A nice documentary of regular and nude erotic lift and carry videos made in 2011, in 720 x 575 and 1280 x 720 .avi and .wmv formats, with the belonging image sets.

  1. Orsi.b vs. Sunny in Jeans – 30′ – Watch this incredible video with a pretty and feminim girl with incredible strength! She easily lifts and carries Sunny through out the whole video! Sunny pisses her off again, so they have challenged each other for a lift and carry competition. Sunny had the chance to lift and carry Orsi.b only once, not like Orsi.b, who carried him in fireman hold, then turned and hold him upside down, and applied some kunde on him. In the video she is wearing jeans and bra, so she is more comfortable lifting Sunny up. More of the above, she demanded for a foot worship as well.
  2. Ani vs. Liviu – 6′ – Body builder Ani easily lifts and carries Liviu.
  3. Orsi.b vs. Sunny in Lingerie – 19′ – Watch this incredible video with a pretty and feminim girl with incredible strength! She easily lifts and carries Sunny through out the whole video! Sunny pisses her off again, so they have challenged each other for a lift and carry competition. Sunny had the chance to lift and carry Orsi.b only once, not like Orsi.b, who carried him in fireman hold, then turned and hold him upside down, and applied some kunde on him.
  4. Roxy vs. Stickman – 1’30 – Skinny but extremely strong Roxy lifts and carries a much taller guy…
  5. Diana vs. Orsi.b – 36′ – Two pretty girls in lingerie and with pony tails goes against each other! Orsi.b pisses of Diana, so she becomes cruel and aggressively lifts Orsi.b up, and carries her through 36 minutes!
  6. Orsi.b vs. Diana – 40′ – This time Orsi.b the one who pays back for Diana in her intense and aggressive way!
  7. Orsi.b vs. Sunny, Pony Tail – 60′ – Similar to Fight3, but with some wrestling! 
  8. Victoria vs. Fruzsi – 18′ – We had an event, and while other girls were fighting on the mat, we asked Victoria if she is strong enough to lift and carry a girl? She was up to the challenge: she catched Fruzsi and lifted like she was a baby, and carried through 18 minutes. Moreover, she lifted her not only in fireman hold, but in front of her body, only carrying Fruzsi’s weight on her arms. Bravo Victoria!
  9. Tye vs. Vanda – 15′ – Tye looks terrific in her red lingerie. She is a real amazon, a real domina! Poor Vanda had no idea what is going to happen her: when she pisses of Tye, she just picks her up and carries her. Did you know that being lifted is not really pleasurable? All the blood goes to your brain, and the liftee’s bones are in your body. You are helpless, clueless and defenseless… Maybe you are, already, just watching this two beauty dominating on each other!
  10. Diana vs. Sunny – 16′ – Diana is one of our strongest girl, mostly if you look at her height. She is not to tall, but even able to lift a taller, muscular guy, like Sunny! It doesn’t causes any problem to lift and carry him many times, while talking to him in a very dominative way. Maybe Sunny shouldn’t have started with Diana…
  11. Orsi.b, Vanda vs. Sunny – 16′ – Orsi.b teamed up with Vanda against Sunny, to lift & carry him, and the result was much fun for the girls, and less for the guy, of course. In this video you not only see fireman hold, but piggyback ride and shoulder sitting as well. And pay attention to Vanda’s strength, who is, at least smaller then Sunny with a head. She is not even 160 cm, not even 50 kilos, and she is incredibly strong for her sizes!
  12. Lana vs. Sunny – 16′ – At our first shooting event, for our big surprise, Lana turned out to be one of the strongest girl, if it comes to lifting and carrying a guy. Not only she is pretty, strong, and can lift a bigger weight then her own weight, but she is very creative figuring out different holds. Obviously she did fireman, piggyback and shoulder lift, but many more, sometimes strange figures. Enjoy watching this strong beauty!
  13. Samantha vs. Sunny – 14′ – Samantha is maybe not a feminim woman, but she is a professional body builder. So she is just right for the task: lift and carry a guy. Sunny is about one and a half head bigger then her, but that doesn’t mean that Samantha has any problem to carry him around endlessly. She can even do 20 knee bending, while he is on her shoulders.
  14. Suzie vs. Sunny – 15′ – She might be a matured woman, but she has just divorced, so she has enough anger to beat up anyone. Her will is very strong to learn and improve in wrestling, so watch out, who might she can be in a short while! Coming in a wrestling video soon, but until then, you can check her strength out in this lift & carry video.
  15. Lana vs. Sebastian – 19′ – Enjoy this incredible lift and carry video, in which 60 kilos (132 pounds) Lana lifts and carries Sebastian, who is almost 20 kilos heavier then her (78 kilos, 171 pounds)! Moreover, they are nude, so you see every little details of each holds. I am not quiet sure, if the lifted guy is disgraced or pampered, when a woman carries him around, but when it is finished with a blow job, you might agree that that is a very attractive session!
  16. Eve vs. John – 18′ – Eve and John are a couple, sometimes spending the afternoon with a little play at the intimacy of their home. John loves to be being lifted and carried around, and he asks Eve to pamper him in this way. Eve is like his caring mother, she is so nice that no matter of John weight, she carries him through the apartment. The play usually ends with sex, and this time again John was being pampered. Eve carried him to the bathroom, put him down on the bath tub, and gave him lots of hug, and a blow job!
  17. Caroline vs. Alex – 19′ – Caroline is a tough girl, as we know it already. Her body built is just perfect for lift and carry videos, and indeed she has no problem with Alex. This is Alex’s lucky day, because after the lift & carry session, he also got a hand job!
  18. Bianca vs. Alex – 16′ – Bianca was the girlfriend of Alex, but they had broken up 4 days before this shooting. So they came together for a lift and carry session, but there are opposite powers: lova and hate at the same time. No matter what, Bianca gave a blow job at the end, and it must have been very pampering, although she ruined Alex’s orgasm.
  19. Kyra vs. Sunny – 14′ – Kyra is a newcomer, but a 2-times box world-champion! Tia is her trainer, and she did a good job, you’ll see in Kyra’s mixed wrestling video. But, until then, enjoy Kyra’s incredible strength, proving in this lift & carry video that to lift and carry a guy is nothing for her, no sweating, just smiling during the video.
  20. The SuperMom – 16′ – Your Mom is a SuperMom! She is so caring, she fondles you, she pampers you, she cleans you, she talks to you beautiful words. Then she lifts you up and holds you in her arms, tight, cradles you, comforts you. She even takes you for a piggyback ride, because she knows that you love that! Then she puts you down to fall dreamed, and lifts up your big brother. But you are not dreaming, you are watching them, and they are watching you, and show you many holds, til the evening comes and your Mom puts your big brother to bed, and comes back to say bye to you and kiss you.
  21. Gabe vs. Alex – 16′ – It is extremely hard to find strong girls, who are able to lift and carry guys. In same cases, for a skinny girl like Orsi.b, it is not a big deal to lift & carry her own weight, or even 20 kilos more, like Lana. But in many cases, the girl is not able to do this at all. Gabe is 64 kilos, Alex is 55, but it was a hard shooting, we had stopped after each minute. After all, being so difficult, congratulation to Gabe that finally she could have done it!
  22. Caroline vs. Sunny – 15′ – Beautiful, gentle and strong Mamma Caroline comforts Sunny before going to bed, lifting him up and carrying around, til he gets relaxed, pampered and tired.
  23. Linda Ray vs. Robber – 15′ – The housewife after coming inside from the backyard taking sunbath, catches the robbery. She has her own special and kinky way to punish him: lifts and carries him, and despite of his begging, she wouldn’t let him go. The very surprised robbery just hangs on her shoulders and arms, doesn’t know what to do, beside asking her to let him go, but in vain. Before calling the police, she puts him on the couch and further punishes and defeats him with a hand job. What a day for him!
  24. Cathy Heaven vs. Robber – 22′ – The robbery had such a pleasure last time that he decided to keep going into homes looking for housewives, who are naked and has the ability and will to lift and carry him. So he sneaked into Cathy Heaven’s home, and what a surprise: he indeed had luck! Cathy Heaven is a beautiful woman with incredible body. She is strong, so she can easily lift and carry him, and she is gentle and giving, so she also comforted him with a hand job. It wasn’t finish, they were about to continue in the bedroom…
  25. Yvette vs. Andras – 19′ – Yvette arrived straight from a Gauguin painting, and landed in the years of 50′s, in an american suburb, where everybody is happy, but somehow fake. She is doing her daily workout, with a weight, she lifts it and carries it, but then she realizes that her weight is a living creature, so a great idea comes to her mind: to give him a hand job…
  26. Linda Ray vs. Robber – 16′ – Topless Linda Ray continues to hurt (or pamper?) the robbery with some more lift and carry holds…
  27. Deborah vs. Imi – 17′ – Nude Deborah is a beautiful model, and she uses the mats as a runaway. She presents us a fashion show: wearing Imi on herself in different ways. Then, of course, she gives him a blow job, to thank him his participation.
  28. Lara Latex vs. Imi – 24′ – Lara Latex is the exact UK girl with the real English accent and such a humor that you can only see in movies. She talks to you all the way in this video, nicely and nasty, that you feel that you are the one being lifted and carried around. Dressed in cowgirl custom, then strip down to nude, treating Imi as her slave, spanking and tickling him, but still, who would not like to be her slave? Mostly getting at the end what Imi got!
  29. Mira vs. Robber – 20′ – The Robber is addicted to sneak into houses by now. This time he catches Mira showering, who runs down from the second floor, and grabs him, with the intention to punish him. What she doesn’t know is that the Robber wanted to be caught and punished, and a big smile shows that on his face. Mira starts the session, she lifts and carries him, and for the hand job she has a new idea: she hangs him on the chandelier. Later she lifts him again and places him on the table, continuing the hand job. After finishing it, the robber is very happy, but he wasn’t counting on the handcuff he gets on his wrists…
  30. Supergirl vs. Liviu – 20′ – Liviu got stuck on a high building, and he is helpless. Supergirl is walking around the city, when she hears his cry. Without hesitation she flies there, takes him down, and carries him home in her hands. But on the way she uses many holds, and when accidentally Liviu takes off of her skirt, and he asks her if it is possible to also get a hand job, she also helps him out in this – in a very sexy way, in her hands and lap! What a lucky day for Liviu!
  31. Supergirl vs. Liviu, POV – 30′ – POV Backstage Video! If you’d like to ruin the fantasy and watch what the camera has recorded on Liviu’s head – not good, but ok quality: watch the shooting of Supergirl vs. Liviu, from Liviu’s point of view!
  32. Honey Demon vs. Andras – 18′ – Walking on the street, Honey Demon finds a swooned guy. She decides to take him to the doctor, lifts and carries him in piggyback ride. The endless journey begins, but after a long while Honey feels that she can not take him anymore, so she figures that there is an easier way to wake him up: to give him a hand job! And the plan works…
  33. Caroline vs. Andras – 16′ – Andras met Caroline in the forest, and this was his lucky day. Caroline was in the mood to lift him up and carry him around, giving him after a hand job, as this is his kindest enjoyment.
  34. Lana vs. Imi – 17′ – At the backyard, energetic Lana lifts Imi up very easily, and she can carry him around even in running. She is using fireman holds, piggyback ride, and she carries him as he was her child. Imi indeed confusing her with his Mama, and he calls her like that. He is as relaxed in her arms that he wishes for a handjob, to feel even better, and Lana pampers him with that, too… female domination, lift and carry, lift & carry, femdom.
  35. Honey vs. Imi – 18′ – Honey is ordering Imi to collect fruits from the trees at the backyard, but she is very nice, and helps him with different lift and carry holds to do that. After doing the work and eating some fresh fruits, more pleasure comes…
  36. Orsi.b vs. Sunny – 19′ – Orsi.b finds Sunny cleaning the apartment, but she is not really satisfied with the result. She shows who rules, what is female power and female domination, destroying Sunny with the fact that she is better and stronger in everything. Of course, lots of lift & carry holds while she verbally insults him.
  37. Sveta vs. Liviu – 18′ – Sveta, this beautiful, tall woman, came straight from Russia, to conquer hungarian guys. She came, won and left, but before, she entertained us with her incredible charm and strength, and Liviu with a hand job at the end.
  38. Jane vs. Sebastian – 15′ – Jane is a member of Tia’s Club, and she is a top fitness competitor in Hungary. (Check out her when she is in her top shape in here.) For our luck Tia brought her for a shooting, and you will see in the video that it didn’t cause any problem for her to easily pick up Sebastian and carry him around. Tia, Kyra and me were around and gave here instructions, but she doesn’t really need any. It is good to be among amazons.
  39. Bessy vs. Andras – 18′ – Bessy came straight from physical education school, and continued her training at the shooting, lifting and carrying Andras as a weight for her practice. Good thing that with him it could have been a bit of sex at the end…
  40. Zorah White vs. Andras – 19′ – Charming Zorah White is a small cute girl, but despite of her sizes, she experience no problem lifting, carrying, and comforting her little boy…
  41. Cathy Heaven vs. Sebastian – 17′ – Cathy Heaven strong as hell, she places Sebastian on her muscular body and walks up and down, and she even comforts him with a blowjob…
  42. Melanie Memphis vs. Imi – 18′ – Melanie Memphis is strong as hell, but we haven’t got the chance to see her in lift and carry, yet. Well, she is sexy, wild and dominative, but surprisingly also can be kind, just as in the blow job…