Zsuzsa 2 vs. 1 Fights – 3’50 minutes

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9 videos in one, 3 hours 50 minutes of mixed wrestling by Zsuzsa, teamed up with Diana, Denise Sky, Yana Baby, Sandra Romain, Orsi.b, Suzie and Victoria, in 1280 x 720 .mp4 format.

  1. The Levels of Suffering – Miki was destroyed in one day by Denise Sky, Victoria and Diana and in this part Zsuzsa finishes destroying him…
  2. Peter’s Defeat, Denis Sky, Zsuzsa – 2 beauty and tough girls goes against Peter…
  3. Peter’s Defeat, Zsuzsa – …finishing him by Zsuzsa alone.
  4. The Shades of Suffering, Sandra Romain, Zsuzsa – Ultimately sexy and dominativ Sandra Romain teams up with Zsuzsa. These street fighter girls are tough and merciless together against Sebastian…
  5. Diana, Victoria, Zsuzsa vs. Joey – What a man possibly can do when Hungary’s best wrestler girls team up to defeat him? Even if he is such a big guy like Joey. Maybe it is worst to build muscles and sweat in the gym every day to be a “real strong and good looking man”, then being completely humiliated by girls…
  6. 2 vs. 1. – Zsuzsa, Yana Baby – Zsuzsa and Yana Baby teams up against Zsolt, and this is a defeniately winner cooperation!
  7. 2 vs. 1. – Zsuzsa, Suzie – Imagine, how hard can be between the arms of the two of the best and oldest Hungarian wrestler – it is a big challenge even for Zsolt!
  8. Victoria, Orsi.b, Zsuzsa vs. The Mexican – This time the Mexican has to rival against three amazing girls. Can he hold up against all three of them? Will he be dominated or can he overwhelm them and come out victorious?
  9. Suzie, Diana, Zsuzsa vs. Zsolt – The strong Diana, Suzie and Zsuzsa is up against the bulky Zsolt. In this match Zsolt is helpless against all these girls attacking him all together. will he be tottally dominated?



1280 x 720, mp4

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