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Humiliating Maledom 60′ – Shona River


This time pornstar Shona River is the victim of The Mexican, in her pretty schoolgirl outfit. She has beautiful long gazelle legs, and a tough attitude: she fights back ’til her last breath…

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Shona River vs. Imi 30′ – The Bikini 18.


This time beautiful Shona River is waiting anxiously for her boyfriend, after buying new bikini and having her hair done. But, he arrives tired and in disinterest, all he wants is sleeping. Shona makes sure he rests very well under her ass or between her thighs, even taking care the decrease in his oxygen level, but punishing him with her words…

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Shona River vs. Imi 15′


New Talent, Shona River rocks today! She is tall with beautiful gazelle legs – good for scissors. She knows already many wrestling holds, and her manner is also good for dominating over weaker guys. She finished in economic, but prefers participating in videos and loves sex!

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