Arteya vs. Zsolt 15′ – The Borderline


Arteya is a Russian beauty, arrived to our country just a day ago, to appear in our videos. She is skinny, blonde, with attractive tattoos, including one which is about her love of BDSM. Also she has a rocket on her right arm, as she is interested of astrophysics.

She is more of a victim-type, but Zsolt just pissed her off, so she starts to abuse him from the very beginning. She grabs him, throws him on the floor, verbally insulting him. Grabs his balls, face sits him, and even makes some phone calls with her friend, talking about this looser. She is indeed a real borderline, she gives him kisses, then slaps him right after, never knowing what she has in her mind. At the end, she makes herself up on his face, ’til she comes, and while making another phone call, and ballbusting him, she just realizes that Zsolt has an orgasm, too. Then she just lefts him there, surprised and humiliated…