Birthday Surprise 1-3. – 30′

Hurry! Prices go up when the timer hits zero.


BOTS GOLD production’s remake, 3 parts in 1, size 1280 x 720.

Part 1.

She’s every man’s dream, a hot wife with a crazy, fiery streak and an unsatiable lust for women! Hubby plans the perfect conclusion to his wife’s special day… A sexy Swedish street fighter named Elsa who has a thing for other girls and a nasty reputation for tearing up the Las Vegas fighting circuit. This present does not need to be wrapped! Happy Birthday baby…  I’ve got something special for you this year!

Part 2.

Elsa has pissed off the wrong man!  It was supposed to be a dream fight, a sadistic beatdown scenerio between a husband and a wife, instead is was a disaster!  Hubby plans the perfect revenge.  He follows the Swedish street fighter to her home, stalking her silently to her door.  Her key is in the lock anf there is no one around… he attacks! Elsa is taken completely off guard…  “Hi bitch, remember me!” he cries as the door swings shut.   Within seconds the neighbors awaken to groans and flying fists… the question is, are they Elsa’s or Hubby’s?

Part 3.

Unhappy with her husband’s less than stellar performance against Elsa, wife decides to take matters into her own hands. A meeting with Elsa is secretly arranged, a match the “fighter for hire” will not soon forget! But first, wife decides to hone her skills against a local pit fighter… bear hugs and body bending holds are his specialty. Just the kind of snack wife is hungry for. They meet in a discreet location on the seedy side of town. The pit fighter is strong as is wife… Prepare Elsa, for after this little love bout, she’ll be coming for you!