Savage Tales: Toy Boys, Dark Room – 26′

Hurry! Prices go up when the timer hits zero.


BOTS GOLD production’s remake, 2 parts in 1, size 1280 x 720.

Part 1. – Boy Toys

She is ruthless, She is cruel, and she is back as we have never seen her before. Salene gets her rocks off destroying men… especially strong ones! Can these two underground pit fighters survive against the evil queen of the ring? Wrestling, fighting, nut busting, pounding and brutality all lead up to a dramatic finish!

Part 2. – Dark Room

Savage Tales: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Defeated more than once at the hands of Salene, young Xing has chosen to train in seclusion for nearly a year. It is here in this darkened facility that the Swedish powerhouse corners her prey. Xing has hidden for far too long. He is ready to make his stand! An erotic beat down ensues…