king an her clit. The guy peeks her and begs her for a game. She agrees finally, the game starts, but after some moves, the girl is teasing the male with her feet. When the girl have to move, the male grabs her breast. After some more moves, the atmosphere is getting more aggressive. When he takes both breast in his hands, the girl explodes, and she takes him by his balls onto the mats, where a cruel, intense fight starts with no respect for his balls.
  30. Lana vs. Miki, The Chess Game 2. – 15′ – Part 2.
  31. Lana vs. Miki, The Chess Game 3. – 18′ – Part 3.
  32. Psycho Party Girl vs. Sebastian 1. – 16′ – The Psycho Party Girl  hallucination continues after her previous fight. She came home illuminated, dropped herself on the coach, and imagined to have a bikini fight with The Mexican. This didn’t satisfy her, so she plays a nude erotic fight in her mind, this time against Sebastian. Another psycho, fiery fight begins…
  33. Psycho Party Girl vs. Sebastian 2. – 16′ – Part 2.
  34. Psycho Party Girl vs. Sebastian 3. – 15′ – Part 3.
  35. Zoe vs. Zsolt 1. – 16′ – CEO Zsolt is directing people all day long, making tough and risky decesions. After such day he relaxes in an anusual way. He arrives in to a medeival-looking place, where a black patent leather and high heeled boots dressed domina waits for him with a lash and other tools. And the treatment begins for him to forget even who he is…
  36. Zoe vs. Zsolt 2. – 15′ – Part 2.
  37. Zoe vs. Zsolt 3. – 15′ – Part 3.
  38. Diana vs. Sebastian 1. – 17′ – So, the time came, when Diana’s fight turned in to an erotic mixed fight! She became more open minded or too excited, we don’t know, but quickly she took off Sebastian’s clothes and played with him as a cat with a mouse. Sebastian had not a single chance, he was under controll the whole time, his arms and legs were twisted out, and on top of him, a muscled, strong, cruelly and coldly smiling domina! Diana has just played with him, played with his dick, until her victory pose showed an ultimate dominance!
  39. Diana vs. Sebastian 2. – 18′ – Part 2.