A nice documentary of mixed, fantasy and female wrestling videos made in 2014, in 1280 x 720 .wmv and .mp4 formats, with the belonging image sets.

Mixed wrestling videos:

  1. Zsolt is Beaten Again, by Lana and Orsi.b – 30′ – Zsolt is beaten, again, can you imagine his suffering, we put him under? This time by Orsi.b and Lana!
  2. Zsolt is Beaten Again, by Orsi.b – 31′ – Orsi.b against Zsolt.
  3. Zsolt’s Another Bad Day, by Tia and Ella – 15′ – We’ve made another really bad day for Zsolt. In this series Tia, Ella and Caroline were the girls who decided to finish up Zsolt. Part 1, Tia and Ella against Zsolt.
  4. Zsolt’s Another Bad Day, by Tia – 19′ – Part 2, Tia against Zsolt.
  5. Zsolt’s Another Bad Day, by Caroline and Ella – 16′ – Part 3, Caroline and Ella against Zsolt.
  6. Zsolt’s Another Bad Day, by Ella – 22′ – Part 4, Ella against Zsolt.
  7. Zsolt’s Another Bad Day, by Caroline – 22′ – Part 5, Caroline against Zsolt.
  8. Orsi.b vs. Sabby – 31′ – Here is this handsome new guy with big muscles, but we have introduced him Viki, Orsi.b and Mira…
  9. Victoria, Orsi.b vs. Sabby – 21′ – Here is this handsome new guy with big muscles, but we have introduced him Viki, Orsi.b and Mira…
  10. Victoria vs. Sabby – 31′ – Here is this handsome new guy with big muscles, but we have introduced him Viki, Orsi.b and Mira…
  11. Roxy vs. Zsolt, Belly Punches – 10′ – This is one of our most memorable fight, in which Roxy was punching Zsolt so hard, that after Zsolt never ever was willing to participate with Roxy again, for years…
  12. Abbie Cat vs. Jean – 21′ – What a pleasure to see Abbie Cat again! No matter that she is against old Jean, she could be the hottest one even with a piece of stone. This is a kind of old movie with Abbie, but we haven’t published it until now, but still, enjoy it!
  13. Lana vs. Jean 3. – 24′ – Lana pins the old man down to the ground, using her body weight and her clear will, also she rewards him with many smothers and face sitting.
  14. Mira vs. Spartacus 2., Wrestling – 11′ – Mira’s battle with “hero” Spartacus, who is being under most of the times – with mostly regular, but very painful wrestling!
  15. Caroline vs. Jean 3. – 23′ – Caroline is a pretty and young woman, who doesn’t like old and pathetic man, so she pins him to the ground, and just plays with it – wrestles with her toy, and face sits him.
  16. Lana vs. Sunny, Headscissor – 18′ – You can enter the ring, but just because I am wearing my sexy lingerie doesn’t mean that I will be an easy victory. I hold my submsisives in a variety of different scissor holds that range from bodyscissor holds to headscissors holds. Your head will be between my sexy long begs and you will tap for surrender in my holds.
  17. Suzie vs. Zsolt 2. – 21′ – The first part of a long-long series of Zsolt’s newest destruction. Suzie, Diana, Zsuzsa and Yana Baby had teamed up to finish this big boy for good.
  18. Zsuzsa vs. Miki – 16′ – It is a piece of cake for Zsuzsa to destroy Miki in a pretty much competitive fight.
  19. Yana Baby vs. Miki – 16′ – Russian warrior Yana Baby although lost some weight, hasn’t lost her wrestling skills, and she proves this on Miki…
  20. Zsuzsa vs. Zsolt – 31′ – Zsolt is already tired out by all the previous matches were shooted on the same day, but just as Zsuzsa. But still, she is, of course, the better one!
  21. Yana Baby vs. Zsolt – 22′ – Yana Baby has lost some weight, so Zsolt is able to get some scores, but Yana Baby is still a good fighter, and after all, she still remains the Russian domina…
  22. Suzie vs. Miki – 16′ – Miki is not much bigger then Suzie, but it shouldn’t mean that he is weaker as well – which is the case in this situation.

Fantasy wrestling videos:

  1. Mira vs. Spartacus, Head-Scissor – 11′ – Mira’s battle with “hero” Spartacus, who is being under most of the times – with many head-scissors!
  2. Mira vs. Cameraman – 15′ – In a shooting the cameraman imagines a lot of himself, and gives advices to Mira. He thinks he can show her what he wants to see, but instead of this, he feels… PAIN!
  3. The Penalty, Mira – 12′ – A woman paid Mira to punish his husband, to make a video out of it and upload it to the internet. He was treating her bad, so she wants a cruel and painful punishment. Mira sneaks in to the apartment, places the camera, then waits for this asshole – then the brutal punishment begins, with sending him unconscious to the floor.
  4. The Penalty, Another Variation, Mira – 13′ – A woman paid Mira to punish his husband, to make a video out of it and upload it to the internet. He was treating her bad, so she wants a cruel and painful punishment. Mira sneaks in to the apartment, places the camera, then waits for this asshole – then the brutal punishment begins, with sending him unconscious to the floor. This is another variation of the penalty, Mira can figure out for an asshole…
  5. Warrior Nun, Mira – 7′ – Mira is a martial artist nun this time, being charge in the safety of the churches. But, she is attacked by a thief, but he is only a pathetic looser…
  6. Warrior Nun, Face Sitting, Mira – 9′ – The Warrior Nun, the Keeper of The Church humiliates the guy in public, face sitting him…
  7. MMA Workout, Mira – 14′ – Mira has started practicing martial arts when she was 8. She has one dan in Kempo and brown belt in kyokushin karate, and she was a professional boxer and kickboxer winning numerous championships. She has been learning jitsu for 2 years now. So, as a real MMA Princess, her best training tool is her dummy husband slave – and you can watch in this video a complete MMA workout carried out on him!
  8. Mira vs. Sabby, Sunny – 19′ – We were trying to scare Mira with these two guys, trying to give her real hard time, but I guess we would need a whole army to defeat her.
  9. Mira vs. Sunny, Unusual Exercise – 16′ – Mira in her arms carries unconscious Sunny in the room, telling him, what she will do to her. She drops him down on the ground, giving herself the pleasure to ride him til she comes! No matter that Sunny is already awaken and how much he wants to get out.
  10. New Girl Proves, Lizy – 17′ – Our newest talent, Lizy challenged Sunny, at first, with an arm-wrestling. She taunted him then she stated that she wins even if she starts from handicap. And so, she proved…
  11. New Girl Proves, Maggie – 16′ – She is a very tall girl, and enthusiastic toward defeating guys – it is obvious on her very first fight. You can be sure that she uses her legs as a scary scissor!
  12. Athina vs. Mexican, Gonzo – 17′ – “So here would be the idea, for about 10 minutes.  First (the shorter half of the video) she fights each of them in turn (perhaps with some initial armwrestling), taunting them.  They taunt her back.  Then (the longer half of the video) she challenges them to take her both on at the same time, and they do.  While tightly fought and while there is back-and-forth action, she keeps on winning and taunting them.  They taunt her back, but with less conviction.  She even allows for a handicap (eg the guys holding her on the floor or, while kneeling, from the back to start with) to give them a head start.  In the end, the guys are exhausted,  she triumphs, demanding from them that they admit they got beaten by a girl.”
  13. Zsuzsa vs. Gonzo – 62′ – This new guy just didn’t know what he is up to: having a fight with Zsuzsa, who wears sexy jeans. But it is not her outfit, but her skills and experience, what made him want to cry…
  14. Humiliating Maledom, Lizy – 16′ – Ok, Lizy is talented and good, but in this video she is being under, dominated by the huge and strong Mexican!
  15. Humiliating Maledom, Victoria – 16′ – Victoria is to proud and arrogant in the beginning of this fight, so she pisses The Mexican off, who, after the very first submission, in the rest of the video, pays her back very hard!
  16. Humiliating Maledom, Orsi.b – 60′ – For 5 minutes, Orsi.b was thinking that she can defeat The Mexican. Well, she was wrong, and in the following 55 minutes, she was only under…
  17. Mara vs. The Mexican – 17′ – Our first video with Mara, Tia’s upcoming, pretty but strong and already skilled student!
  18. Diana vs. Miki, The Mexican – 16′ – Continuing the Mexican series which main purpose is to ruin The Mexican’s and Miki’s dignity, in this video, Diana does a lot for this…
  19. Orsi.b vs. Miki, The Mexican – 16′ – Orsi.b as well giving up the task to Miki and Mexican – to big and muscular guy – to stand up against her in a fair and competitive fight…
  20. Diana vs. The Mexican, Handicap – 16′ – In battle series of Diana and the Mexican, she starts each round from a handicap position. Do you think she can manage to get out and turn things each time?
  21. Orsi.b vs. Miki, Handicap – 16′ – In this video Orsi.b is the one, who gives Miki a start, trying to prove that no matter what, she is the ultimate boss in any battle against men.
  22. 2 vs. 1., Diana and Suzie – 15′ – Would you stand up against Diana and Suzie, who participate in wrestling videos for years, and do real martial arts in their spare time?
  23. 2 vs. 1., Suzie and Yana Baby – 16′ – Big boobs against Zsolt this time.
  24. 2 vs. 1., Suzie and Zsuzsa – 14′ – The two skilled brunettes against Zsolt.
  25. 2 vs. 1., Yana Baby and Zsuzsa – 16′ – Russian Warrior and skilled Hungarian brunette against Zsolt.
  26. Soccer Mom 1. – 6′ – Amid the job, carpooling, and family responsibilities, soccer mom Kelly Watson goes missing each week for exactly one hour. Where she goes is a place hidden from society, a secret fight club where so many soccer moms go to for primal release… a violent and satisfying world of NHB MMA. Time for Kelly Watson to be the woman she was meant to be!
  27. Deadliest Warrior 7. Part 1. – 9′ – Achilles, fearless champion of the Trojan Wars vs. Pentheselia, Legendary Queen of the Amazons. Who really won that epic contest of ancient yore… The truth is finally revealed!
  28. Deadliest Warrior 7. Part 2. – 8′ – Witness the prequel to history’s untold story between Achilles, the Greek hero and the Amazon Queen Pentheselia. Long before their infamous battle, these two rivals faced off in a bitter fight lasting late into the evening, thus setting the stage for the final, inevitable show down from Part 2.
  29. Beverly hills Trainer – 9′ – MMA trainer Kaz makes his living teaching MMA to bored housewives. Today he meets his new student Kesla. Kesla greets him at the door sporting her MMA gear and sexy smirk. Oh yeah, Kaz is getting laid today! Or so he thinks. The training begins…. Kaz explains the art of the punch, how to dodge and evade. Out of nowhere Kesla throws a punch, nailing Kax in the neck. WTF! It starts off playful enough but ends in a bitter KO. Has tough young Kaz finally met his match?
  30. Savage Tales: Boy Toy – 15′ – She is ruthless, She is cruel, and she is back as we have never seen her before. Salene gets her rocks off destroying men… especially strong ones! Can these two underground pit fighters survive against the evil queen of the ring? Wrestling, fighting, nut busting, pounding and brutality all lead up to a dramatic finish!
  31. Savage Tales: Dark Room – 11′ – Savage Tales: Something Wicked This Way Comes. Defeated more than once at the hands of Salene, young Xing has chosen to train in seclusion for nearly a year. It is here in this darkened facility that the Swedish powerhouse corners her prey. Xing has hidden for far too long. He is ready to make his stand! An erotic beat down ensues…
  32. Achilles vs. Avika, The Untold Story – 8′ – Enraged by his losses against the Amazon Queen, Pentheselia, Achilles rages into the Amazon jungle to seek out his revenge. There he stumbles across Avika, a young Amazon scout and daughter of Penthesilia herself! Achilles will finally taste his revenge… or so he thinks.
  33. Achilles vs. Atlanta – 10′ – Consumed by defeat at the hands of Pentheselia and Avika, Achilles rages ever deeper into the heart of the Amazon jungle. His target… the most feared Amazon of all time, Atalanta! It is here in her domain that Achilles prepares for the ultimate battle between man and woman. Little does he know that the hunter is about to become the hunted!

Female wrestling videos:

  1. Cruel Hits and Punches, Mira vs. Lana – 17′ – This was a custom order, and the buyer wanted to see real cruel fight. Boxing and punching with bare fists – he wasn’t too gentle with the girls…
  2. Nude Olympic Freestyle Wrestling, Mira vs. Lana – 32′ – “30 minute Freestyle wrestling Mira & Lana on the mats beside the ring (if you use the venue with the Boxing ring that you have used before, I would prefer to have it there than in the same venue that you used for Custom videos 1-4) – the first half of the match wearing the singlets from the Orsi B & Viktoria match, the second half wrestling nude. Pins to a count of 10 – you or someone else to count the pin. The only pins allowed are Cradle holds – I’ve attached some photo’s and Crotch to Crotch holds – again I’ve attached photo’s. The fight is to be as real as possible, the previous videos you did were great but there wasn’t much real competition between Orsi b & Viktoria – they decided who would win. This time it would be great for the girls to really try to win – again without getting hurt If you can film the girls changing into their wrestling outfits before getting onto the mat. The girls should wrestle nude for the last half of the fight – either they take each other’s outfits off during the fight or they do it when they take a break between pins…”
  3.  Topless Thai Box Wrestling, Mira vs. Lana – 28′ – “30 minute Thai Boxing-Wrestling video in the boxing ring with Mira & Lana – topless wearing Thai boxing shorts and using the red & blue lace-up boxing gloves.
    As both girls know how to box the match should be as much full contact as possible i.e head shots included but obviously the goal is for the girls to not get hurt – if they want they can go for kicks and knees with the aim of wrestling the opponent to the mat to get a pin.
    Pins to a count of 5 – you or someone else to count the pin. I’d like the fight to be 5 x 3 minute rounds.”
  4. Mira vs. Angelina, Nude Face Sitting – 9′ – Female face sitting – hottest, prettiest NUDE dominas! – In front of an audience.



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