A nice documentary of mixed, fantasy and female wrestling videos made in 2016, in 1280 x 720 .wmv formats, with the belonging image sets.

Mixed wrestling videos:

  1. Victoria vs. The Mexican – 66′ – The big and strong Mexican is up against the experienced and talented Victoria. She has what it takes to take on a man all by herself. Can the Mexican stand a chance against her precise holds?
  2. Tiffany vs. Zsolt – 18′ – Now it’s the cute and sexy Tiffany’s turn to stand up against Zsolt. She makes great holds and moves, but will it be enough for Tiffany to defeat Zsolt with it?
  3. Athina vs. The Mexican 1. – 64′ – The small and gorgeous Athina is up against the Mexican. He had few other matches that day, and Athina uses this for her advantage. From the half the sexy Athina is dressed up in tight and teasing training shorts. She uses the Mexicans lack of strength to her advantage.
  4. Roxy vs. The Mexican 2. – 49′ – The thin and pretty yet strong Roxy is up against the Mexican. She tackles him every way possible and gives him a hard time fighting back. She uses various moves to prove her experience. Can the Mexican compete?
  5. Suzie vs. Zsolt 3. – 67′ – Suzie is up against Zsolt. They execute great holds on each other and have a fair match. Suzie has enough experience to give Zsolt a hard time.
  6. Aisa vs. Sunny – 19′ – Sunny is up against our new wrestler Aisa. He has to endure her holds and put up a fight against her. Can sunny keep up?
  7. Diana vs. Sunny – 16′ – Diana hasn’t changed a bit in the last years, except that her technic is even more perfect now, and when Sunny is trapped in her holds, he doesn’t have any chance to get out from her iron-strong squeezes…
  8. Victoria vs. Sunny, Face Sitting – 16′ – Our customer, who ordered this video just wrote one word, the video came out “perfect!”. And, he added: “Thank you very much. Fantastic work!! Victoria never disappoints. Such an awesome video.” About the story: Sunny meets Victoria to learn some wrestling holds, but Victoria has different plans with him…
  9. Aisa, Victoria vs. Sunny – 49′ – Aisa teams up with Victoria to defeat Sunny in a fair, sporty fight, and as you can imagine, he doesn’t have so many chances…
  10. Diana vs. Zsolt 3. – 62′ – The goal is to completely defeat Zsolt, carried out by Diana.
  11. Zsuzsa vs. Zsolt, Jeans Fight – 31′ – The competitive Zsuzsa is up against Zsolt in her tight dark jeans. She doesn’t let Zsolt to slip away and shows how tough she can be.
  12. Suzie vs. Sunny – 16′ – The hot Suzie is playing around with Sunny. She dominates him into the ground and humiliates him even more.

Fantasy wrestling videos:

  1. Humiliating Maledom, Nikky Thorne 2. – 66′ – We continue are humiliating maledom series, in which we throw pretty slim girls to the big and one-and-only Mexican, to watch him playing with them, like a cat with a mouse…
  2. Humiliating Maledom, Jessie Empera – 61′ – Our Latvian Warrior Girl has been put up together with The Mexican, and this break her prideness, as she was more and more struggling between his huge arms, like a prey…
  3. Humiliating Maledom, Athina 1. – 62′ – The sexy and cute Athina takes on the Mexican. She uses her beautiful legs to get hold of the Mexican, putting him into various wrestling moves.
  4. Humiliating Maledom, Anita B. – 67′ – The gorgeous Anita B. is facing the Mexican. He doesn’t let her have it easy, showing off his skills and humiliating Anita B. Spreading her prefect legs, the Mexican is playing with her any way he wants.
  5. Humiliating Maledom, Candee – 63′ – The young and busty Candee is up against the Mexican. He takes control of the match and punishes Candee with various holds. She has no options left, just to endure it.
  6. Humiliating Maledom, Natasha Starr – 64′ – This time The Mexican has faced Natasha, a pretty but bitter Polish girl. With her deep voice, she is ultimately sexy, however, soon she finds herself crying for mercy.
  7. Humiliating Maledom, Nesty 3. – 65′ – Nesty is back for the third time, again trying really hard against The Mexican, but with the same luck…
  8. 3 vs. 1. Suzie, Diana vs. Zsuzsa 1. – 32′ – The strong Diana, Suzie and Zsuzsa is up against the bulky Zsolt. In this match Zsolt is helpless against all these girls attacking him all together. Will he be totally dominated?
  9. 3 vs. 1. Suzie, Diana vs. Zsuzsa 2. – 33′ – Same continues in different outfits.
  10. Aisa vs. The Mexican, Face Sitting – 17′ – Our new wrestler Aisa is up against the big and bulky Mexican. She dominates him with face sitting and demonstrates her power against him.
  11. Candy Licious vs. Sunny, Face Sitting – 15′ – Cute Blonde Candee Licious is up against Sunny. She humiliates him with various positions. Holds him under face sitting, shoving her foot all around his face, while exciting herself.
  12. Orsi.b vs. Sunny, No Choice – 17′ – Orsi.b attacks Sunny because he didn’t do what she said. She wrestles him down, and uses a bench creatively tightening Sunny to it, to punish him even more, with lots of face sitting…

Female wrestling videos:

  1. Suzie vs. Zsuzsa, Bridge – 16′ – Suzie and Zsuzsa both come from experience. They wrestle using their best skillsets to get the other on their backs. They escape using bridges, and they prove that they can get out any difficult situation.
  2. Orsi.b vs. Victoria, Bridge 4. – 15′ – Orsi B. and Victoria and in for a wrestling match full of great bridges. They have to step up the game if they want to break free from each others experienced wrestling holds. They wrestle to win, any means necessary.
  3. Nikky Thorne vs. Jessie Empera, Bridge – 17′ – We have brought you a Latvian Emperor: Empera. She is a beginner, but a fiery and talented newcomer, who is learning from Nikky from minute to minute. In this fight they have to pin each other and go on bridge in order to avoid it…
  4. Roxy vs. Diana, Tickling – 30′ – Roxy and Diana take a rest from the competitive side of wrestling. In this video they wrestle and try to catch each other off guard to give the opponent a good tickle. They wrestle they laugh.
  5. Orsi.b vs. Victoria, Tickling – 49′ – Victoria and Orsi B. are up against each other in a tickling match. They try to get the best hold on the opponent to tickle them as much as possible. Tickling and wrestling till the one of them gives up, find out who wins!
  6. Orsi.b vs. Diana, Tickling – 43′ – This custom-made video is a tickling fight between Orsi.b and Diana, and when Diana dominates in first part, submitting and tickling Orsi.b very hard, you can’t resist laughing with her either. On the second part, things turn upside down, however…
  7. Diana vs. Zsuzsa, Tickling – 30′ – The rule is to apply regular wrestling holds in order to be able to pin down and tickle the other. Lots of submissions and laugh!