Victoria Lift and Carry Fights – 1’20


4 full lift and carry fights of Victoria:

  1. Victoria and Fruzsi – We had an event, and while other girls were fighting on the mat, we asked Victoria if she is strong enough to lift and carry a girl? She was up to the challenge: she catched Fruzsi and lifted like she was a baby, and carried through 18 minutes. Moreover, she lifted her not only in fireman hold, but in front of her body, only carrying Fruzsi’s weight on her arms. Bravo Victoria!
  2. Victoria vs. Greg – Greg is 72 kilos, but is a piece of cake for Victoria, who is more muscular, than ever!
  3. Victoria, Zsuzsa vs. Sunny – Old good friends and veteran mixed fighters lift and carry Sunny, with lots of fun…
  4. From His Part of View – Victora, Zsuzsa vs. Sunny – Be part of this outragageus experience. Watch from Sunny’s view how is it feel like being lifted by two superstrong women, as you’d be there!



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