A nice collection of Mira’s mixed, fantasy and female wrestling fights since the beginning in 1280 x 720 .mp4 format.

  1. Mira vs. Miki, Box – 16′ – We have an interesting new girl, who has been practicing martial arts for 12 years now. She was a professional boxer and now into jiu jitsu. At first, you can get a clue of her boxing skills…
  2. Mira vs. Miki – 16′ – Supersexy and strong Mira teaches Miki to wrestle on her own way. She is a dominative little hot bitch…
  3. Zsolt’s Tough Day, Mira – 22′ – You might don’t know, but Zsolt is a manager in his civil life. From time to time, we invite him to being destroyed with our best girls. He usually gives orders to others, but not in our territory. On this Sunday, Mira starts giving him a big beating…
  4. Zsolt’s Tough Day, Mira, Orsi.b – 18′ – Then Mira continues together with Orsi.b… We bet that on Monday, when he starts to deal with his employees, he remembers his shame from previos day very well…
  5. Mira vs. Sabby – 27′ – As you already know, Mira is the best domina around, with numerous other qualities: she is hot, a professional boxer and good in jitsu. Putting her together with Sabby naked, what else do you need for your enjoyment?
  6. Mira vs. Sabby, Sunny – 19′ – We were trying to scare Mira with these two guys, trying to give her real hard time, but I guess we would need a whole army to defeat her.
  7. Humiliating Maledom, Mira 1. – 49′ – The Mexican is up for his next victim, the not that much innocent Mira…
  8. Humiliating Maledom, Mira 2. – 63′ – Another variation of defeating down and humiliating Mira.
  9. Mira vs. The Mexican – 18′ – In the fantasy wrestling category, Mira is just being defeated and moreover, humiliated by The Mexican. But, on the same shooting day, she took a nice revenge on him…
  10. Mira vs. Sunny – 17′ – The sexy Mira seduces the scared and frightened Sunny. She wrestles him and is trying to have as much fun as she can while eroticly approaching. Crotch grabbing, face sitting and riding him are all part of Miras way of having a little “fun”. It’s definitely worth finding out the details.



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