A nice documentary of mixed, fantasy and female wrestling videos made in 2015, in 1280 x 720 .wmv and .mp4 formats, with the belonging image sets.

Mixed wrestling videos:

  1. Suzie vs. Attila – 22′ – Suzie in her best shape ever. She is after years of training, muscular skilled and very self-confident. It is a pleasure to watch her fight!
  2. Suzie, Athina vs. Attila – 17′ – Next part of the new series, in which Suzie, of course a professional, and although Athina is a newcomer, she is pretty talented anyway, destroying guys…
  3. Athina vs. Attila – 48′ – After Suzie has helped a lot, the tatami is Athina’s now, to prove her newly learned skills against Attila. But, she is a natural…
  4. Suzie vs. Joey – 21′ – Suzie and Athina makes a good team, so we decided to put them together once more, but this time against Joey. he is bigger and more experienced fighter than Attila, so lets see if the girls can handle him…
  5. Suzie, Athina vs. Joey – 17′ – Suzie and Athina makes a good team, so we decided to put them together once more, but this time against Joey. he is bigger and more experienced fighter than Attila, so lets see if the girls can handle him…
  6. Athina vs. Joey – 48′ – Athina against Joey.
  7. Roxy vs. Joey – 44′ – It is good to see Roxy again, this time in a competitive fight against Joey. Real temper, real scissors and real pain! Short interview at the beginning.
  8. Mira vs. The Mexican – 18′ – In the fantasy wrestling category, Mira is just being defeated and moreover, humiliated by The Mexican. But, on the same shooting day, she took a nice revenge on him…
  9. Kyra vs. Zsolt – 64′ – What a tiring day for Zsolt! In a row, he had a fight against these 3 amazons, Jenna, Kyra and Rebecca. 30 minutes 3 vs. 1, then 6o minutes against each. All of the are from Tia’s club, so, you can imagine how he felt at the end. However, he also made some scores and even won a fight / you need to watch them all to find out, which one!
  10. Jenna vs. Zsolt – 64′ – Zsolt has fought Kyra, Jenna and Rebecca in a 3 vs 1. The now battle scarred Zsolt is  taking on the strong and pretty Jenna!  Will Jenna destroy his pride?
  11. Zsuzsa vs. The Mexican – 64′ – The harsh and talented Zsuzsa is up against the Mexican. She shows how to wrestle for real. She makes sure that the Mexican won’t get out of her hands so easily. Only question is, can the Mexican counter her experience?
  12. Rebecca vs. Zsolt – 61′ – The cute and busty Rebeca is up against Zsolt. Zsolt tries to get a proper hold of her, but Rebeca always seems to slip out. Will this be enough for Rebeca to win?
  13. Orsi.b vs. The Mexican – 59′ – The beautiful and talented Orsi B. challenges the unforgiving Mexican for a match. They struggle against each other. Both of them try to come out victorious. Find out who wins!
  14. Kyra, Rebecca, Jenna vs. Zsolt – 29′ – What a tiring day for Zsolt! In a row, he had a fight against these 3 amazons, Jenna, Kyra and Rebecca. 30 minutes 3 vs. 1, then 6o minutes against each. All of the are from Tia’s club, so, you can imagine how he felt at the end. However, he also made some scores and even won a fight / you need to watch them all to find out, which one!
  15. Orsi.b, Victoria, Zsuzsa vs. The Mexican – 47′ – This time the Mexican has to rival against three amazing girls. Can he hold up against all three of them? Will he be dominated or can he overwhelm them and come out victorious?
  16. Kyra vs. Attila, The Mexican – 48′ – The insanely strong Kyra now takes on two big built wrestles at once! The battle between the three takes the situation to the limit! Will Kyra be victorious, or this is her time to throw in the towel. Find out.
  17. Athina vs. The Mexican, BF Daybreak – 48′ – Mexican is tired of the previous matches, so Athina takes the chance and uses it for her advantage. Will the Mexican get a hold of himself by the end of the match?
  18. Tiffany, Diana, Athina vs. Zsolt – 31′ – The cute Tiffany, the experienced Diana and the sexy Athina give a lesson for Zsolt. They show him, that even if they are girls, they have what it takes to dominate him.
  19. Athina, Diana vs. Zsolt – 45′ – All two girls are out for Zsolt. He has to compete with each and every one of them at the same time to demonstrate his capability. Can he score against all three of them?

Fantasy wrestling videos:

  1. Athina, The Lesson 6. – 49′ – Welcome this stupid teacher again, who thinks he knows more than his young students. But, at the end, he is always under. In this video, he gives a lesson to Athina, who gets bored and starts to flex. Guy doesn’t believe that she is preparing for wrestling class. She says that she has defeated many guys, and she also challenges him. He jumps on her, but she quickly turns the battle. A fiery fight starts, and she is dominating most of the time. He becoming more and more humiliated, played with his ego, face and glasses, but at a point ha manages taking off of her bra. The fight continues, and in the third part she KO-s him. When he wakes up, she is flexing again. He jumps on her, only to receive more beating, and a long foot domination part. Toward the very end, he is chocked by a long kiss, and when he becomes conscious again, his hands are tightened, his mouth are closed with tapes, and Athina is very satisfied since he will be her slave…
  2. Humiliating Maledom, Nikky Thorne 1. – 51′ – One of our best video in our opinion. Nikky Thorne is giving a lecture by The Mexican, although she puts her best against him… “Hi, Just finished reviewing the video! And you said  “in my opinion it came out great”. Unfortunately i cannot agree… in my opinion… it came out MUCH MORE than great!!! It’s officially the BEST maledom video i’ve customed so far! Even better than the one Orsi.b did last time!! (don’t tell her ;p). Thank you all for putting up such a great custom! Well where should i begin.. It’s funny that we never managed to get our original choice of girls for the custom. Mira was always unavailable and turned out Orsi, Vicky and this time Nikki. And all 3 of them finally did an amazing job! The video length is perfect, thanks for remembering it’s 45 minutes this time.! I like the way that Nikki was cocky and humiliating the Mexican at the beginning and then got punished and lectured by Mexican eventually. Nikky is definitely one of the best actress i’ve seen so far! Hot, very professional and has a very flexible body…. it was so flexible that i was wondering…. is she a yoga master? There are so many painful moves pulled out by the Mexican that i believe ONLY she will be able to endure! She also managed to play the role and sold all the moves very professionally and convincingly! Actually, with all the effort that the Mexican pull out, it would’ve been a bit weird if there are no scream at all 😉 And the Mexican, well, what can i say, as always, he’s the best in delivering this kind of maledom role! He’s strong, has a great body and at the same time, very technical with all the wrestling moves, and I also like how he teased back in the later part of the match! The lighting and sounds are also done in a perfect way. All in all i would give this custom a 98 out of 100! Thanks again!”
  3. Humiliating Maledom, Mira 1. – 49′ – “Well since this is our 4th customs already, i am pretty sure the Mexican knows my taste well 😉 AND, nice new mask by the way! Anyway as promised here’s the slightly modified requirement for the coming Mira vs Mexican humiliation match. And feel free to pass this to the Mexican directly! He’s my best and favorite wrestler for this role! (no kidding, there is NO one as good as him in all the companies i’ve scripted a custom with!) – The Mexican used to be quite silent in the past against Orsi and Victoria, but he spoke more and teased Nikky in our last custom! Which was actually very great and well done!!!  It definitely added more element to this maledom match! Please feel free to do so again in the match against Mira! (after all, in our scenario it’s always the girls humiliating the Mexican at the very beginning, so it makes perfect sense for him to revenge! 😉 – As you suggested it can be based largely on Nikki script. Feel free to change the order of the submission holds a bit but as always, save all those painful leg spreading moves at the later part of the match. – It’d be great to have the Mexican applies some sleeper / choke holds on Mira and leave her half consciously laying on the ground and catching her breath, with camera slowly filming it. And before she could get up, Mexican grabbed her and put her in another submission again (like the later part of Nikky’s vid). – she can also lay almost unconsciously on the ground, but the Mexican put her into the next submission hold anyway, and have her waken up by the pain 🙂 (this is a bit different from our previous customs). – please be reminded to keep the filming alternate angle between Mira’s face and legs moves like single leg boston crab and figure 4 leg locks, for the other humiliation submission, you guys are the expert in filming already. – I’ve attached a move description for the last hold (finisher!!!) It’s actually also from your site (bfc136. Auditions 1.) ! (i even suspected that Hellion guy, is the Mexican…!). – last but not least, i understand that scream might not be Mira’s thing, and I know it will be hard to compare with Nikky’s performance but please, try to act as convincing as possible. I once had a custom with everything perfectly executed except the girl was laughing and giggling somewhere during the matches.. that basically ruin the whole thing. But then again, you guys have never let me down 🙂 do I won’t be worry on that end. (or, please, Mexican try to make her act as real as possible! haha 😉 oh btw, this is the pink bikini i mentioned for Mira’s attire.”
  4. Humiliating Maledom, Mira 2. – 63′ – The sexy Mira is up against the big and unforgiving Mexican. He shows her that wrestling isn’t just a game. The Mexican’s efficient moves make Mira vulnerable and wide open. It would be a shame if the Mexican wouldn’t use that for his advantage. Don’t worry. It’s not the case this time.
  5. Humiliating Maledom, Nesty 1. – 48′ – “like our previous custom, Nesty got nasty (!) and submits and humiliates the Mexican at the beginning (Best is with legs scissors/sleepers), that makes Mexican angry and revenge for the rest of the match! (well, pretty much our usual maledom humiliation scenario. but like Mira match, Nesty can struggle and fight back in between). I liked all the submission holds that the Mexican pulled out. sleeper scissors, body stretches, arm locks, camel clutches etc,  Shall we do a 60 minutes match, Mexican please feel free to be creative and use more interesting moves!”
  6. Humiliating Maledom, Nesty 2. – 67′ – “60 minutes match, Nesty in white bikini, the Mexican the same (also, no nudity). please ask Nesty to struggle / fight back more during submissions (just like Mira’s match!), and please act even more in pain and reluctant during the match 🙂 Mexican please ignore Nesty’s tapping outs, and keep on the submissions for longer… same as previous customs, the Mexican will apply some creative leg spreading/stretching submissions, (and less leg locks than last time). the Mexican did amazing jobs in taunting and teasing his victims, please continue! (he’s also good at making his victim tears with various torturous holds… nasty… like it!). since it’s an 1 hour match, and after some intense submissions (just like the Destroyer Rack), please allow Nesty to stay down a bit and in pain, and have the camera move around her (similar to your end matches filming). Nesty seems to be quite flexible in our previous custom. So Mexican please also apply some arm / shoulder submission holds. as for the finisher, please let Mexican decide! hope to see the most creative and painful looking + humiliating leg spreading submission ever! (otherwise can use the previous one, ground octopus hold) :)”
  7. Succubus 1. – 6′ – Succubus, the ancient female demon wanders ever deeper into the wild jungle, searching for only the strongest of male warriors to defeat in vicious hand to hand combat! A magnificent warrior soon approaches… Succubus moves to attack…
  8. Succubus 2., The Thirsting – 8′ – The seductive demon changes forms as her unsuspecting prey is brought back to life, made to relive a battle of hand to hand combat against the sadistic Succubus. Will the warrior’s strength be enough to finally end the demon’s tyranny… or will he simply be added to the list of so many defeated opponents?
  9. Succubus 3., The Final Reconing – 8′ – Defeated again and again, ravaged warrior is but a play thing to the crazed demoness. But, just as she finishes off her toy for the final time , Succubus finds herself in a dark netherworld. A world not of this Earth or the underworld. Across from her, the male warrior is granted a final battle to rid the world of Succubus’ cruelty once and for all! It’s a dark, damp place… a perfect fighting pit for the queen of evil!

Female wrestling videos:

  1. Victoria, Orsi.b vs. Catfight Wrestling 1. – 11′ – Two pretty girls fight for the very end. They can’t control their emotions and the wrestling bursts out into a messy battle.
  2. Victoria, Orsi.b vs. Catfight Wrestling 2. – 10′ – Part 2.
  3. Roxy vs. Nikky Thorne, Bridge – 19′ – “I also like it to be an even contest where both wrestlers have to bridge desperately several times. I especially like the position where one wrestler almost facesit the wrestler in bridge position like Veronica vs Orsi in the last video you made for me. If possible I like the wrestlers to warm up doing stretching and especially bridges before the match starts. I also like to have as short count as possible when one wrestler is pinned with both shoulders touching the mat simultaneously. That will force the wrestler in bridge position to desperately want to avoid both her shoulders touching the mat at any time. I like when the wrestler in trouble really shows agony in her face knowing she is almost pinned. I also like it to be several situations where the wrestler in a bridge suddenly escapes and instead forces her opponent to bridge desperately.” 
  4. Victoria vs. Orsi.b, Bridge 2. – 18′ – It is a custom order from our dear customer, Tony. He loves to watch girls in bridges, so the rules are as usual: tough fight, but score only if there is a pin, so in order to avoid them, the girls need to go up to their head and toe…
  5. Victoria vs. Orsi.b, Bridge 3. – 17′ – Orsi B. and Victoria are up against each other. They put all their might to escape from each others holds with desperate bridges. Find out who wins!



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