Zsuzsa Lift and Carry Fights – 45 minutes

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Three videos in one, 45 minutes of Lift and Carry by Zsuzsa, teamed up with Diana and Victoria, in 1280 x 720 .mp4 format.

  1. Diana vs. Zsuzsa – Diana challenge Zsuzsa for a lift and carry contest. They are pretty, topless, strong, and able to accomplish the task to lift and carry each other…
  2. Victoria, Zsuzsa vs. Sunny – Old good friends and veteran mixed fighters lift and carry Sunny, with lots of fun…
  3. Zsuzsa vs. Miki – Now Zsuzsa proves that she is not only one of the best fighters, but is capable of lifting and carrying around a not so skinny guy, like Miki…



1280 x 720, mp4

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