9 videos in one, 5 hours of mixed wrestling by Zsuzsa, in 1280 x 720 .mp4 format.

  1. Zsuzsa vs. George – Fiery Zsuzsa attacked George, squeezing him with strong scissors, smothering him with her chest til he couldn’t breath anymore. With her outrageous body, sexy white bikini, calm and cold manner, Zsuzsa is the girl, who can dominate any man. Her talent is enough to beat a well-shaped guy like George, and she proves that every time during the mixed wrestling video, they stand up after each painful submission. Until, at last, only Zsuzsa was standing – on top of George’s defeated body.
  2. Zsuzsa vs. Sunny, Oil – Sexy and very good action between muscular, oily bodies! Zsuzsa has the ultimate talent to use such holds that are not only painful for her opponent, but shows her incredible body for you in the sexiest angles. She is not only using the regular scissors, but lots of head-locks, and many other holds twisting out the other’s body parts. Her calm manner doesn’t mean that she is not quick in mixed wrestling, and there is not only one thing in her mind: to win over the other, and stepping on him at the end proudly, no matter who is him. And all this on an eye cathing oily nylon, between sparkling young bodies.
  3. Zsuzsa vs. Gonzo – This new guy just didn’t know what he is up to: having a fight with Zsuzsa, who wears sexy jeans. But it is not her outfit, but her skills and experience, what made him want to cry…
  4. Zsuzsa vs. Jean – Old Jean is back for your bigest pleasure. But, this fight is a special one, since Zsuzsa is topless, and sexy, flirty and erotic with Jean…
  5. Zsuzsa vs. Miki – It is a piece of cake for Zsuzsa to destroy Miki in a pretty much competitive fight.
  6. Zsuzsa vs. Zsolt – Zsolt is already tired out by all the previous matches were shooted on the same day, but just as Zsuzsa. But still, she is, of course, the better one!
  7. Zsuzsa vs. The Mexican – The harsh and talented Zsuzsa is up against the Mexican. She shows how to wrestle for real. She makes sure that the Mexican won’t get out of her hands so easily. Only question is, can the Mexican counter her experience?
  8. Zsuzsa vs. Zsolt, Jeans Fight – The competitive Zsuzsa is up against Zsolt in her tight dark jeans. She doesn’t let Zsolt to slip away and shows how tough she can be.
  9. Zsuzsa vs. Zsolt – Zsuzsa punishes Zsolt through 60 minutes.



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