A nice documentary of lift and carry videos made in 2012, in 1280 x 720 .wmv formats, with the belonging image sets.

  1. Lana vs. Liviu – 17′ – It is always a piece of cake for pretty Lana to pick up a guy, intensively lift him up, walk with him around in difficult holds and pamper him at the end…
  2. Sandra Romain vs. Imi – 16′ – Pretty, model-like but also mother-like Sandra! I bet you wish to be in Imi’s place: being lifted and carried around with such kindness, caring and love! To forget all the problems and troubles, and enjoy the moment, when you are very well taking care of by this lovely and charming woman. So, just relax, and give yourself to her in this evening!
  3. Emma Hot vs. Imi – 17′ – Pretty Emma Hot became the Mom of Imi, and she pampers him lifting him up, holding in her arms, carrying around, calms him down, comforting him, and makes him come to have him a calm good night dream.
  4. Lara Latex vs. Andras – 16′ – Lara Latex was here already, with big success. Today not her humorous, but more her caring side is shown in this video: simply shows how to threat a guy right, who needs some pampering…
  5. Angel Diamond vs. Imi – 19′ – Angel Diamond put everything into entertaining, and she often checks into the camera to see if she is doing alright. She enjoys being filmed, likes to act, having fun lifting and carrying a guy, and pleased to give him a hand job at the end. So, she is the ultimate entertainer to guys!
  6. Nani vs. Liviu – 16′ – Dear Nani is all of our imagined Mom. She is just kind, always smiling, the most caring and nicest mother on the world. Doesn’t matter if we don’t want to take any responsibility, we can lye on the floor, she picks us up, holds us in her arms, and takes care of everything…
  7. Yana Baby vs. Liviu – 18′ – All of you, who loves lift and carry are must have dreaming of such girl like Yana Baby. She is big, strong, powerful, and can easily pick you up, carry around, without ever getting tired. And when you are completely relaxed in her arms, you get an extra pleasure for her, then just silently fall dreamed…
  8. Brenda vs. Brendon – 20′ – “A video that mixes mixed wrestling and lift and carry. The match starts of with a girl challenging a guy to wrestling match. she instantly overpowers him… mocks him… and plays with him.. She strips him naked and decides to walk around with him naked while carrying him around and around. Then at the end she overpowers him and makes him come.
  9. Sybille vs. Andras – 17′ – Andras is dreamed in the backyard, when a gorgeous busty blonde and wakes him up. She lifts him up and carries around, diapers him, and life would be never easier for him, mostly because he also gets a handjob. What a wakening!
  10. Gang Bang – 27′ – Lana, Caroline and Bianca came together to provide ultimate fun to Sunny and you.
    All of them were participating in this lift and carry contest, and all of them were fantastic lifting in different positions and carrying around Sunny on their beautiful topless body.
  11. Double Comfort – 29′ – This two pretty female playing with Sunny as he was their cute little toyboy, spending their afternoon at the backyard, giving him double comfort, lifting him up in the air, then giving him to each other, put him on the other’s back or chest or hip… good game for all of them and for you.
  12. From His View – 32′ – Be part of this outrageous experience. Watch from Sunny’s view how is it feel like being lifted by two superstrong women, as you’d be there!
  13. Orsi.b vs. Cheater Sunny – 33′ – Sunny is being caught with an English Bitch, so a hurt begins with lots of verbal degradation and lift and carry domination by outrageous Orsi.b!
  14. Psycho Party Girl vs. Sunny – 18′ – This Psycho Party Bitch hallucinates a lift and carry session against Sunny. The question is, will she be able to stand on her own feet at all? Surely, even with this burden in her hands…
  15. Tia, Mary, Maya, Ella vs. Sunny – 59′ – This shooting was very entertaining for us – and we apologize for the lots of hungarian talk, but it is actually better if you don’t understand. Four pretty girls picked up Sunny, and all of the was surprised how lightweight he is – not because it is true (although it is true), but because the are lifting heavier weights every day in the gym. They just throw him from one position to another, from one arm to the other. So you can imagine, when we all come together, girls like each other, how much fun is to shoot such video.



1280 x 720, wmv

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