6 videos in one, 2 hours 30 minutes of female wrestling by Zsuzsa, against Diana, Orsi.b, Tye, Suzie and Victoria, in 1280 x 720 .mp4 format.

  1. Orsi.b vs. Zsuzsa – Santa Claus is here, so we’ve made a championship again, like exactly one year ago. With only two participants, but maybe the prettiest ones, and, for your enjoyment, they were fighting topless. Zsuzsa and Orsi.b as well are old and very experienced fighters. They are friends also, but this didn’t influenced the intensity of the battle. I can tell, that both of them put 100% in the fight – maybe because the prize was different for the winner and for the looser. So you will see many holds, submissions and suffering expressions on their face, and not lastly, their sexy bodies. But, who was the winner, can you guess?
  2. Tye vs. Zsuzsa – A little, spicy video with two beauties, Tye and Zsuzsa. Tye asks Zsuzsa is she can practice wrestling on her, and Zsuzsa lies down in the bedroom. Tye shows some holds, there is a bit of battle between them, but also they are attracted to each other, so you’ll see some erotic and intim moments, when Tye just plays with Zsuzsa’s hair.
  3. Diana vs. Zsuzsa, Bridge 1., 2. – “The contestants wrestle by Olympic freestyle wrestling rules where the purpose is to put your opponent’s shoulders to the mat, say for a count to two. I want it to be a close contest where both opponents are in trouble several times during the match. By trouble I mean that one wrestler gets in a near pin situation and desperately goes in a bridge position to avoid the pin. Bridging is when you have only your head and toes on the ground and your belly is high up in the air. The important thing of bridging is to keep your shoulders up in the air and not touching the mat. When both shoulders touch the mat simultaneously the count is started by the referee and if the wrestler can not lift her shoulders quickly off the mat, for example by bridging, the count is finished and the match is over. However if the girl in trouble bridges and successfully elevates her shoulders in the air before the referee can count to two the match continues. If the same girl has her shoulders to the mat again the count is restarted from one. I want that the wrestlers can bridge for a long time, like a minute or more if possible. It is also important that the wrestler in trouble show agony and desperately want to avoid the pin. As I mentioned earlier I like it to be a close contest where both wrestlers get into trouble several times during the match and needs to bridge for longer periods of time to avoid being pinned. The end of the match should come after one girl has been in a bridge position for a very long time so she is really exhausted.”
  4. Victoria vs. Zsuzsa, Bridge – “I would like to order a custom video with Victoria and Zsuzsa. I would like the same matchtype as I have ordered before, with lots of near pin situations, in olympic style wrestling in thongs. The girls should be able to bridge high on their toes, and desperately want to avoid the pin by bridging as high and as long time they can. I also want the agony to show in their faces when they realise that they have to bridge high to avoid a humiliating pin. Booth girls should be in a near pin situation several times during the match, having to bridge desperately on their toes to avoid being pinned.”
  5. Suzie vs. Zsuzsa, Bridge – Suzie and Zsuzsa both come from experience. They wrestle using their best skillsets to get the other on their backs. They escape using bridges, and they proove that they can get out any difficult situation.
  6. Diana vs. Zsuzsa, Tickling – The rule is to aplly regular wrestling holds in order to be able to pin down and tickle the other. Lots of submissions and laugh!



1280 x 720, mp4

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