5 full very sexy videos all starting with a play at the chess table and continues in a hard wrestling fight and humiliation, finishing with erotic endings…

  • Lana vs. Miki, The Chess Game – 48′ – The girl sits near the chessboard, and shows her pussy. She is playing with the king an her clit. The guy peeks her and begs her for a game. She agrees finally, the game starts, but after some moves, the girl is teasing the male with her feet. When the girl have to move, the male grabs her breast. After some more moves, the atmosphere is getting more aggressive. When he takes both breast in his hands, the girl explodes, and she takes him by his balls onto the mats, where a cruel, intense fight starts with no respect for his balls.
  • Yana Baby vs. Orsi.b, Chess Fight – 32′ – “The story  starts on the chessboard, both girls have a nice dress with no underwear. Before  the chessgame starts the girls look to the audience and flash there wonderfull pussys. Then they make some moves, the position is draw therefore the desicion will come in a catfight. After a hard fight Yana Baby wins, she shows a wonderful victory pose. The looser must lick the pussy oft the winner. After the resign of her competitor, Yana Babe goses back tot he board and celebrates her victory: she plays with the king and her pussy.”
  • Sandra Romain vs. Miki, Chess Fight – 35′ – Sandra’s terrific performance: at the chessbord she is playing with the king with her pussy. Then puts it on the table and tells Miki: lets play. Soon she makes some incorrect moves, so Miki starts to complaine. Sandra gets angry, agressively talking and swearing and brings Miki on the mat. She never stop humiliating him verbally, but she also uses all of her body strength and wrestling holds to dominate him. But, mostly grabs his groins, twists them and pull them… Miki is dead at the end, and in the end of the second part, Sandra makes him lick her pussy, then puts the king in his mouth and continues masturbating like thet. To complete the ultimate humiliation, she makes him lick the king, then leaves him there…
  • Detty vs. Lana, Chess Fight – 18′ – “The girls start with a pussy king play. Which makes it more sexy? After some move the fight begins. The winner takes place at the chessbord and the loser has to lick the pussy. I like the pussy and the king, and i like the loser should lick the winners pussy.”
  • Nesty vs. The Mexican, Chess Fight – 33′ – “The game starts, the girl is teasing under the table, so the  man makes  an  error and the girl the enemies king and plays with her pussy. Te man looks angry and sad, he wants a rematch on the mates and looks like the winner. In a bad moment the girl take him by the balls, he can escape but finally she gives him an endless humiliation, a hard squeeze forcing him to lick the pussy. She makes the rules while she has him by the balls.” “Nesty is nice and sexy and did a great performance”


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