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Blue Angel vs. The Mexican 13′ – The Bet


Blue Angel is a long time successful wrestler, and who is very self-confident, laughs at The Mexican, who offers her a bet: if she wins, she gets lots of money (and a car), and if she looses, she has to make sex with him. Angel agrees, the fight begins, she takes control, but at a point The Mexican grabs her croch to get some advantages. Things turn from now on and Angel is humiliated by the unfair play, and the reward at the end: fortunately The Mexican is satisfied with striping down her bikini, lick her pussy and some blowjob against her will…

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Blue Angel vs. The Mexican 18′ – The Chess Fight


This time Blue Angel dominates again. They start a chess game, which she has no idea, how to play, so she figures she can distract’s The Mexican by playing with the figures on her body. He becomes pissed, and wants to have a fair fight, although he is married and Blue Angel is nude… She sits on his lap, than follows him to the mats and bothers him more with her sexy and humiliating attitude, riding him at the end ’til she comes…

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Blue Angel vs. The Mexican 30′ – The Bikini 19.


Blue Angel starts a fight with The Mexican aka “The Chicken”. This time she goes on top and figures that it is time to punish him for the previous maledom. So she facesits him and humiliates him physically and verbally, through 30 minutes…

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Humiliating Maledom 60′ – Blue Angel


Blue Angel is a happy fighty girl with lots of talent. It is a shame to see that after a promising start how things going wrong and changes to a never ending suffering for her…

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