A nice documentary of lift and carry videos made in 2013, in 1280 x 720 .wmv formats, with the belonging image sets.

  1. Tia, Elena vs. Sunny – 32′ – Elena might look small and feminim, but actually, she is indeed a sporty and muscular girl, thanks to her karate trainings. No problem at all to lift and carry Sunny with Tia, who’s skills we obviously know already. These two girls just giving Sunny again a good time, and you, if you watch it.
  2. Lana vs. Sunny – 16′ – We only can say that when Lana had lift Sunny up, she said: oh, he is so lightweight… Which means that she is very strong!
  3. Yana Baby vs. Greg – 15′ – This time Yana Baby has a bit more difficult task, since our new guy, Greg is a bit heavier than the others being lifted before. But, you know, Yana Baby is a fit and courageous girl, who is being trained in the gym every day, so maybe it is a bit bigger challenge, but still, she can manage to lift and carry him through 15 minutes!
  4. Victoria vs. Greg – 16′ – Greg is 72 kilos, but is a piece of cake for Victoria, who is more muscular, than ever!
  5. Orsi.b vs. Sunny, Wight Lifting – 17′ – Orsi.b has started a new life with a daily routine of training, which include weight lifting. Asked her mate, Sunny to came over and help her to work out. After an hour sessions, she didn’t sweat so much, but anyway, she will feel it in her muscles…
  6. Roxy vs. Skinny – 15′ – Skinny is indeed skiny, a week and geek guy. But, Roxy is kind with him, and gently comforts him lifting and carrying him around, til he is much more relaxed, happy and peaceful…
  7. Tia, Ella vs. Miki – 16′ – We gave Tia and Ella a bit more difficult task then lifting Sunny. Miki is about 6 kg more then he is, but equally enjoys being in the air. The shooting was fun, again, we couldn’t have stop laughing for minutes… So the task was still easy for them.
  8. Samia Duarte, Bianca vs. Miki – 16′ – Miki was already lovelorn by Samia, after his fight with her. This was the biggest disappointment lately, and this left him in nausea. No matter what, he let her and Bianca lifting him up and carrying him around, which these not so big two girls did very well. But this didn’t help Miki much, he was gloomy loosing his dreams of their happy life… The girls didn’t know this, so they had lots of fun.
  9. Victoria, Zsuzsa vs. Sunny – 15′ – Old good friends and veteran mixed fighters lift and carry Sunny, with lots of fun…
  10. Diana, Denise Sky vs. Sunny – 14′ – The two D-s are having lots of fun, while doing some easy work…
  11. Zsuzsa vs. Miki – 16′ – Now Zsuzsa proves that she is not only one of the best fighters, but is capable of lifting and carrying around a not so skinny guy, like Miki…
  12. Tia vs. Miki – 16′ – Tia’s work out with 70 kilos Miki…
  13. Anita vs. Sunny – 31′ – We were very happy to have Anita in our team, for many years! This shooting was just one day before she has moved out of the country, and we will miss one of our strongest girl!
  14. Orsi.b vs. Detty – 31′ – “The 69 piledrivers with the pussy of tiny girl very near to the nose of Orsi.b! During the “cross body lifts & carries” i want the arms of Orsi.b in the same position of the videoclip’s man: perfectly half between the legs of girl liftee!!! I would this for to get Orsi.b , during the 69 standing lifts, put her nice face very near the pussy of liftee girl, and dominate her tossing and grabbing her crotch, smelling it similar in the video Orsi.b vs Lana, also eating softly the legs of girl lifted… If it’s possible to split my custom “first part BIKINI”, “second part TOTALLY NUDE?”



1280 x 720, wmv

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