We were shooting with Kira at first 14 years ago, and she was always very sporty and talented. Unfortunately in the first year, her knee was injured in a fight (with Hajni), so, she wasn’t able to do competitive anymore. Anyway, we were working with her in the following two years as well, making great videos. But then she has moved abroad, returning back just now, so you’ll see recent videos at the end — not much change 🙂

I know the old videos are old, so, not so good quality, but this reflects on the price, you get them basically free paying only for the new ones.


  1. Kira vs. Ricsi – 10′ – Big disgrace! Woman can not degradation more a man, then Kira does Ricsi. She is using all of her weapons against this poor, helpless guy. She is insulting him by words, gestures, and of course, by fair mixed wrestling fight: beautiful head- and body-scissors, T-crosses, grapevines and schoolboy pins.
  2. Kira vs. Zsolt – 31′ – Zsolt is a freak of degradation… …and mixed wrestling. He wrote us, begging for a fight with one of us, so we gave him a chance to fight against Kira. If you ask him, it may have been a mistake, but, we have a feeling that somewhere inside, Zsolt DOES LOVES DEGRADATION. Kira simply killed him. She was looking down on him since the beginning, and demolished him with her arrogant attitude. She laughed at him, insulted him by words, swore him, tickled him, hit him, mocked him, disgraced him, humbled him – while she kept him trapped between her muscular legs. Finally Zsolt was squekingly asking for mercy, but Kira left him on his knees destroyed, stepped on him, not even pitying, but only laughed at him.
  3. Kira vs. Sophie – 6′ – Two very pretty! The battle of the blond and the brown – the two very pretty! When two pretty girls meet, hm… Jealousy, attraction, hate – until going to the ground and find out who is the better in wrestling. Take a guess, who wins! Some problems with audio and pic quality.
  4. Kira vs. Hajni – 7′ – Killer take-down! Newcomer Hajni has challenged Kira for a fight. Hajni has been doing martial arts for years, actually, she has won several championship in here in mui tai. You will agree with us that she is very talented and we are happy to welcome her in our team. However, this fight at 6:42 suddenly has ended with Kira’s serious injury, so we wish her painless and fast recovery!


  1. Kira vs. Attila – 15′ – Kira met Attila… Kira’s leg is a drawback for her – you’ll hear in the video when she is in pain because of a bad movement – but this isn’t influenced the outcome of the battle. She put all of her experience and knowledge in the fight, and went with full energy against Attila. Her dominative attitude is can be seen again: this is just her best fitting role. And, do I have to tell you that Attila is the best subject of it?
  2. Kira vs. Liviu 1. – 16′ – Kira is finally back after her injury!!! Well, you wouldn’t say watching her fighting that she took a five-months brake, thanks to her leg-injury at her last battle. She is in just as good shape as before, and it is a real pleasure to watch her nicely carried out holds – all of them perfect, and very painful. We are very happy to welcome Kira back, and also happy because Liviu was defeated in mixed wrestling once again!
  3. Kira vs. David 1. – 18′ – Kira against new guy, David! David is a very cute boy, with very positive charisma. She makes girls smile only with his appearance, so it is very hard to fight seriously against him. But this is only our first thought, because when the battle starts, Kira finds out that he is not that nice. He fights back seriously, using some of his technic learned before. David gives really hard time for his opponent, no matter if it is a girl. Of course, we don’t have to fear for Kira, she is a very qualified wrestler and never looses her dominant attitude, no matter if she has a bit harder opponent.
  4. Kira vs. Simon – 18′ – Simon flew here for only this fight… He arrived this morning from London, and right after the fight, he flew back. He started to email us months ago, and finally his dream came true: he could have a fight with Kira. Kira is in very good shape, as usual, however, in the video you see a moment, when she screams after Simon pressed her injured knee. Neverless, they could go on, and both of them enjoyed very much the battle. Kira got Simon in every kinds of mixed wrestling holds, and became more and more dominative. At the fourteenth minute Simon had enough, wanted to stop, but Kira didn’t let him go, only after a few more minutes. We think Simon had a nice and memorable visit here, in Budapest.
  5. Kira vs. Liviu 2. – 17′ – Guard Kira questions prisoner Liviu! Liviu is convicted dealing with illegal stuff, and for his misfortune, Kira is in charge to interrogate him. Kira hates illegal stuff and criminals, and anyway she is not in a good mood today. She questions Liviu, who is, at first, very naughty. This obviously makes Kira even angrier, and to refract Liviu, she attacks him aggressively using her handcuffs to keep him down while applying painful holds on him. She keeps punishing him, and wants him until he gives up destroyed and degradation, and admits that he is guilty and the names of his fellows.
  6. Kira vs. Liviu, Face Sitting – 9′ – Kira Face Sits Liviu! This fight will be very enjoyable who likes dominative wrestling, and mostly facesitting, schoolboy pins. You can watch these holds from all possible view, for many times and through long minutes. See how Liviu asks Kira for letting him breathing, and see her reaction: disgracing and choking Liviu even more using every possible parts and bends of her body.
  7. Kira vs. David 2. – 14′ – Second chance for David to save his name – at the cage! Kira is very pretty in her red outfit, not like David, in his socks. Actually, they are good equipments for a looser. Kira already met David, and although David is a cute boy, it didn’t mean that she doesn’t want to beat him. Kira has a natural dominative attitude, so even when she is attracted to someone, she is so cruel. The sympathy didn’t go away, and Kira attitude hasn’t changed, so you can figure what is happening in this fight… I can only tell you that David ego’s is destroyed, and he suffered, again.


  1. Kira vs. Liviu 4. – 19′ – Who is the looser of the bottle-game? After drinking a bottle of wine at New Year’s Eve, Kira and Liviu plays with the empty bottle. After turning it, if it points to Kira, she needs to take off one of her clothes. Then when it turns to Liviu, he needs to take off a piece, too. When there is not much clothes left on them, the final turn’s looser is Liviu, so he deserves a big punishment, a huge beating. Kira is very sexy in her red underwear and black stockings, and with her very dominative attitude, when insulting Liviu verbally, and with fiery mixed wrestling holds, in a very intense fight.
  2. Kira vs. Marcell – 18′ – Domina Kira Verbally Insults, Degradation and Beats Up! Vow, she is so sexy in her black underwear and panties. Her attitude is tough and very dominative. She stands In front of Marcell and asks him to show his muscles. Then she laughs at his weakness, and says she will teach him. For what? What is a strength and unkindness of a woman. She insults him all the way, and feels pity for him, but no matter what, she doesn’t release him, not even when he is begging for it. She tells him to go on his knees and answer weather he wants to learn more, and he wants. So she continues, insulting him more and with other strong, painful mixed wrestling holds, until his ego and body is completely destroyed.
  3. Ani, Kira vs. Fritz – 16′ – Femwin – EFC Event, 2009 – Video 2. This is the lucky case when someone is participating at our event – he can be in the fight with this two gorgeous Amazons! Ani is so enthusiastic of fighting, as usual, and she attacks Fritz vehemently, but Kira is equally intensive In this mixed wrestling battle. “Poor” Fritz is trapped in a body and head-scissor or different locks all the time. Although he tried to use his “masculine power”, the outcome was a little poor…
  4. Kira vs. Rotem – 15′ – In the last video we publish taped at Femwin – EFC Event, Kira goes against Rotem, who is, again, a fan. He had chosen three girls to fight with, the best ones, and Kira is obviously among them. She caused no disappointment, neither for him, nor for the viewers. Kira’s body chiselled, her outfit is sexy, and she moves like a women not only good in martial arts, but in feminine sports as well. Not to mention her ability to dominate on any guy who gets the chance to be on top of, insulting him by words, gestures besides her strong scissors and locks. Not that Rotem let her controlling him easily, he did fight back, but in this fair mixed wrestling fight the outcome from his side was still poor…
  5. Kira vs. Jean – 30′ – This time Jean got to know Kira from a closer perspective. Sometimes really close, for example from under her buttock. Or from between her strong arms, being pulled his head back by his not so much hair. Or from between her legs in every position: in a regular head-scissor or a reversed one, or a figure four. Can we call this a mixed wrestling fight? When an old guy is against a fit, young woman? Jean Lion is in a good shape as well, he is very sporty and in good condition. He was going to gym often to be prepared of this tournament in here, and he did put in his energy, and he did fight back. But still, what he could get out form his opponent was only to feel pity for him…
  6. Kira vs. Spider-Mouth – 21′ – Spider-Mouth has watched all Kira’s fights on videos and seen how she verbally, psychologically and physically dominates male opponents. Spider-Mouth wants to defeat Kira for all of the men she has beaten in mixed wrestling. Spider-Mouth is often very cheeky during mixed wrestling matches and says things to taunt his female opponents. Kira does not like men being cheeky to her! So European Fight Club put Kira and Spider-Mouth in a wrestling ring. Kira wears a cream colored bikini for this match that has a spider on it – so this match could be called Spider-Girl vs. Spider-Mouth. There was not a lot of conversation before a big fight broke out with the two wrestlers tearing into each other. This was an intense fast paced battle of the sexes with head scissors, body scissors and many other moved being attempted. Spider-Mouth taunts Kira and even picks her up to see what he looks like in the mirror lifting her up – this makes Kira’s blood boil and the fight becomes even more intense.


  1. Kira vs. Potter – 15′ – She is back after after 12 years! Kira hasn’t changed much, her body is similarly muscular and lean as before, and her attitude is dominant as well (as hell). It is so nice to see the “old school” wrestling with the regular famous holds such as neck- and body scissors, chokes, schoolboy pins, grapevines etc. – so happy to welcome her back!
  2. Kira vs. Potter – Chess Fight – 15′ – Kira and Potter continued with a chess fight, but it turned out that they can not agree on that either, and pissed Kira couldn’t have helped her and needed to punish Potter, again…
  3. Kira vs. Potter – Face Sitting – 15′ – Kira has bought a new lingerie to please her boyfriend, but he is not reflecting on it the way she wanted, and you can imagine the rest…
  4. Kira vs. Potter – Femdom – 15′ – Kira is checking on the cleaning job Potter has (not) done, and got furious, punishing him with all kinds of way she can figure out…


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