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Mira Cuckold, Denise Sky vs. Sunny


This movie supposed to contain a 1 vs 1 mixed match between Denise Sky and Sunny but nobody would imagine that Mira will be involved in this match as well. Mira, a natural dominatrix, watched this match from aside but she couldn’t accept the idea that Sunny is in total control over Denise and she jumped into the fight to rescue her gender representative. From that point, she took over Denise’s place and demonstrated Sunny and all the other people around which gender supposed to have the upper hand in a mixed wrestling match! She totally humiliated Sunny both physically and verbally, put him in great holds, tortured, mocked and taunted him! Sunny’s experience was even more degrading than it should be because Denise who was under his control just a few minutes ago, is now also mocking him from aside and encouraging her female rescuer to punish him and revenge her lost. Sunny tried to take this punishment like a men but eventually he found himself lying on the mats under two women’s feet and looking up to see them kissing each other in joy & pride!

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