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Humiliating Maledom 60′ – Cecilia Scott 1.


Mexican was looking for another victim, and Cecilia Scott is a flesh, young blood…

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Savage Tales: The Girls – 38′


BOTS GOLD production’s remake, 4 parts in 1, size 1280 x 720.

Part 1. – Salene

Untamed by any man… Swedish fighter Salene continues her American adventure, dismantling every woman or man brave enough to face her in the pit or in the ring. Local underground legend (and LA native) Kiet Singh agrees to meet her in unsanctioned combat. His style is fiery, his body strong and his record undefeated… LA rules: Two fighters enter but only one will leave… His only warning to Salene… LA is a long way from Sweden baby!

Part 2. – Anna

Welcome to the fiery¬†world of the hand to hand pit fighting! Sexy Anna stretches her muscles in preparation for the fight, caring little that her first opponent is a veteran male fighter. Antonio studies the well built amazon with careful eyes. He has learned never to underestimate an opponent. Within moments of entering the secret arena, the sounds of battle are bursting from the pit! Is Anna good enough to beat a strong male fighter? Will Antonio prevail against this hot body female warrior? You’ll have to see to find out!

Part 3. – Chante

Kiet Singh was the best underground fighter LA had ever seen. But all that changed in late 2011 when that Swedish bitch, Salene crushed him in an unsanctioned underground match we’ll never forget! A severe concussion, multiple broken bones (including 4 shattered ribs) just for starters! Every second in recovery has consumed him with revenge! A return match is quickly arranged… his opponent, some New York stripper turned cage fighter named Chante. Perfect, his first match will be a blow out, just what he needs to rebuild his confidence. Be careful Chante, Kiet Singh is a jilted war machine and nothing is going to get in his way! At least… that’s the plan!

Part 4. – Tristen

A sexy female pit fighter is challenged by the male champion. He is larger and powerful. By every measure, she should not stand a chance. However, Tristen is no ordinary woman. She is a cruel, unyielding bitch during the day and even more so in the pit! The male champion mocks her to press in… taunting her to attack. The fight is on!

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