A nice documentary of mixed, fantasy and female wrestling videos made in 2013, in 1280 x 720 .wmv, .avi, .mpg and .mp4 formats, with the belonging image sets.

Mixed wrestling videos:

  1. Elena vs. Sunny – 16′ – Elena is the new talent of Tia’s group. Welcome her and enjoy her enthusiastic attitude, which only a young girl has. She definitely has the talent, energy and fire to be a very good wrestler. Also, her blue belt in karate, and jitsu lessons from Tia helps a lot 🙂
  2. Maya vs. Joey – 47′ – A long, altogether 45 minutes fight in 2 parts. It was a custom order, and is better if you read this: “I’ve just watched it. This is a sensational video, from my point of view. Everything is perfect inside from beginning to the end. She did much better than I expected, and I loved also how intense the fight was and how she had to work to get the submissions. This is amazing job, and maya is very good.”
  3. Orsi.b vs. Mexican, Street Fight – 18′ – “The fantasy scenario is that Orsi.b is a female gladiator who has been put up against Bruno, the champion of all men, in a fight to the death. I would love to see her take down a big, fat man, but if this is not possible then any man is OK. The idea is that this is the ultimate battle of the sexes to prove if man or woman is the better fighter. Orsi.b is wearing a pink bikini and high heels that are of the same style as in the picture titled “High Heels” (black or red high heels would be great). She is also wearing make up to look extra good for the fight. As for the man, he is fighting in underwear only. The fight starts. Orsi.b takes control and delivers kicks to his ribs as well as the occasional kick to his balls. She only uses kicks during the fight and a few punches – no wrestling. The man screams in pain as she kicks him. At one point he screams “I give up!”. But she smiles and continues the slow and hard well placed kicks. She talks to the man as she beats him up, taking it with a sense of humor. At one point she grabs him and knees him in the balls. The man falls to his knees and is left leaning on her leg helpless just like in the picture I attached titled “Beaten”. Orsi.b looks down at the man smiling as he struggles in pain. She knows he is now beaten and just stands there as he is leaning helpless against her leg. After 20 seconds of enjoying watching the man wincing in pain, she plants a foot on his leg, and his chest leans forward so it is leaning against her leg. She keeps this position for a second, posing for the cameras. Orsi.b then takes the man to the wall and uses the side of her foot to slowly choke him out. The man makes loud choking noises and repeats “Mercy” over and over as she slowly chokes him out. His body slowly slides down until he is in a sitting position. She continues choking him with her foot until he is eventually knocked out. She then strikes a victory pose by planting a foot on his chest so that the heel of her foot pops out stylishly. When he recovers she helps him up and takes him to the middle of the room. She goes into the fight position but the man is finished and he just falls to his knees. She presses her foot against his chest, knocking him backwards onto the floor. She rolls him over with her foot so he is lying on his back right where she wants him and stands over his dazed body for a few seconds before planting a foot on his chest. Fight is over at in only 5 minutes. Orsi.b has beaten the male champion. For the remaining 10 minutes, Orsi.b celebrates her victory by striking stylish victory poses as the man lies helpless at her feet. He is only slightly conscious and in great pain. She poses by planting a foot stylishly only the man’s chest area and at a couple of points with her foot on his balls. When her foot is posed on his balls, she gives it a little massage at one point for extra humiliation. She poses as if a photo shoot were taking place. Around every 6 seconds, she changes the foot she is using to pose and strikes a new pose. The heel of her foot pops out of the heel every now and again as she arches it up. As she is posing over the beaten champion, she talks to the camera about her victory over the male champion. She can improvise here in whatever English she speaks and act like if she was really in that situation. After 5 minutes of posing with her heels on, she decides it is time to destroy him off. She asks him if he has any last words. He begs for mercy but she tells him to save it and begins using her foot to slowly crush his balls. The man is still a little alive after she breaks his balls so she uses her foot to choke him until he dies. She then takes off her heels and for the rest of the video, she does barefoot victory poses over his dead body by planting a foot in stylish ways on his chest area. She arches her foot upwards for style points as she plants it on him for extra style points.”
  4. Orsi.b vs. Mexican, Wrestling – 15′ – In their last fight, the male champion, The Mexican was defeated by a few of Orsi.b’s kicks and punches very quickly. Now she gives him one more chance, to compare their skills in regular mixed wrestling. And, as we know, Orsi.b is very good in that!
  5. Maya vs. Mexican – 47′ – This is was a custom-made video again, in which only Maya can get a score and she wins at the end. The result: “again an awesome video. you are just the best. thx for this amazing work. the video is perfect for me.”
  6. Orsi.b vs. Sunny, The Lesson – 19′ – Orsi.b is hired by Sunny’s parents to study with him, but she seduces him instead…
  7. Orsi.b, Lana vs. Miki, Sunny, The Lesson 2. – 21′ – “The story resumes where the first clip ended… Actually a few weeks later, Orsi.b called Sunny to apologize for what she did. She promised him to be a good girl and to study with him as her parents asked. She invited him at her home to continue the study tutoring. All this is just an excuse because Orsi.b has no intention of studying, and invited her brat friend Lana to help her to dominate Sunny in case he wants to escape. Sunny accepted the apologies and agreed to go back to Orsi.b house, but a little suspicious, he asked to a friend to join him for the tutoring (just in case Orsi.b decides to play a trick on him). Sunny’s friend has a big manhood, he thinks that women are the weaker sex and hates to be dominated by girls, especially by their feet or with wrestling holds.”
  8. Tia vs. Sunny, The Lesson 3. – 19′ – This time our Nerd, Suny annoys Tia, who really would like to just study with him. But, Suny can’t resist touching her desirable body in her gym suits. Tia warns him, but he doesn’t stop getting on her nerves, so she simply catches his wrists, puts him in some scissors, and foot dominates and slaps him. On the second five minutes, Tia is resting in her room in lingerie, but Suny comes again, with the same attitude. No other choice left than to kick him in his balls so he knees and to wrestle him down. At the third five minutes, Tia would enjoy sunbathing in bikini, but Suny jumps on her out of the blue – guess who survives?
  9. Victoria vs. Miki, Sex Through the Bikini – 32′ – “A guy has turned up to wrestle Viktoria; it is his first time for wrestling and he is nervous. Viktoria is very turned on by this and, caressing herself, says to the camera, “I think I’ll have some fun with this guy!” She is in a very cruel mood and, in the first five minutes, she scissors him and hurts his back, paralyzing him so that he is completely defenceless. He wants to stop but she stands over him, teasing him for a few minutes, getting more turned on by how helpless he is. All he can do is look up at her as she dances over him, showing him her perfect body. She decides to spend the rest of the 30 min face sitting him and smothering him in every possible way, occasionally standing over him and teasing him before lowering herself onto him again. All the time he is begging her to stop but she is smiling and laughing all the time and getting really turned on as he suffocates under her. She stands back up and he tells her that if she sits on him again it will destroy him; she smiles down at him and the camera shows his view of her as she slowly lowers herself onto him for the final time. She grinds herself and orgasms  on his face until he is completely still before kissing him and walking away.”
  10. Victoria vs. Miki, Destroy the Waiter – 19′ – “The name of the clip will be “destroy the waiter”. Viktoria will be a sexy and muscular wrestler on vacation, Miki will be a hotel waiter. She’s alone and bored in her hotel room so, she decide to “play cruelly” with the hotel room service waiter in 3 episodes: foot worship, mixed wrestling and mixed wrestling with light reversed molesting.”
  11. Roxy vs. Peter 2. – 58′ – A custom-made rematch between Roxy and Peter: “You can keep the same level of intensity as before, with peter trying to resist and fight hard, but this time Roxy really outwrestles him, dominates, proves to be much better than him and wins a lot of submissions by different holds. most important try to keep it realistic. She can taunts him and make fun of him a little from time to time during the fight. She wears the same bikini, tied hairs. If possible she keeps her navel ring.”
  12. Ella vs. Sunny – 16′ – Ella is our biggest new talent lately. She has the best trainer ever, Tia and obviously is the prime flight to the top. She is a funny cheerful girl, who loves to play around with guys and when she got Sunny in a hold, she smiled beautifully, but never let him go, even after submitting. Since Sunny had not much break to rest, he became exhausted quickly, and was even more humiliated by Ella, who was just making fun of him and teasing him endlessly. And between two jokes, with a quick movement she got him in another painful hold, til Sunny’s face became red, and wasn’t able to breath easily…
  13. Tia vs. Miki, Facesit Ride – 16′ – “This time I’d be looking for a “seemingly” competitive fight that quickly turns into a fully one-sided, domination/humiliation match. The male opponent is in a very aggressive mood at first, ready to fight, with his fists raised, like a boxer. Tia, on the other hand, is in a relaxed mood: seductive, sweet, completely unafraid. The guy walks around her like a fighter, preparing for combat – whilst Tia walks around him in a playful, gentle, seductive way, like a fashion model (as if his raised fists were nothing to be afraid of). When the fight starts, Tia easily dodges and avoids her opponent, dancing around him playfully and then catches his hands and puts him into a standing breast smother (effortless and very pleasant for her). She’s laughing and teasing him. When she releases him, she forces him down onto the ground and she finished him off with a sensual/erotic facesit, rocking her hips and “riding” his face. Then she wakes him up (gently, delicately), helps him stand up and another round begins. I imagine we could have three or even five quick “rounds” in a 15 minute video. Each round consists of: two fighters getting ready to attack – the guy is less and less confident after every round, less aggressive and more defensive – Tia is more and more entertained and playful after every round. Tia quickly captures her opponent – this can be a standing breast smother, a standing head-scissor, a sweet and seemingly delicate bearhug (with Tia smiling at her opponent from very close, whispering sweet words into his ear), or just a quick throw on the ground where Tia pins his head to the mats with her foot (again, in a sweet and seductive way, but the guy is suffering). Tia finishes the round by face sitting her opponent, in a sensual way. This can also be a “standing facesit” with Tia forcing her opponent’s head into her butt, or into her crotch. It’s humiliating for the male opponent and more and more pleasurable for the girl. Tia is enjoying the ride for a while, til Miki tires out, and a victory pose after that.”
  14. The Levels of Suffering 1., Victoria – 21′ – Miki is destroyed in one day through 75 minutes. Victoria starts the 4-parts saga, in MMA gear style outfit, to have a competitive fight with him. Then in the next part, Diana continues in the same manner. Denise is the third, in jeans, like a street fighter, and Zsuzsa finishes destroying him…
  15. The Levels of Suffering 2., Diana – 21′ – Miki is destroyed in one day through 75 minutes. Victoria starts the 4-parts saga, in MMA gear style outfit, to have a competitive fight with him. Then in the next part, Diana continues in the same manner. Denise is the third, in jeans, like a street fighter, and Zsuzsa finishes destroying him…
  16. The Levels of Suffering 3., Denise Sky – 15′ – Miki is destroyed in one day through 75 minutes. Victoria starts the 4-parts saga, in MMA gear style outfit, to have a competitive fight with him. Then in the next part, Diana continues in the same manner. Denise is the third, in jeans, like a street fighter, and Zsuzsa finishes destroying him…
  17. The Levels of Suffering 4., Zsuzsa – 22′ – Miki is destroyed in one day through 75 minutes. Victoria starts the 4-parts saga, in MMA gear style outfit, to have a competitive fight with him. Then in the next part, Diana continues in the same manner. Denise is the third, in jeans, like a street fighter, and Zsuzsa finishes destroying him…
  18. The Shades of Suffering, Zsuzsa – 21′ – Another series of street fighter girls versus one guy. In this fight, in street fighter clothes, Zsuzsa goes against Sebastian, giving him an introduction of female power.
  19. The Shades of Suffering, Zsuzsa, Sandra Romain – 22′ – Ultimately sexy and dominative Sandra Romain teams up with Zsuzsa. These street fighter girls are tough and merciless together against Sebastian…
  20. The Shades of Suffering, Sandra Romain – 22′ – Sebastian’s third fight in a row. He already lost against Zsuzsa, and in the 2 vs. 1 fight, against Zsuzsa and Sandra Romain. Now he is exhausted, but still should be stronger then a girl, as this is Sandra’s second fight as well. Obviously, he is giving hard time to Sandra, but she never thinks herself as a looser, what she is expressing in several way, mostly verbally…
  21. Victoria vs. Jean 4. – 16′ – A nice rematch between Victoria and Jean!
  22. Roxy vs. Attila –  47′ – Attila is a good opponent for Roxy, at least regarding the size, strength and condition. However, still not enough…
  23. Attila’s Pain, Orsi – 31′ – Attila is being challenged by Orsi, Ella, Orsi.b and Tia in a row, one after each other! Guess how he felt at the end…
  24. Attila’s Pain, Ella – 21′ – Ella against Attila.
  25. Attila’s Pain, Orsi.b – 21′ – Orsi.b against Attila.
  26. Attila’s Pain, Orsi.b, Ella – 21′ – Orsi.b and Ella against Attila.
  27. Attila’s Pain, Tia – 31′ – Tia against Attila.
  28. Zsolt’s Tough Day, Mira – 22′ – You might don’t know, but Zsolt is a manager in his civil life. From time to time, we invite him to being destroyed with our best girls. He usually gives orders to others, but not in our territory. On this Sunday, Mira starts giving him a big beating, then Orsi.b and Suzie continues it… We bet that on Monday, when he starts to deal with his employees, he remembers his shame from previous day very well…
  29. Zsolt’s Tough Day, Mira, Orsi.b – 18′ – Mira and Orsi.b against Zsolt.
  30. Zsolt’s Tough Day, Suzie, Orsi.b – 27′ – Suzie and Orsi.b against Zsolt.
  31. Zsolt’s Tough Day, Suzie – 27′ – Suzie against Zsolt.
  32. Zsolt’s Tough Day, Orsi.b – 27′ – Orsi.b against Zsolt.
  33. Peter’s Defeat, Denise Sky – 23′ – Peter’s defeat series, carried out by Diana, Victoria, Zsuzsa and Denise!
  34. Peter’s Defeat, Victoria – 23′ – Victoria against Peter.
  35. Peter’s Defeat, Zsuzsa, Denise Sky – 11′ – Zsuzsa and Denise Sky against Peter.
  36. Peter’s Defeat, Victoria, Diana – 11′ – Victoria and Diana against Peter.
  37. Peter’s Defeat, Diana – 22′ – Diana against Peter.
  38. Peter’s Defeat, Zsuzsa – 23′ – Zsuzsa against Peter.

Fantasy wrestling videos:

  1. Tia vs. Zsolt, Sunny – 31′ – Tia is having a push ups and sit ups competition with Zsolt and Suny. Of course, after defeating both of them, she is still able to do more push ups. She goes against the two guys one buy one, giving each a head start, so each opponent gets in a hold Tia, then the battle starts… Usually it only takes a few second for her to get out and turn the fight. The action is real, and the truth is that not so many people could defeat Tia. Definitely not Zsolt or Suny.
  2. Mission Accomplished, Roxy, Denise Sky – 21′ – Roxy and Denise Skye are skilled assassins, who are ordered to eliminate a very dangerous guy, named Peter. Peter is a professional fighter, just participating in a competition. The two hitwomen enter the competition, and goes against him. In a fair fight Peter gains self-confidence, but some time later it is obvious that the two girls are able to overpower him. What he doesn’t know, is that they not only want victory, but his life as well…
  3. Tia vs. Joey, Finish Him! – 17′ – This is a 2-parts series, in which Tia’s task is to destroy Joey for his following fight against Ella and Bianca. Tia is in her best shape ever, just a day before an international grappling competition, so her condition is on top. I think we don’t have to emphasize the result of this fight, but we are very proud that she got a gold on the competition after, as well!
  4. Ella, Bianca vs. Joey, Finish Him! – 30′ – In the last part, Tia has tired out Joey for the girls. Bianca steps in with Ella, in MMA style gear with sports bras and long black soccer socks, and go against him, one after the other. Joey has to put 100% in it, and when he is getting tired, the girls start to humiliate him verbally, and by slapping, ballgrabbing him. An ironic but intense fight, with real bruises on Bianca’s knee and Joey’s toe…
  5. Diana, Victoria, Zsuzsa vs. Joey – 17′ – What a man possibly can do when Hungary’s best wrestler girls team up to defeat him? Even if he is such a big guy like Joey. Maybe it is worst to build muscles and sweat in the gym every day to be a “real strong and good looking man”, then being completely humiliated by girls…
  6. Victoria vs. Miki – 22′ – This was an order from a customer, who wasn’t really satisfied with the outcome, because it was not enough one-sided. Actually, he was right, because this is a very intense, tough fight between two, physically equal opponent. Miki puts 100% in it, so the fight is more balanced and exciting…
  7. Mira vs. Miki, Box – 16′ – We have an interesting new girl, who has been practicing martial arts for 12 years now. She was a professional boxer and now into jiu jitsu. At first, you can get a clue of her boxing skills…
  8. Anita vs. Sunny, Daydream – 19′ – Sunny is watching Anita-Zsolt video at home. He falls asleep on the couch, and dreams about having a fight with Anita. At the end, when he wakes up, the pain feels real…
  9. Tia vs. Sunny, Face Sitting Takedowns – 30′ – “I was thinking of a simple video concept: semi-competitive face sitting. A session where Tia is challenged to win as many face sitting takedowns as possible within 30 minutes. Every time her opponent is made to tap out, she scores a point. I wonder how many points she can get? ;)”
  10. Dream Wars 5., Caroline vs. Zsolt – 32′ – Caroline and Zsolt are living in the same apartment, but they are not really close. Zsolt often think of her, amazed by her body, and Caroline notices this. At night, they dream about each other, having a wrestling battle. Zsolt wants to overpower her and use her body to satisfy himself, while Caroline wants to defend herself and take revenge. Soon their dream became the same one, and when Zsolt dominates, Caroline has a restless sleep, and when Caroline takes advantages on him, Zsolt shakes his head in the bed. Toward the end Caroline starts to win, and after the final cruel hold Zsolt passes out, and suddenly wakes up from this nightmare. Caroline is satisfied and smiles, when she wakes, and when they meet next time, she is more confident, but Zsolt is not, anymore…
  11. Orsi.b vs. Zsolt, Neck Break – 10′ – 8 different scenes of neck-break stories, following a custom order…
  12. Tia vs. Zsolt, Crash of the Egos – 20′ – This was a custom order, was supposed to be 3o minutes, but we couldn’t have finished. Tia and Zsolt started playfully, but there must have been some fear from both side. A little tension started to grow, then we had to stop after every few minutes because of the complaint of one or the other. It looked like that they smoothed out their problems, then Tia choked Zsolt, for which he dropped Tia in her back. I watched her, and she looked ok, not angry at all, then after the next movement she shouted and wanted to stop they fight. Guys, somewhere we know that these are “just” videos, but still, some of us can’t leave our egos behind. We can’t take guys fighting hard back… we have to win, no matter what and how!
  13. Visitor’s Reward – 27′ – You can see in this video, what a sudden visitor gets, when he is uninvited…
  14. Underground Brawlers 1. – 13′ – Two fighters meet for the ultimate showdown… a boxer with a sorted past, a sexy mysterious woman, unbeaten in the ring. The combatants merge in a “2 enter, only 1 leaves” battle to the finish. Its sexy and brutal combat at it’s best. Not to be missed!
  15. Savage Tales: Tristen – 5′ – A sexy female pit fighter is challenged by the male champion. He is larger and powerful. By every measure, she should not stand a chance. However, Tristen is no ordinary woman. She is a cruel, unyielding bitch during the day and even more so in the pit! The male champion mocks her to press in… taunting her to attack. The fight is on!

Female Wrestling videos:

  1. Orsi.b vs. Lana, Thai Box – 15′ – “Film the girls getting undressed and changing into their Thai boxing shorts and getting their gloves tied on before the match. The girls are to be bare foot. Some footage of them warming up and stretching and then entering the ring to stand in their corners. Can you interview them separately standing in their corners – ask them what they think of the idea for the video, do they like wearing the Thai boxing shorts and what they think of the idea of wrestling with boxing gloves, if they think they’ll win and then say hi to me and hope I enjoy watching the fight. Is it possible for you or one of the other girls to referee the match? If it’s not possible for the whole match could you or another girl call the 2 girls to the centre of the ring where they are explained the rules of the fight – that it’s a Thai boxing wrestling match with pins to a count of 5 and submissions. Then tell the girls ‘may the best girl win, go back to your corners and when the bell rings come out fighting’. If you can stretch the video time, then after every pin or submission the girls go and sit in their corners for a 30 second break. If you could film the girls while they sit in their corners that would be great. As for the boxing it’s up to the girls how far they want to take it themselves as it’s really about the wrestling with boxing gloves and no-one should get hurt. At the end of the fight could you bring the girls to the centre of the ring & hold up the winners hand and could you do a final interview asking the girls if they enjoyed the fight and if they could say goodbye to me & that they hope I enjoyed watching them Thai boxing / wrestling.”
  2. Orsi.b vs. Lana, Freestyle Wrestling – 16′ – “Orsi B is to wear blue and Lana red – hopefully the smaller singlet/outfit will fit Lana, she can at least wear them as shorts if the shoulder straps are too tight. The girls are to be bare foot. This match is to be pins only to a count of 3. Again, if you or one of the other girls could referee the match – or if not for the whole match – could you call the girls to the centre of the mat, explain the rules that ‘it is a freestyle wrestling match with pins to a count of 3 and that it is to be a good clean fight’. As above a longer video than 15 minutes would be great as it allows for the girls to build up a sweat. At the end of the match can you or one of the other girls bring the girls to the centre of the mats and hold up the winners hand and could you do a final interview asking the girls if they enjoyed the fight and if they could say goodbye to me & that they hope I enjoyed watching them wrestling?”
  3. Victoria vs. Orsi.b, Thai Box – 27′ – “As the video is 30 minutes there is more time for filming the girls
    1. Film the girls getting changed outside the ring, can you or one of the other girls tie their gloves on, can you please tie the laces around the base of the gloves or use some white tape to cover the laces of the gloves to stop them falling out of the gloves (I’ve attached a photo). 2. Film them getting into the ring, standing in opposite corners and then you interview them – same as for Custom videos 1 & 2, what do they think of the idea for the video, the outfits, say hi to me & hope I enjoy watching them etc. 3. Can you bring the girls to the centre of the ring and tell them the rules etc (photo attached of how that might look). 4. As the video is for 30 minutes it allows for rounds and 1 minute breaks, I’d say 6 rounds = 18 minutes of fighting with 5 minutes of break and the rest of the video is them getting ready etc and the end of the match (you can let me know if this is ok to do). 5. Can you use a bell for the rounds and can you film the girls as they sit in their corners – I don’t know if any of the other girls you may be working with on the weekend would be available to be in the corners with Orsi & Victoria to give them water etc (photos attached of how that might look) It would be great if they could use water spray to cool down as it would look very sexy. 6. I’d like for the fight to be as competitive as possible, obviously the girls should have fun and not get hurt but they can be competitive in the wrestling
    7. Pins to 5 and submissions. 8. When filming can you try to get full length shots of the girls – same with the photo’s – your photo’s for Custom videos 1 & 2 were great but they were mostly close in of their upper bodies, both girls are very pretty & have very cute feet so it would be nice to see them fully from head to toe. 9. At the end of the fight you bring them to the centre (photos attached) and hold the winner’s arm up and then the loser’s and then interview them – same as Custom videos 1 & 2, ask did they enjoy the fight, hope I enjoyed watching them etc.”
  4. Victoria vs. Orsi.b, Freestyle Wrestling – 30′ – As the video is 30 minutes there is more time for filming the girls getting dressed and ready for the match and for the pre-fight interview – same as Custom Video 1 & 2, say hi to me etc. 1. Can you bring the girls to the centre of the mats, introduce them by holding their arms up and explain the rules? 2. The fight is pins only to a count of 5. 3. Pins don’t count if the foot is controlled. 4. When filming can you try to get full length shots of the girls – same with the photo’s – your photo’s for Custom videos 1 & 2 were great but they were mostly close in of their upper bodies, both girls are very pretty & have very cute feet so it would be nice to see them fully. 5. The fight is to be a competitive as possible – similar to what DWW film (I know Orsi B & Victoria have worked with them so they will know the standard) and the matches that you have had. 6. As the fight is longer than 15 minutes the girls could have a break and sit in opposite sides of the mat, again if there were any girls around during the filming to give water and spray the girls it would look great.
    7. At the end of the fight you hold up the winners hand and then the losers hand and then you interview them, how they thought the fight went, hope that I enjoyed it etc.
  5. Orsi.b vs. Lana – 16′ – Just in the break of the video shootings, Lana and Orsi.b tried up some sexy outfits and started to wrestle for their own pleasure. The outcome is a sexually charged fight between these two babes.
  6. Tia vs. Bianca, Bridge – 17′ – “The contestants wrestle by Olympic freestyle wrestling rules where the purpose is to put your opponent’s shoulders to the mat, say for a count to two. I want it to be a close contest where both opponents are in trouble several times during the match. By trouble I mean that one wrestler gets in a near pin situation and desperately goes in a bridge position to avoid the pin. Bridging is when you have only your head and toes on the ground and your belly is high up in the air. The important thing of bridging is to keep your shoulders up in the air and not touching the mat. When both shoulders touch the mat simultaneously the count is started by the referee and if the wrestler can not lift her shoulders quickly off the mat, for example by bridging, the count is finished and the match is over. However if the girl in trouble bridges and successfully elevates her shoulders in the air before the referee can count to two the match continues. If the same girl has her shoulders to the mat again the count is restarted from one. I want that the wrestlers can bridge for a long time, like a minute or more if possible. It is also important that the wrestler in trouble show agony and desperately want to avoid the pin. As I mentioned earlier I like it to be a close contest where both wrestlers get into trouble several times during the match and needs to bridge for longer periods of time to avoid being pinned. The end of the match should come after one girl has been in a bridge position for a very long time so she is really exhausted and then suddenly she gets out of trouble and the second girl finds herself in a pin situation. Surprised and desperately the second girl goes in a bridge position with her toes on the mat, she tries as hard as she can to avoid being pinned but after some time the pin is inevitable. There is a surprise winner!”
  7. Victoria vs. Zsuzsa, Bridge – 16′ – “I would like to order a custom video with Victoria and Zsuzsa. I would like the same match type as I have ordered before, with lots of near pin situations, in olympic style wrestling in thongs. The girls should be able to bridge high on their toes, and desperately want to avoid the pin by bridging as high and as long time they can. I also want the agony to show in their faces when they realize that they have to bridge high to avoid a humiliating pin. Booth girls should be in a near pin situation several times during the match, having to bridge desperately on their toes to avoid being pinned.”
  8. Caroline vs. Orsi.b, Nude Erotic Bridge – 18′ – “I would like the girls to start wrestling in thongs. There will will be a lot of near pin situations where the girls desperately try to bridge as high as possible on their toes. Every bridge situation does not have to end in a pin but the girls can avoid the pin and sometimes turn the opponent into a dangerous near pin situation so the girls previously in charge of the wrestling match now have to bridge to avoid being pinned herself. After the first pin the pinned girl have to wrestle nude. Once a wrestler is nude and is put in a near pin situation sexual holds or moves are allowed. The girl in charge can lick the bridging girls pussy or use her fingers or suck the opponents tits to make the girl in trouble horny. The girl in charge can also use her own pussy to face-sit the bridging opponent or force the bridging girl to lick or kiss her feet.”
  9. Ella vs. Orsi.b – 16′ – Ella – who is an upcoming wrestler, with a huge advantage: trained by Tia – against Orsi.b, who we know very well, already. Both girls have the same weight and condition, but on one side there is a good trainer, and on the other, years of experience, so the winner is not obvious at all…
  10. Workout with Tia and Kyra – 7′ – Watch Tia at the gym doing a warm-up training with Kyra. You can get behind the scenes of the girls building their terrific muscles.
  11. Detty vs. Lana, Nude Chess Fight – 18′ – “The girls start with a pussy king play. Which makes it more sexy? After some move the fight begins. The winner takes place at the chessboard and the loser has to lick the pussy. I like the pussy and the king, and i like the loser should lick the winners pussy.”
  12. Ella vs. Gucci, Oil Fight – 16′ – Wow, hot hot hot! See Ella vs. Gucci in a great and very intense oil wrestling match! Both are real wildcats and they just get wilder and wilder in the fight, so you’ll love them!
  13. Kyra vs. Mary, Muscle Battle – 25′ – A fight between 2 muscular fitness girls. Kyra and Mary, both from hungary, and both are real dreamgirls. It is not a fight of perfect martial arts specialists, but its a girl fight which we also love to see. It is a must have for fans, who wants to see well-trained and powerful girls fighting it out. Don’t miss this match, you will love it!



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