Collection of 14 Artworks

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A collection of 14 artworks in mixed, fantasy, erotic and female wrestling categories.


  1. Mad Girls in Mud – A comic of two Mad Girls who met in the Mud and couldn’t have resist a wild catfight.
  2. Pizza Boy – Girlfriends are having a good time with each other, when the pizzaboy comes. He is sexy and shy, and their cruel plan is to take off his clothes, spank him and wrestle him down, to finish him with an orgasm against his will. After all, the pizza tastes better ower his defeated body…
  3. Amazons – Amazons got attacked by the neighbors, only muscular fighter men, who think that this group of females can be conquered easily. But, these womans are determined to protect their land, food and people, and their strength is incredible…
  4. Valerie’s Dream – Valerie is a shy employee, who is a red-hair demon in her dreams, insulting and defeating her boss in mixed wrestling, and humiliating him after the victory pose in the wildest possible ways…
  5. Mixed Ring Fight – The red blonde in the red corner is dangerous, and the blue guy has no idea about it. He starts very self-confident, but soon he finds out that he has to reconsider his ideas of the weaker sex…
  6. Workplace Insult – Ted is an average IT guy, working for a multi. He is so simpleminded that he doesn’t even know that his boss has a crash on him. She has power, she is strong, and she doesn’t have a good day today. Ted’s weakness makes her brute. She goes to him, hits his head into his desk as saying hello, strips down to lingerie, shows her big boobs, and while Ted is trying to get back his consciousness, she takes off his clothes, leaving him only in underwear and a tie. Grabs him by it, and using a ruler, she kneels him and beats his ass. Then she jumps on his back, chokes him with her muscular arms, til he falls on the floor, so she can make a nice head scissor. Then she quickly turns him and sitting on his back flexes his legs. Ted is already crying out loud in pain, so she suffocates him with another head scissor. After pinning his half-dead body down with a schoolboy pin, he is finished. Leaving his defeated body on the floor, she stands up, steps on him, and finally, she feels well, satisfied and full of life, again…
  7. Mr. and Mrs. Smith – John and Jane Smith are a normal married couple, living a normal life in a normal suburb, working normal jobs…well, if you can call secretly being assassins “normal”. But neither Jane nor John knows about their spouse’s secret, until they are surprised to find each other as targets! But on their quest to destroy each other, they learn a lot more about each other than they ever did in five (or six) years of marriage.
  8. Adventures of a Pitfighter – How did a sweet, young high school senior claw her way to the top of a secret underground fighting ring in upscale Boston?  It all started in a small steamy bedroom in the summer of 2010.  A young cheerleader transformed into a savage fighter with amazing ability and unequaled strength… thrown into a vicious world where savagry and ruthlessness became her way of life!  One by one she defeated her male opponents until there was simply no one left to fight…
  9. Cured, App – A Flash Player Artwork Application about the issue when you feel down, but then you go to a private wrestling session. How the adrenalin boost your body and soul, and makes you completely cured! Just download and start and enjoy it! Works on your computer (not on your phone), and requires Flash Player.
  10. Blood Sport – Frank Dux is an American martial artist. His former teacher in the martial arts, gives him an invitation to “The Kumite”, the secret martial arts tournament where only the world’s best fighters are invited. Frank shows up in Hong Kong for the tournament, but his CO’s in the US Army are right on his tail. Frank wins match after match, and shows promise that he may be the first person from the Western Hemisphere to win the tournament, until the defending champion gets his hands on Frank’s friend, Jackson, and injures him in the Quarter Finals. Now Frank faces an uphill climb. His friend is hurt, the US Army is on his tail, and he is on the verge of making martial arts history. The question is, will he?
  11. Catwoman vs. Spiderman – Spider-Mouth is called Spider-Mouth, because he can talk a good fight but when it comes to the action on the mats, he regularly loses to well trained female opponents. One evening, Spider-Mouth goes to a fancy dress party dressed in a Black Spiderman costume. He meets 2 ladies dressed as Catwoman and Supergirl and they have a drink. He jokes that they look good in their outfits but could not fight like the real Catwoman and Supergirl. The 2 ladies tell Spider-Mouth that each of them can beat him in a wrestling match but don’t want to fight him at the fancy dress party because it is in a friend’s house. So they agree to wrestle the next day at European Fight Club. What Spider-Mouth does not realise is that the ladies are 2 of the best wrestlers in Europe and he is about to have his ass kicked! Oh dear, some guys have to learn their manners the hard way! In the first match, Zsofi is in a Cat Woman costume that is hot in every sense of the word. Spider-Mouth flexes his muscles but they are fake muscles that come with his costume! He tries to annoy Cat-Woman Zsofi by making meeeow cat noises and calling her big ears. But Zsofi is wonderfully cool as she goes about her business on the mats. The question is not whether Spider-Mouth can win the match but whether he can get a single point. There are no computer generated actions in this mixed wrestling fight – it is real super heroine versus her male super villain opponent.
  12. 300 – Spartans vs. Xerxes – King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans vs Xerxes and her all female Persian army!
  13. Kira vs. Liviu – Guard Kira questions prisoner Liviu! Liviu is convicted dealing with illegal stuff, and for his misfortune, Kira is in charge to interrogate him. Kira hates illegal stuff and criminals, and anyway she is not in a good mood today. She questions Liviu, who is, at first, very naughty. This obviously makes Kira even angrier, and to refract Liviu, she attacks him agressively using her handcuffs to keep him down while applying painful holds on him. She keeps punishing him, and wants him until he gives up destroyed and degradation, and admits that he is guilty and the names of his fellows.
  14. Sex Wars – Armed with hatchets, axes and swords, the blood thirsty Amazon Nation sets out to conquer every last corner of the male dominated world!  These warrior vixens have reigned destruction from the Black Sea shores of Turkey to the outer most fringes of Greece.  Blocking their advance is a massive male army comprised of warriors from Asia, Africa and Greece… A group of men nearly thirty-five thousand strong, standing side by side to repell these ruthless female invaders!
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