A nice documentary of mixed and fantasy wrestling videos made in 2012, in 1280 x 720 .wmv and .mpg formats, with the belonging image sets.

Mixed wrestling videos:

  1. Suzie vs. Zsolt – 19′ – After months of training, Suzie this time fights against a much heavier guy, in her sexy bikini. The fight is not intense or acrobatic, but the battle of technic and skills. Zsolt is a kick boxer, goes to gym minimum three times a week in his whole life, and it is very nice to see that a skinny girl like Suzie cause him many uncomfortable moments, or let’s say: submissions.
  2. Roxy vs. Miki, Box – 14′ – We have to pay more for the guys when going against Roxy, and in this video you can find out why. They are not really happy to fight with her, because she is indeed fiery and has such power in that beautiful, skinny body. Sometimes she can’t even stop beating them. Smiling with that pretty face and big blue eyes, could be an angel from heaven, and she is, if you like wrestler angels keep punching you in boxing gloves.
  3. Anita vs. Zsolt – 16′ – Dear, strong and wild Anita is back! And, of course, she shows us again, how to treat properly a guy, even if he is a muscular, fit and martial art practicing guy. How to makes him be surprised of such female power, how to make him sweat and swear, and how to completely defeat him!
  4. Angel Diamond vs. Liviu – 17′ – Angel Diamond’s first fight! She is a cutie, getting approval from the cameraman every second, but you can still see in numerous times that a wild animal is hidden in her. This creature can’t wait to get unleashed, to attack her opponent, dominate him, enjoy the fight and moreover, the victory!
  5. Orsi vs. Sunny 1. – 13′ – Orsi looses from Sunny! We don’t know exactly what happened, maybe Orsi’s mind was still in London, from where she just arrived, but the unimaginable happened: she lost this fight against Sunny! And Sunny had the chance to stand on her in victory pose!
  6. Orsi vs. Sunny 2. – 16′ – Did you think that Orsi will not take a revenge? Then you were wrong, of course! She is just to good to be defeated by a guy, who is obviously weaker and less important. Just watch the video to see how to turn a fight, take control, get the scores and step on the opponent proudly!
  7. Emma Hot vs. Peti, Box – 17′ – How lucky we are to have Emma Hot! She is basically a box expert, and she happily shows us her talent. Not only she is using wrestling holds perfectly, but gives Peter a bunch of punches in every position. Just hear the heavy breathing, and be jealous for Peter, with reason!
  8. Lana vs. Peti – 17′ – An intensive, but sensual fight with pretty blonde Lana! Peter is arrogant and bothering, as usual, but Lana is just the right girl for her: wouldn’t let herself being dominated by a man, because she is just too tough, too skillful, too proud, and too playful.
  9. Nani vs. Joseph – 16′ – Small and strong Nani is although new, she doesn’t have any fear of participating a mixed wrestling fight. Smartly she is using her weight to knock over Joseph, and take control immediately. Her tits are out, but it is doesn’t matter, because she has no distress in such a situation: she feels very comfortable in the battle of sexes.
  10. Yana Baby vs. Liviu – 16′ – Yana Baby is a giant woman, mostly compared to Liviu. She just easily packs him up into a small kit, and plays with him, as he was her small little toy in wonderland. Can you imagine being in his place, unfolded on the ground, your face pressed into the floor, and a foot same size as your head steps on you, continued in a huge, beautiful, proud and happy amazon?
  11. Corina vs. Liviu – 16′ – Corina is a horse rider girl, so she knows how to control a big male, only with her strong, muscular inner legs. Just tight him in between, squeeze him, and he’ll do whatever she wants.
  12. Diana vs. Peter 1. – 15′ – The Knock-Out Contest! Diana plays a cruel, sadistic, cold bitch in this one-sided fight. She knocks him out multiple times with scissors, choke holds and smothers. Peter tries his best, but all actions end with Diana putting him dream…
  13. Diana vs. Peter 2. – 18′ – The knock-out contest continues, but things are changing… Peter is getting more dominative, have Diana submit a few times, and at the end, for all of our surprise, there is a knock-out, but this time Diana looses her consciousness. Peter is the one, who proudly steps on her defeated body!
  14. Roxy vs. Miki 1. – 21′ – “I’d like a semi competitive match, sweating and quite intense, with the guy fighting back but with Roxy winning all the submissions. Roxy must win but I don’t want a fantasy video, I want something looking like a sports contest, with fighting from both competitor, but with the girl being better and more skilled and winning the submissions some action with some competition, with roxy winning the falls and a victory pose at the end. For holds, she can do head-scissors, figure 4’s, chest smother, rear choke holds, dreamers… I’d prefer the bikini she was wearing for her boxing video with Miki, tied hairs, and bare feet. Important thing for the action is intensity, not a fantasy thing where the guy just lays down. At the end of the video, victory pose: foot on chest, on face with biceps flex from Roxy. Video editing: at the end during the victory pose, the score with “Roxy wins x-0″.”
  15. Roxy vs. Miki 2. – 20′ – Second part of Roxy-Miki fight where Miki got defeated BIG TIME and cried like a girl! He couldn’t take Roxy’s holds and chokes, the bruises he suffered, but Roxy didn’t let him go, but tried to smash his bones…
  16. Yana Baby vs. Sunny – 18′ – Yana Baby is our new favorite! She has everything to be a star-wrestler: big and strong body, sport background, and kind attitude, which turns to winner and dominative attitude quickly. Her gorgeous body covered with lots of beautiful tattoos, so it is a pleasure to watch her being, moving, fighting!
  17. Caroline vs. Jean – 17′ – Jean came back, but it is a bigger news that Caroline looks fantastic! She has lost about 7 kilos, her skin is tan and her eyes are incredible blue. As per wrestling: now she is not only very pretty, but hasn’t lost her skills, so uses her full power and strong legs to defeat her opponent. This is more dominative fight, in a very good quality.
  18. Bianca vs. Jean 2. – 17′ – Bianca is back with a sexy new haircut and she is in a very good shape. She is giving Jean a hard time breathing, since she spent lots of time sitting on his face.
  19. Orsi vs. The Mexican – 32′ – The Mexican is an arrogant pro-wrestler who arrived here and declared that he can defeat all of our girls! We have put him together with Orsi first, and indeed, he is a qualified, trained and experienced wrestler, who is not ashamed to use all kinds of holds against woman. Maybe this time he had luck as well, but since his intention is to fight with most of our girls, we keep our fingers crossed that one of us will be able to show him where is his place exactly (under a female’s feet)!
  20. Suzie vs. Jean 2. – 16′ – Suzie has the natural ability to feel what men want. If they want gentleness, she is kind and comforting if the want to be submissive, she is dominative and powerful, and if they want to be defeated and loose, she is  strong and wins!
  21. Bianca vs. the Mexican – 19′ – Mexican, the arrogant pro-wrestler challenged Bianca this time, and the outcome is a spectacular fight. Bianca is in good shape after training, shows talent and skills, however, she can’t avoid being trapped in scenic holds, where her body parts are twisted out. She can’t avoid her destiny, either…
  22. Roxy vs. the Mexican – 53′ – This fight is a must have! Roxy found the Mexican arrogant from the first minute she saw him, and she had put all of her bad feeling, aggression and tense into this fight. We had to stop several times, because the fight became too serious. There were complaints from both sides regarding the other’s fighting style. I have to admit that Roxy has less complaint, as she pushed the 100% competitiveness, the Mexican would have been satisfied with an easier winning. Of course, it is not possible against Roxy, and both of them were full with injuries at the end.They have fought 60 minutes in a row.
  23. Victoria vs. The Mexican – 17′ – Victoria is in her best shape right now. Goes to 4 times a week to gym, and has many sessions. The Mexican challenged her – as his intention still is to defeat all of our girls -, but he wasn’t prepared for that at the end he’ll love Victoria this much. He said this was his most fairly competitive, most enjoyable, most exciting fight. It is good to watch how his arrogance turns to honor…
  24. Diana vs. The Mexican – 17′ – The Mexican this time give a bit of up his arrogance, since he respected this new experience: Diana is such a trained and skilled wrestler that he was better to enjoy a fair, but still tough fight… The Mexican must have been proud to apply head-sissors on Diana, but he took the same from her as well, and even he was satisfied with the outcome.
  25. Victoria vs. Miki – 31′ – First we see a guy, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, sitting comfortably on a couch (or somewhere) and reading a book. Behind him, Victoria sneaks into the room, quietly. She doesn’t make a sound – she slowly, secretly approaches the guy. She stands right behind him and smiles as she looks down at him. She very quietly removes her clothes, staying in a sporty bikini. He’s still unaware that the intruder is right behind him. And then she jumps on top of him, effortlessly overpowering him and pinning him to the ground. What ensues is a completely one-sided smothering/domination session, in which Victoria is smiling and giggling and moaning with pleasure, while the guy is crying, struggling feebly and begging for her to let him go. The majority of this custom clip should focus on face sitting. Victoria rubs her crotch into the guy’s face, rides it like a cowgirl, masturbates on the guy’s face – up to the point of having an orgasm on him. He can’t do anything to defend himself, even though he’s desperately trying. Victoria may quietly whisper to him, calling him “sweetie” or “baby”, shushing at him and assuring him she won’t hurt him. She enjoys it very much. The guy eventually loses his consciousness and Victoria lies down next to him, relaxed, satisfied and smiling. She plays with his prone body, running her hand along his face and chest. She whispers sweet things into his ear. She unbuttons his jeans and slides her hand into them. When he wakes up, she just pins his hands to the floor above his head and continues playing with him. Touching his chest and face (maybe kissing his face, if she’s okay with it?), putting her hand into his unbuttoned jeans. The guy struggles and begs her to stop. And then she climbs on top of him again and begins another face sitting masturbation. She rides him hard and moans with pleasure. The guy still struggles, but soon after loses consciousness again. Victoria, satisfied after her second orgasm, gathers her clothes and leaves. What I’m looking for is a girl who can convincingly play a superstrong rapist taking erotic advantage of a frightened weak man (it’s very important that the guy plays his part – he needs to be scared, he cannot enjoy this). Imagine a girl who’s strong enough to singlehandedly beat up a room full of grown men. Yes, she’s that strong – or at least she can play it convincingly. Now imagine this girl only having one man to dominate in that room. She could easily destroy him, without even breaking a sweat, but she’s in a sexy mood. She decides to use him as her sex toy instead – and she completely dominates him, teasing him, stroking him, kissing him, pleasuring herself, etc. etc. She gets aroused more and more when he begs for mercy and feebly attempts (and fails) to escape. She performs every possible facesit on him, grinding her bikini thong right into his screaming mouth. She toys with him as if she were a gigantic cat and he was just a tiny mouse. She will have a couple orgasms on his face in the video – and every time she finishes a facesit, satisfied and pleased – he loses consciousness. She fondles him and gropes him and strokes his crotch, his chest, his face – regardless of whether he’s conscious or not. She can immobilize him with just one hand or one foot, in whatever way she can.
  26. Roxy vs. Peter – 59′ – The task was, again, to provide Roxy a pretty good opponent, so someone might can defeat her. However, this is just a theory, because Roxy is just too talented. It is not only her strength, but more of her fearness and aggression. Something must have happened earlier which made her such a she-devil.
  27. Orsi vs. The Mexican 2. – 16′ – In tis second fight Orsi gets together all of her supernatural power and natural talent, and goes against the arrogant Mexican. She is much smaller, weaker as a female, but having training for years gives her self-confidence anyway, and, of course, just the right skills, to defeat this 2 meters monster.
  28. Lana vs. Jean 2. – 16′ – Sexy blonde domina in shiny black corset finds this old guy in the room and decides to wrestle him down, so she can take control, sit on his face, step on his head and choke him in her breasts…
  29. Orsi vs. Miki – 16′ – Orsi was here from London, again, for a short visit. We used this time to put her against Miki, and it was a good decision, since she could prove again her ultimate fighting skills. It didn’t take long for her to get the control of the fight and of him, and apply those famous holds which are distinctively Orsi’s marks. And what could Miki do? Only release some painful sighs, of course…
  30. Tia, Mary vs. The Mexican – 32′ – Tia and her friend, Mary is challenged by The Mexican, however, the fight becomes very aggressive and nasty. The Mexican is getting hurt by Tia, so he defeats Mary, the smaller one, in a dirty way. Tia is moaning, takes a deep breath and runs on her opponent to take revenge!
  31. Ella, Maya vs. The Mexican 1. – 15′ – Tia has arrived with two of her gang members. But, while they were walking on the street, The Mexican tried to robbed them. He didn’t know it won’t be easy, because Maya is a box trainer, and Ella is an experienced wrestler. One punched and kicked him while standing, and the other defeated him on the ground. Soon The Mexican realized who are these girls, so respectfully challenged them for a real street fight. 
  32. Ella, Maya vs. The Mexican 2. – 17′ – Tia has arrived with two of her gang members. But, while they were walking on the street, The Mexican tried to robbed them. He didn’t know it won’t be easy, because Maya is a box trainer, and Ella is an experienced wrestler. One punched and kicked him while standing, and the other defeated him on the ground. Soon The Mexican realized who are these girls, so respectfully challenged them for a real street fight.
  33. Tia vs. Zsolt – 16′ – For thai boxer Zsolt it is must be hard to fight without using kicks and punches. However, such a big boy with this sport background should be in much better condition. Only after a few minutes he asked for a break, and was in panic regarding the fight. No wander, Tia is in such a great shape, as usual. And, obviously, she is allowed to use her ju jitsu technic, so as a ground fight this is 100% real, and she is definitely better than Zsolt!
  34. Orsi.b vs. Sunny, The Private Session – 17′ – Orsi.b and Sunny are not able to decide what program should they watch on tv. Orsi.b wants to watch a Brazilian soap opera, and Sunny soccer. They decide to wrestle down this issue, and the winner win get the remote. Lots of POV action!
  35. Diana vs. Sebastian, Sunny – 36′ – Diana is in her best shape ever, since she goes to cross-fitness training twice a day, lately. Her body is as hard as a stone, and not to mention her superround ass! Sebastian and Suny has indeed no chance, when she’s on top, they are literally not able to move her. It looks like that it doesn’t help that they make a team of two against this amazon!

Fantasy wrestling videos:

  1. Escape from the Grindhouse – 16′ – She made a mockery of the local male fighters, even bludgeoned the champion’s face until his broken body had to be dragged from the cage. Did she honestly think they’d let her just walk away? Not in this town baby! Salene barely makes it to the door before she is gripped from behind, her limp form dropping from the cruel blow to the head. The Swedish fighter is dragged deep into the belly of the grind. A dark world that makes illegal cage fighting look like a stroll thru the park! She stirs to life as heavy metal blasts in the background, her psycho captors intent on welcoming her properly to the seedy world of fiery S&M. Salene has never felt more at home… Let the fighting begin!
  2. Man vs. Woman 1. – 12′ – 525 BC: There are no gloves, no referees, no rules in this ancient, bare handed battle of the sexes. He is a strong and experienced gladiator, she a ruthless and unrelenting vixen. Both warriors highly trained in the art of ancient combat. Who will win when we put them together in the jungle fighting pits of yore? The answer might or might not surprise you…
  3. Man vs. Woman 2. – 15′ – 525 BC: Long ago… on the grounds of this ancient battlefield, a man faced a woman in a trial of fiery hand to hand combat… Within minutes, a triumphant female was standing over his broken body, her oily fingers beckoning more male rivals to fight… Out of the mist appears an African destroying machine… He is strong and ruthless but she is cunning and SHE has a plan!
  4. Christine vs. Horn Dogs – 18′ – These masked marauders really live up to their names! They don’t simply want to wrestle women, they want to feel them up and degradation them! Christine is no great grappler, but she is certain she can whip these jobbers thoroughly. She would be right had the cheating duo not ganged up on the unsuspecting newbie… By the end of the match, this chick will know she’s been in handled by a couple of “real men!”
  5. The Split Up – 17′ – Unsure how to tell him you’ve found another true love… Oh, and that she’s a hot model too! Angelica knows how: invite your lesbian honey over to make out on your couch. Make sure your man sees you both in action. Then watch from the side, feeling yourself up while she rips him apart with her bare hands. That’s how a real woman does it! Erotic stuff, not competitive wrestling.
  6. Savage Tales: Anna – 12′ – Welcome to the fiery world of the hand to hand pit fighting! Sexy Anna stretches her muscles in preparation for the fight, caring little that her first opponent is a veteran male fighter. Antonio studies the well built amazon with careful eyes. He has learned never to underestimate an opponent. Within moments of entering the secret arena, the sounds of battle are bursting from the pit! Is Anna good enough to beat a strong male fighter? Will Antonio prevail against this hot body female warrior? You’ll have to see to find out!
  7. Savage Tales: Chante – 10′ – Kiet Singh was the best underground fighter LA had ever seen. But all that changed in late 2011 when that Swedish bitch, Salene crushed him in an unsanctioned underground match we’ll never forget! A severe concussion, multiple broken bones (including 4 shattered ribs) just for starters! Every second in recovery has consumed him with revenge! A return match is quickly arranged… his opponent, some New York stripper turned cage fighter named Chante. Perfect, his first match will be a blow out, just what he needs to rebuild his confidence. Be careful Chante, Kiet Singh is a jilted war machine and nothing is going to get in his way! At least… that’s the plan!
  8. Savage Tales: Elsa 1. – 10′ – Living in the shadow of Salene has not been easy for young Elsa…  Salene the Great, Salene the Unbeatable!  Alas, the day has finally come for Stockholm’s notorious daughter to step aside!  Elsa arrives in Los Angeles with only a bag, her fists and an unbeaten streak as impressive as her sister’s!  Finding her will be easy… simply follow the line of beaten male fighters and eventually she’ll find you!  Elsa is close and she knows it!   Look out Salene, your young sister has traveled far from Sweden to wipe the floor with your pretty little barbie doll body…  Her match today takes her one step closer to her ultimate reward.  Some local champ claims to know exactly where Salene is and Elsa knows exactly how to make him talk!
  9. Savage Tales Elsa 2. – 12′ – Sexy Salene’s ruthless domination of the underground circuit has finally made her the number one pit fighter on the west coast. Each new challenger torn apart by her deadly bare hands! Today’s match pits the reigning champion Salene against the former male champion Kiet Singh in an all out battle to the finish! Trailing Singh to the fight is Sweden’s other rising star (and Salene’s psycho sister) Elsa. Years of animosity and the desire to be the best have brought young Elsa to this very moment where she will prove herself to the world! Fight well Salene for your ultimate destiny lie lurking within the shadows…
  10. Savage Tales Elsa 3. – 9′ – Elsa looks on from afar as her deviant sister systematically destroys the male champion! With his body sprawled upon the ground, she enters the fighting area to greet sexy Salene face to face! The Swedish vixen has been looking forward to this reunion for a long long time. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from these two, this fight will end like it starts… fiery!
  11. Gamble on The Mat 1. – 19′ – Among a beautiful woman and a handsome guy there is one way to decide who will take over in bed: a wrestling foreplay gamble in money. The looser will be dominated. Unfortunately the fight is very one-sided, Peter is on top most of the times, giving Cathy Heaven really hard time, and winning her money.
  12. Gamble on The Mat 2. – 22′ Watch Cathy Heaven and Peter continue gambling on the mat. She wants revenge, takes control, dominates in an erotically charged fight, but who will take the money finally?
  13. The Greek God 1. – 24′ – Yana Baby is the prey the mob has offer to a Greek God. However, she is not a submissive type of prey, so she stands up for her rights and destroys this self-confident, selfish immortal creature.
  14. The Greek God 2. – 18′ – Yana Baby is the prey the mob has offer to a Greek God. However, she is not a submissive type of prey, so she stands up for her rights and destroys this self-confident, selfish immortal creature.
  15. MMA Babe vs. Mexican Lucador – 12′ – Isabella Starr is the ruthless young owner of some of the best “no holds barred” talent in underground wrestling scene.  Luchador is a rising mega star with an unusual talent of combining pain and degradation inside the ring. Their first meeting may not have gone as planned, call it Luchador’s audition.  Isabella is not the type of woman who takes no for an answer!  She watches his televised performance, a total one-sided beating of the reigning champion… and she wants him badly.  The stage is set for a face to face encounter which will change the course of Luchador’s career!  She dons her fighting attire as she has so many times before.  With a glass of wine in hand, she lies in wait for the new champion to appear…  No excuses, this time she will get what she wants and she wants the Luchador!
  16. Taken – 13′ – Somewhere beneath the Avenue Marceau exists a gritty, hot room known only to the local Parisian pit fighter, Cesaire.   It is there that Cesaire is keeping a dirty little secret and her name is Salene!  No woman with such a body can possibly fight so well.  He’ll give her a chance to prove herself before discarding her in the back streets of Paris.  But first he will play with his toy to his own perverted amusement…  Welcome to Paris Salene!
  17. The Revenge 1. – 17′ – First fight – Cathy Heaven comes into a guy’s house. After some short dialogue (her words and expression is cold), they begin to fight. (The fight should like the “bots style”: punches, kicks, wrestling, etc.) There will contains two ground and pound scene. One is in the middle of the fight. Cathy Heaven wrestles him down, mounts up on his epigastrium and starts the ground and pound (She must fully sit down on him, not only straddle. Namely, her ass should touch his body) This scene will be about 15 seconds. Then the guy manages to get rid of her. The other one is at the end of the fight. Cathy Heaven takes advantage and kicks the guy down. Then she quickly fully sits down astride his epigastrium and starts the ground and pound. It will be about 30 seconds. The guy submits after this and begs her for mercy. She asks him where another guy is. He says he will tell her while she gets off his body. She gets off him. But he just wants to run away. She quickly catches up him and wrestles him down, sits down on his face. (facing his body) After about 10 seconds she raises her ass and asks him speak or not. He says he doesn’t know. Then she sits down on his face again. This time she punches his body while sitting on his face. After about 15 seconds, she raises her ass and asks him again. He really submits and tells her the place. Cathy Heaven wants to punish and degradation him. She pushes him on all fours and rides on his back, then takes off her belt and orders him to mouth it as her rein. She rides him as a horse, orders him to crawl around the house. (Please give me about 2~3 minutes’ ponyplay scene here. Cathy Heaven must ride the guy as a real horse. She should straight her waist, grabs the rein, sits on the middle of his back, stably and firmly. Her feet should not touch the ground. Her body should not tilt. And she no need to speak a lot, just one or two “giddyap”). 
  18. The Revenge 2. – 21′ – Second fight: The location is a cage. ( just like the bots site “ The Grind House ” series ) Start by a ponyplay scene: Cathy Heaven rides the surrendered guy towards the cage. ( she should uses something as a rein ) The other guy sees her, and he is surprised and angry that his partner is being ridden by a girl. Cathy Heaven rides him into the cage, and still rides him around the cage. She and the other guy stares at each other. Her expression is cold, and a little proud. After riding the surrendered guy a circle around the cage, Cathy Heaven gets off him, points outside to order him go out. (just a gesture, no words) The guy crawls out like her pet. Cathy Heaven looks at the other guy. He is already furious. He rushes to her and they begin to fight. The fighting style is like the “ bots style ”, too. At the end of this fight is also a ground and pound: Cathy Heaven knocks the guy down, fully sits astride his epigastria firmly, and punches his face powerfully. This scene lasts 1 minute, until the surrendered guy who watches this fight outside sees his partner is really helpless under Cathy Heaven, so he emboldens himself to rescue him. He quietly steps into the cage and walks close Cathy Heaven’s behind. Then he suddenly holds her from behind and pulls her up. So his partner gets rid of her now, he stands up and wants to attack her in front. But Cathy Heaven raises her body up and locks his neck with her thighs… A few seconds later, all of the 3 people manage to get rid of each other.
    Third fight: Cathy Heaven stares at the two guys. She is furious. She takes off her tight outfit. ( Why the two guys do not attack her when she does this? Because they are attracted by her sexy movement and sexy body, although they are enemies and have hatred, they think they are 2 VS 1 so they aren’t afraid too much. Currently, they mesmerized by this sexy scene and forget what they should do…( Well, this just need some movements, no need to shoot from her start taking off outfit to the end ) But when Cathy Heaven gives one guy a hard punches to the face, their thought comes back. The final fight begins. 1 VS 2, and also the “ bots style ”. The fighting process choreography by you, too. And I just decide the end of this fight: At the end, Cathy Heaven knocks out the first-fight guy, and then wrestles or kicks the second-fight guy down and gives him a ground and pound. The ground and pound should last about 1 minute. (And all of the ground and pounds in the movie, Cathy Heaven must fully sit down on the guy, not only straddle.) She finishes him by this way. And then she wakes the first-fight guy up by a kick or some other movement. The guy sees his partner is beaten by Cathy Heaven, so he gives up and kneel down to beg her for mercy. Cathy Heaven orders him to kiss her feet, then kicks him down again and sits on his face (facing his body) to punish him. After about 15 seconds, she raises her ass and orders him to kiss and lick. (some lick to the ass groove) Then, she picks up her rein, orders him to mouth it, and rides on his back to leave the cage…
  19. Super Fights 2. – 6′ – After a long night of cat and mouse, Night Girl has finally located the ever elusive hero, Captain Invincible. She lay in wait as the exhausted and slightly intoxicated muscleman settles into his secret lair. Silently, she plans her revenge upon the half dressed crusader… his back is turned, his guard is down. Captain Invincible, meet the city’s newest bad ass… Night Girl!
  20. Birthday Surprise 1. – 12′ – She’s every man’s dream, a hot wife with a crazy, fiery streak and an unsatiable lust for women! Hubby plans the perfect conclusion to his wife’s special day… A sexy Swedish street fighter named Elsa who has a thing for other girls and a nasty reputation for tearing up the Las Vegas fighting circuit. This present does not need to be wrapped! Happy Birthday baby…  I’ve got something special for you this year!
  21. Birthday Surprise 2. – 8′ – Elsa has pissed off the wrong man!  It was supposed to be a dream fight, a sadistic beatdown scenerio between a husband and a wife, instead is was a disaster!  Hubby plans the perfect revenge.  He follows the Swedish street fighter to her home, stalking her silently to her door.  Her key is in the lock and there is no one around… he attacks! Elsa is taken completely off guard…  “Hi bitch, remember me!” he cries as the door swings shut.   Within seconds the neighbors awaken to groans and flying fists… the question is, are they Elsa’s or Hubby’s?
  22. Birthday Surprise 3. – 10′ – Unhappy with her husband’s less than stellar performance against Elsa, wife decides to take matters into her own hands. A meeting with Elsa is secretly arranged, a match the “fighter for hire” will not soon forget! But first, wife decides to hone her skills against a local pit fighter… bear hugs and body bending holds are his specialty. Just the kind of snack wife is hungry for. They meet in a discreet location on the seedy side of town. The pit fighter is strong as is wife… Prepare Elsa, for after this little love bout, she’ll be coming for you!
  23. Psycho Party Girl vs. The Mexican 1. – 34′ – A Psycho Party Girl drops herself on the coach with a glass of cocktail and starts to hallucinate of a sexy fight against The Mexican, with whom they are very attracted to each other. A fiery fight begins…
  24. Amazon Encounter – 8′ – They come from all over the civilized world…  men of Greece, Rome, Armenia, Syria, all of Asia Minor, for the sole purpose of proving their worth against the unbeaten Amazon nation.  A warrior delves deep into the jungles of the amazon, courage his only weapon.  It isn’t long before that courage is put to the ultimate test against a lone sentry… a warrior maiden yurning for blood.  For Pantariste, (who bare handed, destroyed Timiades in the battle between the Amazons and Heracles’ troops), he is but the fifth foolish male to cross her path this day!
  25. Jungle Challenge – 11′ – The weary amazon waits patiently for her male opponent to arrive. The secret rendezvous scheduled the day before in the heat of jungle battle. He appears just as he promised… The masked woman is mysterious and sexy. Punches, strikes, nut stomps and scissor holds… this amazon is one sick bitch!



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