MMA Girls 30′


BOTS GOLD production’s remake, 3 parts in 1, size 1280 x 720.

Part 1. Soccer Mom

Amid the job, carpooling, and family responsibilities, soccer mom Kelly Watson goes missing each week for exactly one hour. Where she goes is a place hidden from society, a secret fight club where so many soccer moms go to for primal release… a violent and satisfying world of NHB MMA. Time for Kelly Watson to be the woman she was meant to be!

Part 2. Mira’s MMA Workout

Mira has started practicing martial arts when she was 8. She has one dan in Kempo and brown belt in kyokushin karate, and she was a professional boxer and kickboxer winning numerous championships. She has been learning jitso for 2 years now. So, as a real MMA Princess, her best training tool is her dummy husband slave – and you can watch in this video a complete MMA workout carryed out on him!

Part 3. Beverly Hills Trainer

MMA trainer Kaz makes his living teaching MMA to bored housewives. Today he meets his new student Kesla. Kesla greets him at the door sporting her MMA gear and sexy smirk. Oh yeah, Kaz is getting laid today! Or so he thinks. The training begins…. Kaz explains the art of the punch, how to dodge and evade. Out of nowhere Kesla throws a punch, nailing Kax in the neck. WTF! It starts off playful enough but ends in a bitter KO. Has tough young Kaz finally met his match?